How To Create a Killer Pitch Deck

How To Create a Killer Pitch Deck

There are several steps to raising money for your business. A strong, well-thought-out pitch deck is the first step on the road to success. But do you know how you create one, or are you new to this? Have you recently started a new venture? It's okay if that's the case because this article is for you!

Before we go any further, know that a pitch deck is a collection of slides that helps you tell a compelling story about your firm to potential customers. The primary goal of a pitch deck is to present a notion to investors that pique their attention and inspire them to engage with you further.

We agree that creating a solid pitch deck for a freshy can be difficult, but know that nothing is possible. In earlier times, entrepreneurs and large companies have leaned on building a pitch deck from the ground up at the start of their journey. However, now we have access to pitch deck templates online. Besides, you can also go through the available decks to get inspiration for your deck through the internet.

Without wasting any time, let's begin with the article to learn what should be included in a pitch deck to make it stand out. Consider the following classification of slides while creating your deck:

Slide 1: Introduction to your Company

The first slide of your deck should define and explain your company in simple terms. It would be fantastic if it had a unique value proposition. In this slide, you can outline your business, the challenge it serves, where you are situated, the management team's expertise, and any major traction previously developed in max 4 to 6 bullet points.

Slide 2: Company's Mission or Vision

Your second slide of the pitch deck must be regarding the company's mission. Don't go into details; keep it simple and to the point to give the investors an idea. Your slide must consist of a concise explanation of the company's mission and vision. By that, we mean the objective that you believe you can achieve and where you want yourself to be in the future.

Slide 3: Problem

A problem that the industry's target audience is facing should be described in this slide of your pitch deck. Providing this information will demonstrate your products or service's importance, stressing why they are necessary for the market.

Slide 4: Target market

You must address your target market in your pitch deck because every firm caters to a specific demographic. It would be great if you also include information on your company's competitive environment as well as the possibilities for it to thrive.

Know that Investors prefer to put their money into enormous prospects with large target markets. Hence, utilize this slide to define your market. You can use graphs to indicate how your organization will address a huge portion of the potential customer base to deliver your information successfully.

Slide 5: Solution

This Solution slide must show how your company addresses the difficulties that the target market is facing and must explain why your recommended solution is superior to other options available in the market. The simplest way to share this knowledge is to tell your customer's experiences about how your products have improved their lives. Then, to make it more effective and to show credibility, you can back up your statements with product photographs and details.

Slide 6: Traction

The purpose of the traction slide is to relieve potential investors' anxieties about risk because demonstrating that your firm has gained early momentum in some form would be perceived favorably. As a result, show sales and business support growth to prove the viability of your business strategy. This presentation can summarize key metrics such as user count, profitability, and annual revenue rate of return in a simple bullet-point format.

Slide 7: Marketing and Sales strategy

It's critical to explain how your product will be promoted and supplied to its intended market. Hence, tell about your strategy in this slide. Shareholders will use this information to evaluate a company's market understanding and how its marketing plan differs from its competitors. Don't overlook this step; you must remember that you'll be needing a decent marketing plan to gain consumers or users, regardless of how amazing your product is. This slide could cover:

  • What were some of your early victories, and how did you achieve those milestones?
  • What primary marketing channels (social media, television, radio, email campaigns, etc.) will you employ?
  • What kind of corporate communications will you use?
  • What are your estimated customer acquisition costs per customer?

Slide 8: Competition

Investors will always be concerned about the company's competition. As a result, this "competition" slide must include details about the traits that set your service or product apart from others, as well as the market alternatives.

You must demonstrate a thorough awareness of the competitive industry and be ready to respond to questions about your competition. If you don't know who your competitors are, the investor can conclude that you don't know anything about the market. Hence, to gain all the information regarding your competitor, you need to conduct a thorough competitive study.

Slide 9: Team

The team slide must highlight the management team's knowledge and talents in marketing and selling a product. First of all, you must make a list of the primary team members; names along with their pictures. Then briefly explain their expertise and how their experience and knowledge may help the organization achieve its objectives.

Slide 10: Financial Health

Investors frequently want to assess a company's economic stability over a three- to five-year timeframe. This would include financial data, growth projections, and information about the business strategy itself. In this slide, you can utilize data visualizations, such as pie charts and bar graphs, as they serve to be more effective than merely listing figures in presenting data.

However, it would be favorable if you avoid exaggerating and ensure that your estimates aren't unreasonable. Because if you do the other way, your potential investors can dismiss your projections claiming it to be ridiculous or untrustworthy.

Slide 12: Funding

Most entrepreneurs ignore the importance of including this "funding" slide in their pitch deck. However, it's vital to show how much money is needed to support the plan, as well as how the money will be used to help the group meet its goals. Doing so will assist investors in gaining confidence in your company, and the possibility of persuading them would increase.


Concluding here with the hope that by now, you must have a strong grip on how to create a killer pitch deck. We have done our part by providing you all the valuable information regarding pitch decks. Now it's your turn to practically apply it; we guarantee you the best results. So give it a try and see how you get the deal in your hands.

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