Startup Ideas for Medical Practitioners- A Million Dollar Idea During Pandemic

"The concept of entrepreneurship and startups is only for those dealing with technology."

The above statement were good to be true if these were earlier times, when startups just getting into the market. Now  it all depends on how creative and ingenious an individual is. Every domain every field has certain gaps that can be filled only through out-of-the box solutions. The field of medicine is no exception. Doctors and other practitioners in every capacity and designation can also come up with innovative ways of earning cash through secondary sources. These alternate methods if given the time and dedication, can eventually become primary income source. Here are startup ideas for practitioners to introspect on and realize their dream of starting their own venture. So, let us see the complete story on the topic- Startup Ideas for Medical Practitioners- A Million Dollar Idea During Pandemic.

Online consultancy
Medical prescription query services
Online Medicines Store
Consultant to big pharmaceuticals
Reviewing health insurance claims
Opening a fitness center/spa
Becoming a tutor
Facilitating sale of medical equipment
Opening a private clinic
Healthcare apps
Rehabilitation Center
Skin care line


1. Online consultancy

People are actually busy these days, they are so busy that they tend to not go to doctor,till it's necessary.  It’s common for people to look up their symptoms and identify probable diagnosis using the power of internet and the countless health related websites it has to offer. A doctor specializing in a domain of medicine such as cardiology can leverage this trend in today’s generation. By starting a website, he or she can provide online consultation services at a lower cost than what it’d take to visit a practitioner in real.

2. Medical prescription query services

A lot of patients end up not being able to purchase medicines due to an incomprehensible doctor’s prescription. While pharmacists are there to help you out, won’t it be a plus if someone could suggest you generic medicines instead of the expensive ones that health specialists usually recommend? Mind you, in order to be able to cater to a variety of prescriptions, it is suggested a group of medical specialists start such an initiative as a team in order to cover as many health domains as possible (cardiology, dentistry, orthopedic, etc.)

3. Online Medicines Store

The following is the lifeline of many people in urban areas. Especially, for the elderly people as they are not able go to medical stores often. For this purpose this online medical store are getting on trend. You will be able to get all kinds of medicine, at a cheaper cost and at your doorstep. Easy -peasy right?Hence, these online medicines store a good form of startup in the medical field.

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4. Consultant to big pharmaceuticals

Companies such as Pfizer, Sun Pharma, Ranbaxy and many others need expert advice from medical practitioners when it comes to drug trials. As a strategist to these big-shots, doctors can earn good money without working for long hours. Moreover, getting to be a part of something that’s likely to affect the lives of many in the form of medicines is worth the effort!

5. Reviewing health insurance claims

Insurance companies don’t want to spend a lot but still protect people. The job requires time and a laptop to review the insurance claims. Medical specialists can take advantage of this kind of outsourcing that big insurance companies usually indulge in. While the idea is great for a startup venture, but is a great way to earn some extra income in addition to the primary job for any doctor.

6. Opening a fitness center/spa

Ordinary spas are in abundance. But if you’re a GYN/OB, then you can utilize the knowledge of yours to provide special treatment. Physiotherapists and orthopedic specialists have a large consumer base to tap into if they decide to open such kind of startup—fitness enthusiasts are willing to splurge cash to get into shape. This kind of setting is a glimpse of the future; fitness trainers will soon be accompanied by medical experts!

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7. Becoming a tutor

The number of aspirants aiming to get into medical universities for education is staggering. The blossoming of coaching institutes means that the demand & supply is not entirely balanced. Moreover, the quality of educators is not of standard at all institutes. If you had an exceptional preparation phase while attempting the medical competitive examinations and finally end up studying at a prominent institute solely on merit, then helping students in the same by teaching them is a proven way of making a good income.

8. Facilitating sale of medical equipment

A doctor makes innumerable contacts, be it during practice hours or after that. These include pharmacists and medical items vendors. Patients often look out for medical equipment at cheap rates—oxygen cylinders, wheelchairs, etc. By leveraging their connections, practitioners can open online platform dealing in the buying and selling of such items.

9. Opening a private clinic

This is by far the most common one and a sure-shot case of success. There will be maintenance costs, staff salaries and other kinds of initial investment expenditures but once the clinic takes off, there's no looking back. The point to consider is that opening a private practice is possible only after gaining significant experience either in public or private hospitals/institutions. Moreover, the location where the clinic would be setup is also decisive; if the locality is one where medical assistance is rare and not accessible to everyone for whatever reason, then even a small practice can generate significant revenue. But then if the same is to be established in a place already teeming with hospitals and clinics, then experience and popularity as a practitioner decides the level of success that is achievable.

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10. Healthcare apps

We love apps, different apps for different services. Also, people are actually concerned about their health but lack of time, concentration makes it difficult for them to keep track of their health. Hence, a good healthcare app is the need of the time. A complete app which provides all health care benefits like nutritionist calorie counter, footsteps counter etc. If the features include, consultancy with certified nutritionist, dietician, trainers then it is the perfect icing to the cake.

11. Rehabilitation Center

Substance abuse or commonly known as drug abuse is a common problem with today's generation. To get away from such habits, parents, guardians, NGOs are constantly looking for rehabilitation centre. Hence, this area is also an area to have a startup. It's not a niche area to work but it serves both public service and private profit. Make sure centre has good doctors, good medical staff and moral support to the addicts, for their good recovery.

12. Skin care line

OK, this is not a very familiar startup in medical field but trust me it is a very effective startup. You are not believing me, check Dr. Barbara Streum. She is  a trained dermatologist who crafted plenty of skin care products used by celebrities, common people across the globe. Hence, if you tried dermatologist who has come up with a new formula, different texture treating people's issues es then you should start your own skincare line Of products. It sounds like a new concept but it is an extremely profitable startup idea if been created with innovation.

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