Liimmra Connect: Creating a Revolution in the Internet Industry

Liimmra Connect: Creating a Revolution in the Internet Industry
Liimmra Connect | Lokesh Paliwal, Tabrez

New Delhi (India), July 31: Lokesh Paliwal, a British Indian citizen who has been a shareholder and has experience of more than 25 years in the information technology business in multiple countries, told the media that India is growing and leading in the world and that information technology infrastructure is core to growing any business in the current scenario. We found that the market lacks integrated internet services, which means a customer has to deal with multiple vendors to fulfill their needs; hence, to provide a one-stop solution, we are launching integrated internet services from Rajasthan, which will help people connect not only through the internet but also get many other services for ease of doing business at a very affordable price.

Mrs. Farin, Director of Liimmra Connect, who has extensive knowledge of its domain, spoke to the media and said that we are launching our integrated internet services with 24*7*365 days of support, which will consist of an internet package with multiple IT services and solutions starting from Rs. 699/- p.m.

Mr. Tabrez, CEO of Liimmra Connect who has of experience 20 years of the Indian IT domain, said that most of the providers are providing services as entertainment providers, and the lack of services & support by them is creating hurdles for business. We understood the need of every segment of business and created pocket-savvy plans so that every business can afford their necessary needs at economical prices.

Liimmra Connect has received a category B internet license in Rajasthan with the motive to serve the whole of Rajasthan in the first phase. Liimmra Connect created an international standard noc and data center to serve their customers with the telcos in the backend to serve customers with uptime assurance. Liimmra Connect is also well-connected with multiple exchanges to serve seamless and stable connectivity.

It is noticed that customer has to suffer while dealing with multiple vendors. Liimmra Connect will cater to many services with international standards to resolve issues for customers at a single point of contact.

Liimmra Connect will help customers by providing services at affordable rates so that they can focus on business growth instead of wasting their time on unnecessary issues.

Liimmra Connect will provide many tools to customers to run their businesses effectively, viz., an app-based phone with CRM, various day-to-day software, social marketing tools, business software, etc.

Liimmra Connect will initially provide the undermentioned services to their customers with internet services:

  • L1,l2& l3 it online & onsite support
  • Email server
  • Bandwidth management
  • Cloud storage
  • Various business software and tools
  • Various digital marketing tools
  • Network security
  • Network services
  • Resources

Liimmra Connect has started its services in almost every city in Rajasthan.

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