What is Larry Page doing these days? - All startups Larry Page is working on

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Jun 21, 2021 4 min read
What is Larry Page doing these days? - All startups Larry Page is working on

Larry Page is one of the world’s richest men and is well known for his company Google. Larry Page was the co-founder of Google and established the company in the year 1998. But few of us actually know about different startups that Larry Page is working on. In this article let’s look at those startups.

Larry Page Air Taxi Startup – Latest News
Who is Larry Page?
Startups Larry Page is working on

Larry Page Air Taxi Startup – Latest News

The Air Taxi startup of Larry Page named Kitty Hawk has reported that it was making moves to the M&A space and conveyed that it has acquired 3D Robotics. The acquired company was once said to be a rival of the Chinese company DJI which is well known for the manufacturing of Drones.

The profile of Kitty Hawk has mostly been to operate in Stealth and revealed that they were working on developing remote piloted vehicles. These vehicles are expected to be electric and have also been testing and exploring vertical landing and takeoff.

The acquired company 3D robotics’ CEO and co-founder who is the formed Wired magazine editor is expected to join as a COO of Kitty Hawk who would be reporting to the CEO of the company Sebastian Thurn who is also the founder of Google X and helped in building Udacity.

Who is Larry Page?

Larry Page is well known to everyone as the co-founder of Google and the company was founded in the year 1998. Larry Page was the CEO of Google since 2001 and later it was continued by the co-founder of Google Eric Schmidt. In the year 2015, he co-founded Alphabet and made it the Parent company of Google.

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Startups Larry Page is working on

Kitty Hawk

Larry Page had founded Kitty Hawk in the year 2015 after making Alphabet the parent company of Google and kept Kitty Hawk away from the company. The company had launched a personal electric aircraft called flyer in the year 2017.

Kittyhawk Flyer
Kittyhawk Flyer

The company had worked and evolved the concept of a flyer and in the year 2018, the company revealed a product Cora which was a joint venture with Boeing. But it was found that in the recent years the company had stopped concentrating on a flyer and had also laid off some employees.

The company however had come up with another aircraft called Heaviside which is more traditional in looks when compared to the startups that develop aircrafts. The team Kitty Hawk is working currently on making the aircraft fully autonomous.

Planetary Resources

Planetary resources are a space mining company that was launched by Larry Page and the founder of Braintree Bryan Johnson. It is a US based company that was established in the year 2009 which was later reorganized and renamed in the year 2012.

The main aim or goal of the company is to expand the natural resource base of the Earth by developing and deploying the technologies for mining asteroids. The company in the year 2018 had launched Arkyd-6 CubeSat which holds and technology that is experimental to detect the resources for water in the space.

The company has faced a lot of skepticism and ridicule against the idea of mining of space as the costs of the company are expected to be much more larger than what they can obtain from the mining of Asteroids.


The Opener is again a personal aviation company that was founded in the year 1996 by a Canadian Engineer Marcus Leng. The idea of personal aviation had fascinated Leng and he flew his first proof of the concept of eVTOL aircraft in the year 2011.

The major project of the company is Blackfly and the objective is to fly a capable vehicle which is a dream of futurists to efficiently move passengers from A to B. Opener has conveyed that they are working towards realizing this dream.

Opener Blackfly
Opener Blackfly

The vehicle is expected to consume lesser energy compared to an Electric Car and also lesser noise compared to cars and motorcycles. It is a fully electric vehicle with a Vertical takeoff and landing. Larry Page has been an investor in the company and the startup is backed by him.


However, in the year 2019, Larry Page stepped down as the CEO of Alphabet but still remains as a board member of the company and has a controlling stake in the company. The above mentioned startups are some of the lesser known startups Larry page is working on.


Why did Larry Page leave Google?

As the company faced a series of antitrust investigations and mounting employee unrest, its two cofounders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin stepped down in 2019 from their leadership roles at the company.

What is Larry Page's net worth?

The net worth of Larry Page is 10,560 crores USD (2021).

Is Larry Page a billionaire?

Larry page built a significant amount of wealth while creating Google. According to Bloomberg Billionaires Index, as of April 10, 2021, Page has a net worth of approximately $103.7 billion, making him the 6th-wealthiest person in the world.

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