Healthy Master - Startup With a Vision to Serve Healthy

Current lifestyle of young generation is leading to many diseases. Today’s era though junk is spread every where but people are looking for healthy bites with good taste.

Healthy Master is a Bangalore startup co-founded by Shivali Agrawal and Dipti Singhal with a vision to “Replace Junk with Healthy”. It provides a platform where all healthy food items are available so people should not give second thought before purchasing. Read this article to know everything about Healthy Master.

Healthy Master - Company Highlights

Startup Name Healthy Master
Headquarter Bangalore, India
Sector Food industry
Founders Shivali Agrawal & Dipti Singhal
Founded 2019
Parent Organization Shashila Healthy Master Pvt Ltd. (Healthy Master)

About Healthy Master and How it Works
How was Healthy Master Started?
Healthy Master - Product/Services
Founders of Healthy Master and team
Healthy Master - Name, Tagline, and Logo
Healthy Master - Startup Launch
Healthy Master - Startup Challenges
Healthy Master - Future Plans
Healthy Master - Recognitions and Achievements

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About Healthy Master and How it Works

Healthy Master is founded by two Moms, Shivali and Dipti, with the sole purpose to provide quality bites with delicious taste. Moms are the ultimate champions when it comes to healthy eating habits. With nourishment being an inherent nature of a mother, two moms are now moving beyond their roles to launch Healthy Masters - A one stop counter for all healthy needs.

Their vision is to spread awareness on healthy eating habits while making quality products available at your doorstep. Today, the fast-paced life is increasingly making junk food the most appealing food trend for all age groups. Although junk snacks are tasty and easily accessible, they are proven to be the main culprits for bad health. Therefore, Healthy Master is determined to replace the junk snacks with healthy and tasty dry fruits, millet-based substitutes and many more varieties.

How was Healthy Master Started?

Being mothers, Shivali & Dipti used to talk about magical world where only healthy stuff is available so they can close their eyes and pick anything for their family. But in real life its not like this. Junk is easily accessible to all the places while we need to struggle for healthy bites. With that thought they planned to build one stop shop for all healthy needs.

Healthy Master - Product/Services

Healthy Master's current product ranges are non-fried millet based snacks, cookies, dry fruits, and berries. They have around 150 healthy food items. The products use no preservatives, no maida and are high in fiber & low in calorie.

They take at lease 30-45 days to bring any items to their platform. They decide their do’s and don'ts for all the products, like if its cookies - No Maida, No Baking powder & No Artificial color. Like wise Millet snacks - Non fried and with No Preservatives.

They don’t just sell quality products but also provide best services to their customers like timely delivery, customer care support, diet help for people with diabetic, gluten free, keto diet etc.

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Founders of Healthy Master and team

Shashila Healthy Master Pvt Ltd is founded by Shivali Agrawal and Dipti Singhal in 2019.

Shivali was a housewife and always passionate about cooking healthy food. She started a business of selling dry fruits in May 2018.

Dipti Singhal and Shivali Agrawal
"As Shivali and myself we were close friends, we discussed to create a complete Healthy platform as being mothers we were struggling to provide quality bites to our family.", says Dipti.

By profession Shivali is an interior designer and Dipti is a Chartered Accountant and worked with corporate for more than 13 years.

Team of Healthy Master
Team of Healthy Master

Tarun Agrawal is a cofounder of Healthy Master. He has a strong marketing background and handles complete marketing portfolio for company.

The team of Healthy Master took almost 21 days to finalize the name. Many rounds of discussion happened to finalise the name. Finally, co founder Tarun has suggested ”Healthy Master” and Shivali & Dipti loved it.

As name says, This platform is Masters of Everyone's Good Health.

Healthy Master Logo
Healthy Master Logo

Healthy Master - Startup Launch

Healthy Master was started with few of the co-founders' friends, and got an amazing response that helped them to build their confidence level and then they started putting exhibitions in various apartments, tech parks etc.

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Healthy Master - Startup Challenges

The most challenging part was to finalize business partners, as initially volume was very low and they have fixed do’s and don’t’s for their product ingredients. Their business partners were not ready to work for small volume and with stringent ingredients norms. They faced many obstacles but with patience and continuous efforts they have overcome that phase.

Healthy Master - Future Plans

Company is doing good and the team is continuously studying products which require to build a good immunity and will bring all those products that is good for everyone's health.

Healthy Master - Recognition and Achievements

"Our biggest achievement is customer satisfaction.", says Shivali.

Recently the company is certified by Govt of India as a Start up India Company.

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