How To Make Your Home Office More Productive? | Tips & Recommendations

How To Make Your Home Office More Productive? | Tips & Recommendations

Are you dissatisfied with your appraisal reports for not being able to be productive enough? Sometimes even though it is a work-from-home job the productivity is hampered. But, this does not mean that there are no solutions to that because there are plenty of tips that can be followed to increase productivity.

Home might be one of the most comfortable places on earth but it is not a place to work. But, due to the pandemic situation worldwide it has become necessary for everyone to work-from home. Even though you feel energetic and productive for the first few days later you begin to lose them.

Is it because that your home is way too much comfortable that you cannot concentrate on your work? Well, if you face such kind of problem in your work then try following some tips mentioned below.

Tips To Make Your Home Office More Productive


How to set up your Workspace to make your home office more productive?

Tips To Make Your Home Office More Productive

Set up a home office

Setting up office to make your home office more productive
Setting up office to make your home office more productive

People tend to make the mistake of sitting on their bed all day long and doing their work. Well, that will only make people lazier. Do not do that because that way you might lose your job someday. For the first few days, you might be working seriously with a full concentrated mind but in the long run, that will not be the case.

So, it is better to determine a certain room at your house to convert it into your home office. You might have the necessary office types of equipment at your garage or from your study table. Use them and set your office at home. Whenever you are working you should be in your office room and make sure that you do not allow your family members to come in until and unless it is extremely necessary.

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Try to be comfortable while working

Being comfortable at work does not mean you sit on a sofa or a rocking chair and do your work. It is just the opposite to that where you should have all the types of equipment that you will be needing for your work but not unnecessary things.

Sit in a proper position on a fixed chair by investing in a good office chair. If you are uncomfortable sitting too long then you can keep a standing desk on one side of the room. Other than that if you are working on your computer or a laptop then make sure that the screen is an anti-glare one.

Little things like these will help you focus on your work without any distractions. So, if you are feeling uncomfortable then try making necessary changes to your home office room.

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Do some light exercise (Recommended)

Doing Some light exercises
Doing Some light exercises

One of the major reasons why productivity decreases are people do not indulge themselves in light exercises. You can at least do some walk around your house for a couple of minutes if you do not want to go out.

Or you can do some light weights or even keep a small treadmill machine at your home. If you already have those then you should not have any complaints about not being productive. It is recommended to do some light exercises because in the end, it is you who will benefit the most.

Take certain breaks (Recommended)

We know that you are motivated to work but it does not mean working late nights without giving some rest to your body. Take breaks after spending an hour or two after continuously looking at the computer screen.

This will also give some rest to your eyes. You can create a schedule for it where after a certain time you can stop looking at the screen for a few minutes and then start working again. Keep a bottle of water with you and keep yourself hydrated so that your eyes do not become dry as it will be the reason for a headache.

Work with a target

Work with a target to be more productive
Work with a target to be more productive

If you have made a routine for your break timings then you should also create a routine for completing certain tasks every day. Make sure you are disciplined enough to follow your routine. Set some targets that you want to achieve at the end of the day because this way you will have a certain purpose to work.

Most people work just for the sake of doing it and thus they lack productivity. So, start making a list of work that you are going to complete each day and make sure that you do it. As you complete each task just strike it off with a pen.

Keep disciplinary measures at priority (Recommended)

Even though it is your home where you can move about freely and do whatever you like but that should not be done when you are doing your office work. Make sure you keep yourself disciplined and follow the schedule that you have made for yourself strictly.

Once you have followed your schedule you can see the productivity results for yourself when your boss sends you the next appraisal reports. Also, you should dress up decently while working because the boss can call up for a meeting whenever he likes and would not like to see his employees in improper clothes.

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Keep in mind all the above tips and recommendations if you are working at your home. Even if you follow anyone tip or recommendation from the above list then automatically the others will follow.


Can doing light exercising help me become more productive?

Yes, exercising can help you become productive in various areas. Exercising gives you more energy and will help you do work without getting tired. It helps keep momentum at work and improves mental capacity.

What things do I need to set up my home office?

You will need the mentioned below things for your home office:

  • Computer/Laptop
  • Internet access
  • A desk
  • Good office chair
  • Phone
  • Lighting
  • Office types of equipment like a pen, paper, files, paper clips, printer etc.

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