How the IPL benefits Smaller Businesses?

How the IPL benefits Smaller Businesses?

IPL is one of the most successful events in the nation. It is not just a mere sport, for every Indian, IPL is an emotion. All the phases witnessed by each team are equally shared with every fan. IPL fan following is not limited to India, it is spread across the globe. IPL is a six-week-long cricket sport played by eight teams. Each team represents a state from India. The team members can consist of both national and international players.

The Indian Premier League is not constrained by just a match played on the field. During the period of IPL, there are many activities shared on different platforms such as IPL Player's performances, IPL bet tips, IPL quizzes, IPL contests, etc.

The basic concept of IPL was decided by the BCCI. IPL is played each year from March to May. The game of IPL is associated with many business advantages. These advantages can be considered for the economy of India also and for the individual startups and small businesses looking forward to getting associated with IPL. IPL is streamed on different platforms such as television and OTT.

The Indian Economy is highly impacted by the IPL. IPL has a great hand in contributing to the GDP rate of India. IPL makes several incomes from the sources of broadcasting, tourism, advertisements, etc.

In the year 2021, IPL reached up to 405 million users' viewership. It is estimated to increase more in the upcoming years. Hence, this makes the IPL more suitable as a part of advertising strategy for new and small businesses.

Reasons to use IPL for the Advertising your Brand

From the time, IPL started it was the talk of the town. Every minute detail about IPL is shared and looked upon. Every detail related to IPL is shared by the means of different platforms and resources. All this makes it the best option for advertising with the help of IPL. Apart from these, reasons to take the help of IPL for advertising of small businesses are:

Wide-ranging Viewership

The views of IPL are not just limited to Indian citizens. They are spread out to the whole world. The restriction of lockdown gave more air to the online Viewership of the event causing a great spike in viewership. Advertising on such a great level can enable the brands to reach up to their targeted audience with a single move.

Effective Advertising Rates

Long gone are the days when giving out advertisements was costly. The concept of showcasing events on multiple platforms has space for more ads. This eventually caused the prices to fall. There are also different categories for a product or brand to be advertised based on the price and position to place.

High Engrossment

IPL is highly engrossed with Indians. One can assume with this that the ads shown after and before the IPL are also engrossed with the same amount of people.

Customization is available

Just like any other platform, IPL also has the option of personally customizing the advertisement according to its targeted audience, time to showcase, products to advertise, etc.

Ways of Associating

There are vivid ways startups and small businesses owners can think of associating with IPL. Some of them are:

By Video Advertisement

There is no doubt that video advertising is the best form of advertising or introducing the product to a market. It is an old yet effective method one can apply for. To give out video advertisements, one can easily get their decision turned into action by using various methods.

By using contests.

Digital marketing is a new method for introducing a brand. It can also be applied in the IPL by preparing contests. These contests can be shared and the winner must be awarded some gifts.

By advertising with the use of an IPL team

This is another most relevant type of advertisement one can use with IPL. The best example of this is EUME. IPL players were given the mask made from EUME for their game. This will eventually make their product gain high acknowledgment from viewers. Such a partnership can also make effective advertisements for a brand and product.

By using IPL players as the face of their brand

We all know the success Too Yumm got because of IPL. It was just a newly launched product in the market before its advertisement through IPL. Another best point of their advertisement was they used fitness freak and an IPL player, Virat Kohli, as their product face.

Indians are more focused on increasing their business now. There are multiple startups started by youngsters and degree holders. To make India more independent, the Government is also keen on introducing good strategies for new startups. Getting a startup ready is the basic part, however, introducing it to the market is its strength. For this purpose, one needs to select a platform and event that can handle the work easily. IPL events can advertise products. It was highly appreciated by big brands earlier. Nowadays, it is more convenient for small brands and new startups to advertise by having a partnership with IPL for a brand to become pan-India. Some of the successful examples of startups who have already taken the help of IPL are EUME, Evolut, Fancode, etc.


The Indian Premier League is the second most successful sport in the nation. Each thing cornering IPL is shared by viewers. The trends followed by IPL players, the habits encircling the player, and other similar things. With such a thing in practice, the introduction of a brand and product can also be done successfully by the IPL. Famous brands like ByJus, Zomato, Swiggy, etc all have successfully tried the pattern of advertising by IPL. With the new opportunities, now small brands and startups can also take the leniency of tying up with IPL. Some of the relevant data is shared above.


What is the date of IPL 2022?

IPL is played from March to May. The first match of IPL will be played on March 26 and the final will be played on May 29.

Who is the official sponsor of IPL?

Earlier, the official sponsor of IPL was Vivo. The new official sponsor of IPL is Tata Group.

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