5 Key Insights for Developers and Startups in 2024

5 Key Insights for Developers and Startups in 2024
5 Key Insights for Developers and Startups in 2024

2023 was an amazing year for technology, introducing many to AI, metaverse, blockchain, and more. Buckle up your seatbelts, though, as 2024 will take you on another journey of trends, showcasing the everchanging backdrop of technological advancements. From 5G to the blockchain, let’s see what’s in stock for developers and startups this year.

AI Trend Expects a General Withdrawal

Artificial intelligence seemed to hit its peak last year, presenting many individuals and businesses with amazing solutions for their projects. Yet, while AI will still exist in tech to work on data-driven insights, the market faces thousands of copyright infringement claims from artists of many mediums. Plagiarism is an increasing uncertainty, eventually planting it among huge investors. As businesses using AI are going through legal battles, this technology may witness a general slowdown.

On the other hand, if big tech companies like Google and Microsoft continue investing in AI and coming up with viable results, they can continue automating business processes. For example, artificial intelligence is capable of predicting market trends and studying customer habits.

SDK Implementation Steadily Grows Developer Profit

Although SDK itself is not a technology innovation, it can easily become a useful tool for developers and startups in 2024. Within mobile applications, SDKs are libraries that can become a starting point for new developers. Instead of creating an app from zero, they already possess a set of features for Android or iOS programs. Utilizing them in your strategy saves you time and effort, and there is an SDK for everything a developer may need.

These can be used to integrate notifications and messages into a game. They also help developers collaborate with third parties through advertisements and analytics. In 2024, SDKs will be used for monetizing applications. Payment and Commerce SDKs open up a whole range of financial possibilities, including:

  • processing payments from one-time purchases and subscriptions, 
  • managing inventories,
  • tracking e-commerce orders,
  • creating shopping carts for customers.

So, just like players in Candy Crush Saga pay for additional moves, and Clash of Clans gamers buy diamonds, other developers’ customers can make purchases in-app successfully.

5G Becomes a Star of the Year

Mobile connection is progressing in 2024, too, with 5G becoming the fastest-growing mobile broadband technology so far. At the end of last year, there were more than 1.5 billion 5G connections worldwide. It’s clear that this technology is just starting to unveil its capabilities and will continue to move forward and connect people around the globe.

Those with startups need to pay close attention, as it will play an important role in data processing at high speeds, making the movement even more efficient. That means more mobile applications are coming out and leveraging new possibilities 5G has to offer. So, if you’re actively delivering services to your customers, don’t ignore the importance of 5G technology.

Sustainability Draws Even More Mindful Consumers

Eco-friendly and sustainable practices became, perhaps, some of the most essential in tech over the last several years. This year, it plans to grow and develop with a sense of urgency, seeing that our ecosystem is still struggling greatly. Solar and wind power, minimizing waste, and recycling are key factors for developers and startups nowadays.

In fact, companies like Alphabet and Microsoft are proud participants in the sustainable movement. Smaller startups are trying to find a more eco-friendly way to produce and sell smartphones: Fairphone uses 70% recycled materials and proposes long-time software support to their clients.

The eco-friendly business niche is growing in profit, too. By 2025, it’s expected to rise to a whopping $36.6 billion! Both consumers and investors are looking forward to the expansion of the green technology industry.

Blockchain Breaks Out of the Cryptocurrency Mold

Cryptocurrency is the first thing blockchain is usually associated with, but this technology can do many other things. In 2024, blockchain will conquer the stereotypes and break out of the usual financial mold by taking part in medical, security, communication, and other services. Thanks to blockchain’s incredible transparency, multiple industries will benefit by leveraging its decentralized system. Moreover, this jack-of-all-trades tech can introduce even better encryption services while data sharing happens across those industries.

For example, social media and communication platforms can be based on decentralized technology. Companies are already experimenting in that realm. Additionally, the healthcare niche can benefit from blockchain. Patients’ sensitive information will be stored securely and shared through the decentralized system between healthcare providers when needed.

Progress is not going to stop when it comes to technology in 2024. While many innovations like 5G are breaking out, older and well-known tech trends such as blockchain are getting an impressive revamp. There is so much waiting for us this year.

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