Unlock the Opportunities for Your Business With Innovative Live Video Streaming App Development

Unlock the Opportunities for Your Business With Innovative Live Video Streaming App Development

Let's consider a business entity as a living organism, much like a human body. As such, it is propelled towards greater evolution by internal and external forces. The muscular system of the body develops and matures with more efficiency when nourished and animated in optimal ways. Simultaneously, the momentum of time and changes in the external environment exert additional pressure. In both instances, the only way to grow is up. Every business aspires to be a robust and high-functioning body that will accommodate the fullest experience of life, and profit, possible. To achieve this, it must provide its customers, or external forces, with a fit, futuristic, and fluent user interaction. In terms of software deployment, now a cornerstone of every successful commercial enterprise, video streaming tools are absolutely key.

Going Live in 2023

Live streaming in 2023 has well and truly surpassed its usage solely for entertainment. In terms of user popularity, recent studies have revealed that amongst the majority 93% of internet users that tune into online videos, live streamed content surpasses educational downloads and most other live recorded applications, claiming a 29.7% adoption rate.

Developing apps that encompass video conferencing functionalities is a complex multi-faceted task. It involves the usage and integration of various interrelated frameworks and technologies. As tech industry professionals are continually working on and updating the languages involved, it's imperative to connect with the right experts for live streaming app development. Software engineers working on video content-activated applications require a very specific skill set, as well as updated learning, creativity, and ingenuity, in order to develop live streaming app iterations customized for success.

Moving More With Moravio

Moravio live streaming app development services provide the ultimate opportunity for your business to exploit the most advanced video conferencing capabilities and develop live streaming app solutions that fulfill and exceed customers' expectations. Few, if any, businesses have internal IT resources to equal that of Moravio. The company has more than ten years of experience and a diverse portfolio of delivered works that encompass live streaming app development.

Recruiting on an international scale, Moravio hired over fifty software professionals on the basis of their individual industry experience in development, proven collaborative skills, and creative mindset. The company enables clients to outsource as many or as few team members to fulfill roles as front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers, as well as QA professionals, product and business analysts, UX/UI designers, and DevOps engineers. Moravio can assign a dedicated project manager to oversee the entire full-cycle agile development process, keeping in close contact regarding any suggested modifications or alterations to the original brief.

Five Stars From Stardio

The Moravio delivered Stardio live fitness platform project is a great example of what can be accomplished when clients entrust in the company's ability to create and integrate superior live streaming solutions that provide ultimate scalability. The client approached Moravio with clear instructions for creating a platform that could design and broadcast live fitness sessions, they even suggested a preferred technology to use. After careful analysis and discussion, Moravio's expert team concluded that the client-proposed technology, OpenVid, would not allow for maximal growth, and recommended proceeding with Livekit for a more finessed and high-functioning platform solution.

The agile remote assemble team consisted of a project manager and four development specialists, including a technical lead, and a quality assurer to test and address possible errors at every development stage. In close collaboration, they created an editor inspired by professional film industry iterations, drawing upon Angular for front-end production, and AWS Amplify, DynamoDB, and TypeScript on Node.js for back-end construction.

The end result is a complex yet intuitive user interface that enables customers to participate in real-time training sessions. It features an integrated Stripe payment processing system and is capable of supporting hundreds and thousands of concurrent connections. The client was so pleased with the deployed product as well as with Moravio's transparent communication style, they rated Moravio five out of five stars across the areas of scheduling, cost, quality, and a willingness to refer to others.

Fuel your business' muscles to strive for success by uniting with a video streaming app development company that exhibits Moravio-level sophistication and scaling potential. The firm offers businesses everywhere the chance to develop maximum muscle mobility and flexibility with app development that is bespoke, scalable, secure, affordable, integrated, and maintained. Whether you have an exacting idea of how you want to go live, or just a vague inspiration, give your customers the best animated and immersive live streamed experience possible with Moravio.

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