LINGUIX: Best Writing Assistant Tool

LINGUIX: Best Writing Assistant Tool

Creating Content, Writing Blogs, and Articles, penning down your thoughts, looks like an easy task to do, but when it comes to creating perfect sentences in terms of language, grammar, metaphors, or we can say productive, many of us fail. And it’s alright. No one is born perfect in anything. Practice makes a man perfect. Linguix is that piece of cake that will surely make your content error-free.

Well, that is obvious. We don’t like to find our grammatical mistakes by anyone else. It might erratically make you feel less. Well, in that anyone would like to have a personal assistant that does detect your semantic errors and also suggests to you the appropriate replacement.

What is Linguix?

Linguix is a writing assistant powered by A.I. that helps you in digging out mistakes in your content and also provides you with appropriate grammar, style, vocab recommendation, and punctuations.

LINGUIX: The Best Writing Assistant Tool
LINGUIX: The Best Writing Assistant Tool

Consequently, It supports you in learning from the mistakes you made in your article and speeding your process with exceptional crumbs.

While working with Linguix you will get notified as you made a mistake in

your content and also present you various correct options based on 2,000+ rules in context. Despite identifying errors, Linguix also renders alternative words, phrases, and spelling corrections to you. It also does the job of eliminating instances of weak phrases, sentence structures, and typos.

Tool Name Linguix
Linguix Developers Textly Inc.
Founded in November 2018
Linguix Founder Alex Linguix
Linguix Contact
Best For Marketers & non-native English writers

Linguix’s AI traces and grasps the ability of its users and also offers you contextual recommendations based on the observations.

Briefly, all this work done by Linguix made the writer confront all the problems in their work and give a firm hand to become a brilliant Writer and avoid more impreciseness.

Linguix Features

1.  Examine Pre-Drafted Content
Linguix offers you to check out the content that was drafted by you earlier and figure out all the mistakes that you’ve made in the article. You just have to put your content and analyze it. Voila! Work is ready to share with others.

2. Built-in Vocabulary
We can’t always search for the perfect word for our content on google or in dictionaries. It is a tiresome process. With Linguix, you get a Built-in Vocabulary that layout a lot of words that you can use in your content.

3. Get Definitions of Words
Linguix has a feature named “Lookup in Linguix,” where you can seek definitions of any word. Sounds like a golden hello.

4. Detailed Explanations of Grammatical Mistakes
Everyone pursues writing well and sound articles. But sometimes we all make mistakes, Linguix will surely provide you the correct answer, but also gives you a bonus as explaining in detail about whatever the mistake you made.

5. Access Viewers Specific Statistics
Linguix allows you to get information about the Viewers Specific Statistics to be aware of publishing the content for targeted audiences.

6. Calculate your Writing Score
Linguix has this fantastic feature that performs the job of counting your words, average word length, reading time, and final readability score.

7. Secured System
Linguix has a purely secured system that keeps all confidential, sensitive, and relevant content as it has a flexible Security setting.

8.Secret Mode
This feature of Secret mode helps you in editing a private and sensitive content with complete secrecy.

9. Integrates with many Platform
Linguix integrates with multiple platforms for your smooth working like Google Docs, Gmail, WordPress, Medium, and more.

Benefits of Linguix

  1. You got 2700+ advanced grammar, styles, and spellings reparation.
  2. Useful references for Non-Native Speaker
  3. Calculates Writing statistics, Readability scores, audience-specific Enumerations.
  4. Have Secret Mode that performs like a secret chat section. As soon as you exit the windows, all the information will disappear automatically.
  5. Checks your writings through chrome/firefox everywhere on the web
  6. A content templates library with dozens of texts (press releases, blog posts, essays, etc.) is useful to a writer.

While communicating in Business documents must be error-free and also free from poor sentence structure, wrong choice of words, and more. With the help of Linguix, you can write agreements, contracts, business letters with confidence, and without any grammatical mistakes.

Comparison of Linguix And WhiteSmoke

Basis of comparison Linguix WhiteSmoke
Best for English learners, native speakers, content creators. Workplace and by corporate professionals writing business reports and documentation.
The Ideal number of users 1000 1200+
Ease of use 4.3/5 5.0/5
Features and Functionality 4.1/5 4.3/5

Linguix Pricing

Linguix Appsumo Deal Click Here to Get Linguix Appsumo Deal
Normal Price Appsumo Deal
$8 per month $49 for Lifetime

Linguix Appsumo Deal

Linguix Appsumo Deal Click Here to Get Linguix Appsumo Deal
  • Lifetime access to Linguix Premium Plan
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • All future Premium Plan updates
  • Stack unlimited codes
  • GDPR compliant (partner verified)
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q.)

Q1. What is Linguix?
Linguix is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you in creating stylish and error-free content.

Q2. What is Linguix Premium?
Besides free trial, Linguix also offers Premium services. It combines several payment options as per the requirement of the user who wishes to get access to the error-free database as well as comprehensive statistics.

Q3. Can I use Linguix to detect texts in any other language except English?
No. This feature is currently unavailable in Linguix. It only supports the English Language.

Q4. How does Linguix work?
You have to copy and paste the text you want to examine or type it in the Linguix online Editor where hundreds of automatic checks occur. As a result, you will get corrections for grammar, punctuation, word choice, styles, spellings, etc

Q5. How Linguix Pricing Works?
Linguix has a feature named as recurring payments, where your subscription automatically renews after the end of the billing period. Plan renewal will be made at the rates stated on the subscription page at the moment of the signup. Your account will be charged monthly, quarterly, or annually depending on your chosen option.

Q6. What is Linguix AppSumo Deal?
In linguix Appsumo Deal, you will have to pay $49 for once and can use the Linguix Premium for a lifetime.

Q7. Where do all the information get stored?
Data entered in the Linguix is stored in servers in the United States provided by The Digital Ocean.

Q8. How does data get secured?
Linguix uses a combination of security measures to secure all the information entered by the user via Encryption, Secure Development Best Practices, Protected Data Transfer. Secure Network Configuration, etc.


Professional writers who keep working hard to maintain their streak of professionally-effective articles or authors who want to make sure that their contents are free of typos and other grammatical errors will love Linguix as it keeps their writing at the Vigorous level.

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