Instagram Influencers Could Earn More: Team Launches an Instagram Influencer Platform

Instagram Influencers Could Earn More: Team Launches an Instagram Influencer Platform

The Beta version of a new Instagram Influencer platform IsntaJet was launched on December 1st.

According to Forbes journalists, this is already the second product for advertising in social media and messengers, released by The Mirafox Holding. The first in-demand service is –– a marketplace of advertising on Telegram. works as a marketplace, connecting the advertisers who want to promote their brands on Instagram and influencers all over the world.

When you choose to advertise through the platform, you automatically avoid the common risks for self-launched ads, such as:

  1. unsuccessful attempts to get in touch with an influencer;
  2. a challenge to evaluate the quality of the audience;
  3. no guarantees when you pay influencers as individuals;
  4. changes of the publication date and time without any prior notification;
  5. long and disorganized communication with influencers or their representatives.

Isntajet solves all the issues. The Instagram ad platform saves advertisers time and allows them to launch mass native ads on Instagram stories in a few clicks. The process is transparent for both parties and secured by the safe deal service.

How does the Instagram Influencer platform work?

The main section of the platform is an open catalog of influencers. Each user can browse the catalog and check the list of available influencers without registration.

Convenient filters help you to select the best influencers for your ad campaign and put them in the cart. As the next step, you choose a suitable format for your ad placement. offers two formats for ad placements on Instagram stories:

  • influencers post your templates with ready photos or videos on their stories
  • influencers create a personalized story about your product or service

The platform supports a wide range of payment channels. You can top up the balance in any convenient way: cards, e-wallets, and bank accounts (for legal entities).

How do influencers make money?

Influencers or owners of Instagram accounts of any topic with an audience of 10,000 subscribers can apply for the catalog. They should specify the cost range for ad placements on their stories.

Thorough manual moderation takes up to 24 hours. The influencer must upload a few screenshots with the account statistics.

After the verification is completed, the advertiser can see this account on the catalog, and the influencer starts receiving new orders. Moderation guarantees the credibility and quality of the accounts offered in the catalog.

Join the advertising platform on Instagram and launch effective ad campaigns quickly and easily!

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