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Have you ever fancied yourself as a restaurant owner at some time in your life? Don’t you think how complicated would it be to start and run a restaurant chain? Right from the choice of cuisine to the business model, how difficult it can be to run your chain when already hundreds of well-established brands are there in the market. When the whole world out there is having a good time, how struggling it can be to establish you and your brand? Well, the answer to all these and many other questions, we have an ideal example –

Faasos, the integrated food company. With the amazing business model, inception stories and startup technicalities discover a lot more about Faasos Owner, Competitors, Revenue, Funding and that is coming ahead in this article.

Faasos - Company Highlights

Startup Name Faasos
Headquarters Pune
Sector Online Food Ordering
Co-founders Jaydeep Burman, Kallol Banerjee
Founded 2011
Parent Organization Rebel Foods Pvt. Ltd
Website faasos.com

Faasos - About and How it works
Faasos - Founders and Team
Faasos - Owner | Rebel Foods Pvt Ltd.
How was Faasos Started?
Faasos - Name, Tagline, and Logo
Faasos - What is Faasos?
Faasos - Business Model and Revenue Model
Faasos - Funding and Investors
Faasos - Revenue
Faasos - Startup Challenges
Faasos - Competitors
Faasos - Growth
Faasos - FAQs

Faasos - About and How it works

Faasos is an Indian online food delivery company that was incorporated in the year 2011. In 2018 the company rebranded itself by the name Rebel Foods Pvt Ltd. It is headquartered at Pune but operates in more than 15 major cities in India. For a fact, it is the only company that works on all the three stages of food on-demand business namely – ordering, distribution and order fulfillment in the sector of online food ordering business in India.

Faasos - Founders and Team

Jaydeep Barman (CEO) and Kallol Banerjee are the Founders of Faasos.

Faasos Founders, Ceo.
Jaydeep Barman and Kallol Banerjee

Jaydeep Barman completed his MBA from INSEAD. At McKinsey & Company, London, Jaydeep was an associate principal. Kallol Banerjee has also completed his MBA from INSEAD. Kallol has worked in Singapore at Bosche before they started their venture.

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Faasos - Owner | Rebel Foods Pvt Ltd.

Rebel Foods is the Owner/Parent Organisation of Faasos.

Rebel Foods is an Indian online restaurant company which operates several cloud kitchen brands. It was founded by Jaydeep Barman (CEO) and Kallol Banerjee in 2011.

Faasos Owner - Rebel Foods
Rebel Foods Brands

How was Faasos Started?

In 2004, Faasos was started as a Calcutta Roll store chain in the city of Pune. To provide end to end delivery, fresh food, and doorstep delivery, it took around 7 years for Jaydeep and Kallol to establish Faasos with full commitment. It was an idea that started over rum and cola at an apartment that was shared by the two in Pune.

Jaydeep had no background experience in the food business sector and all his decisions were intuitive which have served him well so far. He was just tired of the burger and pizza chains and wanted something Indian to pop up in the online sector. From 2011 to 2013 the founders grew over 70 restaurants in the major cities of India.

The name Faasos was taken from Burkina Faso which is a French colony and it means ‘Land of Incorruptible People’. Although it does not symbolize anything nor is related to the food industry but the founders thought that it might be interesting to keep this name.

The tagline of Faasos is – We Got Your Food!

Faasos Logo and Tagline
Faasos Logo

Faasos aims to become the best in terms of ‘Food on Demand’ business in our country.

Faasos - What is Faasos?

Faasos is an Indian Online Food Delivery Company and a nationwide chain of food outlets selling wraps, rolls, Frankies and Indian food items which are an alternative to the McDonalds, Subways, and Dominos. Faasos takes online orders, prepares food for its customers and delivers the same at their doorstep.

Their wide range of food items includes classic wraps, party wraps, rice bowls, desserts, meals, snacks, etc. Fassos also accepts online party orders. Since its inception, Faasos aimed to create a kitchen from where the customers can order all their favorite dishes and get it delivered in no time.

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Faasos - Business Model and Revenue Model

Faasos is running on a cloud kitchen based businessmodel wherein the parent company Rebel Foods is offering four in house brands on its platform namely Oven-Story, Kettle&Eggs, and Behrouz. These additions were made in the year 2015 and the company in this way could multi-task using the same kitchen, with common ingredients and the same staff to fulfill all their orders from varied brands. Today, Faasos operates about more than 160 kitchens that offer meals from four different brands.

Faasos - Revenue

In FY19, Faasos generated operational revenue of ₹305.1 crore, which is 2x increase from ₹147 crore revenue in FY18.

Faasos - Funding and Investors

Their first round of funding was held in January 2011 wherein the famous investor Sequoia Capital funded Faasos with $8 million .  

The funding details of Faasos is as follows-

Date Amount Stage Investors
January 2011 $8 Million Series A Sequoia Capital
2015 $16 Million Series B Sequoia Capital and Others
$30 Million Series C Sequoia Capital, RB Investments, Lightbox
INR 414 Million Series C Sequoia Capital, RB Investments, Lightbox
January 2019 $4.2 Million Venture Debt Alteria Capital
March 2019 $15.8 Million Series D Sequoia Capital India, Lightbox Ventures, Evolvence India Fund
February 2020 $4.9 Million Series E1 Alteria Capital
July 2020 $26.5Million Series E2 Coatue Management

Faasos - Startup Challenges

One of the most important aspects of any business is accounting and finance and that was an early challenge for Faasos to manage as it was using legacy Point of Sales system for store sales and inventory management whereas for the accounting and financing Faasos was dependent on the ubiquitous Tally software.

Afterward, the company switched to Sage software which had overcome the problems of finance and accounting functionality. One of the big failures that were faced by Faasos was the location failures and the cost needed to bear such failures. However such failures made them realize that they need to have multiple food brands rather than a brand extension.

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Faasos - Competitors

Faasos is a chain that has direct competition with giant food aggregators like Zomato and Swiggy whereas there are other competitors like FoodPanda and so on. In India, the food delivery market is valued at 15 billion dollars and is exponentially growing day by day. The online food delivery market has also become extensively competitive. Although Faasos has a niche business model and works differently than others. To compete in this competitive market Faasos focuses on the pricing and range of food items that it offers to its customers.

Faasos - Growth

The Co-founder Jaydeep firmly believes that Faasos has no limit. It is offering wraps, rice, and meals as of now but it might expand to include rich and varied cuisines. Faasos has the power and ability to make strong brands in the food industry and the cost structure of lean manufacturing and distribution. In the long run, Faasos has the potential to offer products at low costs in the future as well and also expand to run it at a global level as well.

Faasos - FAQs

Who is the CEO of Faasos?

Jaydeep Barman is the Co-Founder and CEO of Faasos.

How much is the revenue of Faasos?

In FY19, Faasos generated operational revenue of ₹305.1 crore, which is 2x increase from ₹147 crore revenue in FY18.

Who are the Top Competitors of Faasos?

Faasos is a chain that has direct competition with giant food aggregators like Zomato and Swiggy whereas there are other competitors like FoodPanda and so on

Who is the Owner of Faasos?

Rebel Foods Pvt Ltd., is the Owner/Parent Organisation of Faasos. It was founded by Jaydeep Barman (CEO) and Kallol Banerjee in 2011.

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