How To Become A Jio Mart Retailer In India

How To Become A Jio Mart Retailer In India

Jio has become a prominent market in today's India. It is growing up on a daily basis and are trying to explore different ventures. Well, it is the best time to become a part of such an outgrowing organization.

RIL (Reliance India Limited) has come up with a new venture and have entered the e-commerce world with JioMart. It can create a buzz in the e-commerce market and can become helpful for small vendors and businessman.

JioMart retailer can be a good option as it is creating a prominent competition in this field too. Ruling over the telecom sector now Jio has become a trusted brand and with these new ventures they are trying to create an ecosystem for the customers which will make the customers life much easier.

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How to Join Jio Mart?
What Exactly Is Jio Mart?
Jio Mart Serving Cities
Who Can Apply For Jio Mart
How To Become A Jio Mart Retailer
Required Documents
Benefits of Jio Mart Retailing

How to Join Jio Mart?

With the introduction of Reliance  JioMart, every grocery shop owner want to collaborate with them. And this is obvious how come one won't be desired of becoming a partner with a billionaire firm. But in order to do there are some company standards like adequate finance, sufficient infrastructure and so on , which need to be followed if someone wants to collaborate with them.

So, if you are meeting with all those required standards Jio Mart can be joined through Partnercentral Jioconnect. You just need to visit partnercentral.jioconnect and to intimate them just by clicking on "I'm Interested" and fill the required columns.  

What Exactly Is Jio Mart?

Jio mart has come up with a different approach to sell the products of the retailers which are close to our houses. Giving a great amount of competition to Amazon and Flipkart.

Amazon and Flipkart have been delivering either their own product or from different sellers which are not so close to our location due to which it takes a lot of time to reach our homes. Well, Jio Mart have decided that it will help all the MSME's and local shops by making them a Jio Mart Retailer and they can provide delivery services in lesser amount of time.

metro cities are the first to benefit from this feature
Jio Mart has been launched on 24th May 2020

Jio Mart has just entered into the ecommerce market and can become a game changer here. Well, while all the small businesses going down because of this pandemic, with the help of Facebook, RIL has come forward to help them stand on their feets again.

Jio Mart stated that, “Our focus will be India’s 60 million micro, small and medium businesses, 120 million farmers, 30 million small merchants and millions of small and medium enterprises in the informal sector,”. This statement was given when they had the deal with Facebook few months ago, Facebook getting nearly 10 percent of share of Reliance Jio.

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Jio Mart Serving Cities

It started with the cities of Maharashtra namely Thane, Kalyan and Navi Mumbai and started to expand in the metro cities where it is easily accessible and necessary at this time of covid pandemic and providing the essential services.

Now, Jio Mart serves in around 200 cities in India. Customers can check the serviceability of their area by selecting pin code while placing the order.

Who Can Apply For Jio Mart

JioMart has launched itself in the market to compete with companies like Flipkart Fresh, Grofers, BigBasket and Amazon Pantry. They are targetting the grocery sector first as according to the present situation customer is only aiming for basic requirements which are needed for the daily processes.

So, JioMart have started it by getting in contact with the local vendors, Kirana stores, Dairy stores and those who basically are providing groceries on a daily basis.

People who are in the distribution business are eligible for JioMart and can easily become a retailer.

How To Become A Jio Mart Retailer
Jio Mart Retailer Can be easily accessed by retailers and can get benefits

By few simple and easy steps you can become a Jio Mart retailer.

  • Log into partnercentral.jioconnect website link through your web browser. (There will be many different fake links but try to log into the original one.)
  • Then click on to the retailer bar and go on to click on I Am Interested.
  • Then fill up your necessary details on the page that will open up.

  • After filling up the necessary details, you can click on submit and you have created your Jio Mart Retailer account.
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Required Documents

An Indian Citizenship, Proof of address is required and a trusted shop certificate is also required. Here are some of the necessary documents required:

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Shop GST Certificate
  • Passport size photographs
  • Address Proof details

These proofs would be enough for the documentation process.

Benefits of Jio Mart Retailing

Local stores can get access to lots of benefits after getting connected with the Jio Mart and can grow up their business by following ways:

  • They will get increased numbers of orders as people will prefer buying from them as compared to the sellers who provide from far off places.
  • They can reach to a large extent of customer base and can help them expand in due course of time
  • Providing the product at what the customer wants will help make them gain more trust and sell more.


Who is the owner of Jio Mart?

Mukesh Ambani is the owner of Jio Mart.

How to become a Jio Mart retailer?

To be a Reliance Jio Mart Retailer, go to
partnercentral.jioconnect > Retailer > Become A Retailer > I am Interested > My Details > Submit.

Your Jio Mart Retailer account will be created. You will need, PAN Card
Aadhar Card, Shop GST Certificate, Passport size photographs, and Address Proof details for verification purpose.

Can I sell my product on JioMart?

Shopkeepers can register their shops on JioMart website and App to list their products with prices and offers.

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