Indian Angel Network: The Backbone of the Indian Entrepreneurial System

Indian Angel Network: The Backbone of the Indian Entrepreneurial System

The empire of startup circuits has a plethora of companies that aim to revolutionize society. Now, as there is a development in the technology sector, it is high time that the venture capitals come up and support these companies so that their talents do not go wasted. These venture capitals are the catalysts that help people to realize their dreams and hence, work for a better future.

Amongst all the venture capitals, Indian Angel Network is one such company that thrives on helping the talents to realize their dream and has become backbone of the Indian entrepreneurial system.

Quick Facts - Indian Angel Networks

Company Name Indian Angel Networks
Headquarter New Delhi, India
Sector Finance
Founders Padmaja Ruparel, Saurabh Srivastava, Raman Roy
Founded 2006

What is Indian Angel Network?

This company named Indian Angel Network is a network of investors keen to invest in an early-stage business which can create disproportionate value. The central people of the company are the leaders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem as they have a strong operational experience as CEO's or a background of creating new and successful ventures. The team of India Angel Network shares a passion to create scale and value for startup ventures.

Indian Angel Network: The Backbone of the Indian Entrepreneurial System
Indian Angel Network Logo

The company was founded in 2006 as the Indian Angel Network that in addition to money, provided constant access to high-quality monitoring of the companies. The network members, because of their experience and capability are better able to assess the potential and risks at the early stage of any company.

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Funding Raised by Indian Angel Network

Announced Date Fund Name Money Raised
Nov 7, 2019 Indian Angel Network Maiden Fund ₹3.8B
Sep 25, 2019 Indian Angel Network VC Fund ₹4.5B
May 24, 2018 Indian Angel Network Maiden Fund II ₹2.3B
Indian Angel Network: The Backbone of the Indian Entrepreneurial System
Funding Raised by Indian Angel Network

What differentiates Indian Angel Network from Venture Capitals?

Well, till now, you might have got an idea that Indian Angel Network is somewhat unique. To get an insight, here are some of the factors that make them different from traditional companies:

  • The team of Indian Angel Network comprises of strong entrepreneurial network and operational background of investors.
  • The team of Indian Angel Network also has the willingness to invest money and time with talented companies and entrepreneurs.
  • Apart from that, the team can leverage a vast network that makes Indian Angel Network one of the best venture capitals to look out for!
  • If a simple term sheet is something that haunts you, well, you might be surprised to know that Indian Angel Network has a quite simple term sheet.
  • Adding on, Indian Angel Network gives quick feedback on the investment decision, hence, you have got someone who has your back.
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Sectors Covered by Indian Angel Network

As discussed, the Indian Angel Network is one of the most unique venture capital firms. Being a mega-company, Indian Angel Network covers sectors like agriculture, e-commerce, education, gaming, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, information technology, internet, lifestyle, manufacturing, mobile, retail, semiconductor, services, and social impact. Presently, Indian Angel Network aims at investing up to USD 1 million with an average of about USD 400-600k and exiting over a 3 to 5 year period through a strategic sale.

The Investment Criteria of Indian Angel Network

The company aims to help out the companies that follow the following criteria:

  • The company should have high barriers to entry
  • The team should comprise of a complementary management team
  • The startup should be a scalable business
  • Adding on, there should be a differentiated value proposition

Recent Investments made by Indian Angel Network

Recently, the Indian Angel Network invested around 160 crores in startups in major sectors like manufacturing, cleantech, biotech, water, agritech, and cybersecurity. The company has been working closely with the government to help create a more enabling startup ecosystem.

Investments made by Indian Angel Network in 2020

Announced Date Organization Name Funding Round Money Raised
Aug 27, 2020 Seed Round - $1.4M
Jul 20, 2020 Styledotme Seed Round - Styledotme ₹35M
Apr 28, 2020 Consure Medical Series B - Consure Medical ₹36M
Feb 27, 2020 MinionLabs Angel Round - MinionLabs N/A
Feb 26, 2020 Freshworld Venture Round - Freshworld N/A
Feb 18, 2020 MaxWholesale Series A - MaxWholesale $3M
Feb 17, 2020 PlanetSpark Seed Round - PlanetSpark ₹32M
Jan 28, 2020 Carbon Masters Series A - Carbon Masters N/A
Jan 16, 2020 ExtraaEdge Seed Round - ExtraaEdge $700K
Jan 10, 2020 WebEngage Series A - WebEngage $4M

Also, in 2019, the company had stated that it was the year of 11 lucrative exists for Indian Angel Network investors across high-value companies including wench, LBB, TagBox, Proplld, FabAlley, Myspinny, Wow! Momo, Box8, and Native Special.

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Importance of Indian Angel Network

Well, companies like Indian Angel Network are the backbone of the startup circuit. It is these companies who support the entrepreneurs to be more inventive and hence, work for a better future. Now, with the pandemic haunting the world, it is high time that the venture capitals follow the path lead by Indian Angel Network. These companies have been working closely with the government to create a chance for every entrepreneur to succeed.

As per Padmaja Ruparel, the founding partner of the company, the Indian Angel Network has closed its first fund worth of INR 375 crore in addition to delivering impressive investor return with exists from TagBox and Chakra Innovation. Hence, Indian Angel Network is one of the biggest names in the circuit!

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