Why Did the Indian Government Ban 22 YouTube News Channels?

Why Did the Indian Government Ban 22 YouTube News Channels?

YouTube has become a daily part of our life, for most of us, it is the main form of entertainment videos. Apart from the entertainment it also provides information and news, food recipes, and educational videos. You name it and the video-sharing platform has it.

In a span of a few years, YouTube has become a big industry itself. It has become a platform where people can share their talents and can get noticed by the entire world. It is a global platform where one can share any kind of video; it is the second-largest search engine in the world and there is hardly anything that one cannot find on this platform.

This platform enables you an option to communicate with a large audience, people have made it a business, and are earning through it by sharing information, providing entertainment, and sharing their talent and lifestyle.

Through YouTube, many people are getting jobs and have a stable income now because of the content they are providing the world with. It has also given the power to people to provide information and news to the world, but with ‘great power comes great responsibility. Recently the Indian Government has banned 22 YouTube Channels. In this article, we will talk about the reason for the ban and how other YouTube channels can avoid this situation.

“The joy of YouTube is that you can create content about anything you feel passionate about, however silly the subject matter.” -Zoe Sugg

Government Banned YouTube Channels
List of YouTube Channels Banned by the Indian Government
Why These YouTube Channels Are Banned?
How to Not Get Your YouTube Channel Blocked by the Government?

Government Banned YouTube Channels

Recently, 22 YouTube Channels were banned by the Indian Government. As per the new IT rules of 2021, it is the first time that YouTube Channels are blocked. Among these 22 YouTube Channels, 18 are Indian channels and 4 are from Pakistan.

It is mainly done because these news channels were spreading fake news and disinformation, which can be a security concern for the country and disrupt the public order. All these happened after the new IT rules came into force. As per reports, these YouTube channels had over a billion viewers before they were blocked.

List of YouTube Channels Banned by the Indian Government

Some of the Indian YouTube Channels that are blocked are:

  • AOP News
  • ARP News
  • LDC News
  • SS ZONE Hindi
  • Smart News
  • Online Khabar
  • DP News
  • PKB News
  • KisanTak
  • Borana News
  • News23Hindi
  • Sarkari News Update
  • Bharat Mausam
  • RJ ZONE 6
  • Exam Report
  • Digi Gurukul

The Pakistan based News Channels that are blocked by the Government are:

  • DuniyaMereAagy
  • Ghulam NabiMadni

Why These YouTube Channels Are Banned?

All the 22 channels were reportedly spreading misinformation regarding various topics, which include the Armed forces, Kashmir, Covid-19 and the recent Ukraine-Russia war.

Screenshots of the YouTube Channels released by Indian Government
Screenshots of the YouTube Channels released by Indian Government

All these channels were using logos and distorted clips from other news channels and were merging them together and spreading disinformation amongst the public. These were done to gain views from the public. This was creating angst among the public and slowly becoming a national security concern.

After new IT rules came into force, the Government got good control over the content posted on social media since then, they were blocking channels that are spreading fake information.

How to Not Get Your YouTube Channel Blocked by the Government?

It is a matter of concern for YouTubers as Governments is now stricter with their policies they are blocking channels that are being a ‘threat’ to the nation. So to avoid getting your channels blocked by the Government, you need to follow some rules and they are:

  • The first thing you need to do is avoid spreading disinformation and fake news to the public by showcasing distorted content in the name of creating content.
  • Be responsible while creating content, don’t just put it on the platform just for the sake of getting views. Remember, you’re responsible for the effect your content will create on people.
  • Do your research properly before making the content.
  • Check out authentic sources before indulging in creating content.
  • Re-check the facts and learn to differentiate between facts and opinion.


YouTube surely has given us an opportunity to showcase our talent on the global platform by making videos and through this, we can also have a stable income. Apart from this, we can create any type of content and it can blow if it is relatable to our audience. With the IT rules and the Government’s stricter policies, one needs to be more careful while creating any type of content. Especially if it is providing information to the public.


Why did the Indian government ban YouTube news channels?

The Indian government banned 22 youtube channels under IT Rules 2021 as the news channels were spreading fake news.

Which are the YouTube channels that are banned?

AOP News, ARP News, LDC News, SS ZONE Hindi, Smart News, Online Khabar, DP News, PKB News, KisanTak, Borana News, News23Hindi, Sarkari News Update, Bharat Mausam, RJ ZONE 6, Exam Report, Digi Gurukul, DuniyaMereAagy, Ghulam NabiMadni, HAQEEQAT TV, and HAQEEQAT TV 2.0 are some of the YouTube channels that are banned by the Indian government.

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