- Story behind India's Fastest Growing Retail Chain for Fresh Meat & Non-veg Snacks - Story behind India's Fastest Growing Retail Chain for Fresh Meat & Non-veg Snacks

For ages, Indians have been buying meat and other non-vegetarian products from the nearby market. But the new generation wants a better and more convenient shopping experience when buying non-veg items. With the e-commerce revolution, the way people shop for non-veg food products is also changing. Several startups have cropped up that are working towards not just proving fresh non-veg food products, but also creating an improved shopping experience. Noida-based startup is a fast emerging startup that is offering fresh meat and meat products straight to your home. They also have a vast chain of hygienically maintained retail outlets where you can shop fresh and hygienically stored meat minus the nuisance of visiting any smelly meat market. Here is the Story behind - Company Highlights

Company Name
Headquarter Noida
Industry Food & Beverages
Founder Krishna Kumar
Founded 2017
Funding Angel Funding
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Meatwale is one of the pioneer companies in India that delivers raw and fresh meat right to the consumer's doorstep. Although 73% of Indians eat meat and seafood, the entire industry is highly unorganized. The idea behind starting Meatwale was to change the way Indians experience meat. Meatwale mainly deals in raw mutton, raw chicken, and non-veg snacks like kebabs, salamis, sausages, gym diets, kofta, chops, galouti kebabs, momos, and many more.

Meatwale ensures that customers get farm-fresh, antibiotics-free chicken and good-quality meat. Customers can place their orders online at or can buy from Meatwale's 70+ retail outlets present across twelve Indian states. Meatwale is currently operating in 20+ cities including Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Faridabad, Gurugram, Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Jaipur, Kundli, Mangalore, Mumbai, Manipal, Mohali, New Delhi, Noida, Patna, Pune, Ranchi, Sonipat, Udupi, and Shahjahanpur.

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Meatwale founder Krishna Kumar
Meatwale founder Krishna Kumar

Meatwale founder Krishna Kumar is an MBA graduate. Krishna started his career at, where he worked for 7 years. At IndiaMART, the support of seniors taught Krishna a lot in terms of client servicing and managing business.  After IndiaMART, Krishna joined dutch e-commerce solution provider Eperium Business. Eperium was managing big e-com projects from Netherlands and Krishna was responsible to create a similar market for Eperium in India. During his days at Eperium Business Solutions, Krishna played a key role in the growth of the company in India.

Krishna Kumar is a passionate learner. He loves to keep learning and believes that interacting with young talent is the best way to learn. Krishna Kumar has visited many Colleges, Universities, and educational institutes like Lovely University, GLA University, ICFAI University, Asia Pacific Institute, RCM Bhubaneswar, SOA University Bhubaneswar, Ishan Institute, Jaipuria College, KIET, and many others to exchange thoughts and with the new generation. - Startup Story

The idea to start Meatwale cropped up from a personal experience. Once the founder Krishna Kumar was having a late-night meeting at his office in Noida. He was craving home-cooked chicken, but when he reached home it was already 9 PM and to his dismay, he realized that it was now impossible to get raw chicken home delivered. That very night, Krishna Kumar booked the domain, and thus began his entrepreneurial journey.

Meatwale started as just a shopping store in Delhi NCR. Krishna Kumar knew that his idea was a hit when he started receiving a good number of orders within only one week of launch. However, being self-funded, it was not easy for the business to sustain, and the store was eventually shut down.

But, Krishna Kumar was determined to make a comeback and the company was restarted with a store in Noida. Initially, the company had to face issues managing store sales, salaries, and budgets, in the absence of any external funds. However, the company was receiving a good response and soon was able to get funds from the bank, which helped the company to grow profitable. - Business Model

In the initial days, the plan was to open Exclusive Meatwale stores, where Meatwale was solely authorized to sell its products. But soon that team at Meatwale realized that there were major challenges in running exclusive stores. Huge manpower was required to run the business on a large scale. So, the company later adopted the franchise model. Currently, Meatwale has two types of Franchise stores viz, FOCO(Franchise Owned Company Operated) and FOFO (Franchise Owned Franchise Operated). Meatwale's first franchise was started in Ghaziabad.

The Investment needed for starting's franchise varies between INR 12 Lac to INR 18 Lac, and the company helps by searching for a nice decent store to start and managing the hiring of employees and trained staff for the store. Franchise stores offer a business opportunity to entrepreneurs and create multiple jobs. Today the franchise model of is successful and a lot of entrepreneurs are doing it as their full-time business. - Competitors

Some of the major competitors of are Licious, Freshtohome, Nandus, and TenderChicken. Of these competitors, while Licious does not have its retail stores, Freshtohome, Nandus, and TenderChicken have several retail stores.

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Many challenges cropped up for the Meatwale team when the company started expanding and opening new stores. One of the major challenges was the procurement of fresh chicken and other items on time. Another challenge was establishing the brand and marketing Meatwale as a trusted brand for raw meat and non-veg snacks. did door-to-door marketing by giving pamphlets, and brochures and putting canopies outside apartments nearby its stores, to gain initial traction.

Presently, Meatwale has a robust logistic network, that helps the company manage all supplies within no time in any city across India. - Future Plans

From being just one store, Meatwale today has expanded to 20+ cities with 70+ franchise stores. With more funding indication, the company is planning to open stores in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities in India. The company has plans to reach almost every city in India, and also eyes are on global expansions.

The Pandemic has created a market for hygienic stores in India. Also, India has a huge market for meat, and the scope of growth is immense. Meatwale aims to be a major player in this growing industry.


What is is one of the pioneer companies in India that delivers raw and fresh meat right to the consumer's doorstep. The company also has an offline presence with its 70+ retail stores located across 12+ cities.

Who is the founder of

Krishna Kumar is the founder of

Where is the headquarter of is headquartered in Noida.

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