How to Market Your Products on Meesho?

How to Market Your Products on Meesho?

The way people shop has changed as a result of e-commerce. Almost everyone who aims to grow their business look to do so through e-commerce. But did it ever cross your mind to consider marketing through social media? Meesho introduced that resale concept. It’s the very first to allow users to sell via social media platforms that nearly everybody uses.

Meesho is a social e-commerce firm based in Bangalore, India. It was formed in December 2015 by IIT Delhi graduates Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal. It provides small businesses with a platform where they can sell their items to consumers and resellers who can resale products using social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram. It became the first Indian application to be ever funded by Facebook.

Meesho has assisted several such businesses in developing their own identities over the last five years since its launch. This platform allows you to establish your businesses with no money down. So if you’re looking to make a real effective income, we brought you some tips and procedures to market your product on Meesho.

How Does Meesho Work?
Step by Step Registration Process for Meesho Reseller
Tips to Improve Sales on Meesho
What Makes Meesho a Sellers’ Favourite Choice?
What Makes Meesho Unique?

How Does Meesho Work?

Registering on the Meesho seller panel is simple and quick. Meesho enables small enterprises and self-employed people to create an online business utilizing social media platforms. Meesho allows its users to select products from a variety of vendors and resale them in exchange for a commission. Customers are unaware of this procedure, and users are paid a commission on everything sold through Meesho.

Users are the holder of the company. They may set the selling price as well as the profit margin. Resellers can place orders on behalf of customers once the contract is finalized. Customers will be able to see resellers’ addresses and business names when they receive the order. It displays the address and company name from where the order was placed. As a result, users can name their companies. Meesho users are referred to as resellers rather than sellers or vendors.

The process is very simple for users if they want to register on Meesho and become a seller. The product will be listed and resellers will sell them. The users only need to list the products and the Meesho delivery staff will take care of the rest.

Step by Step Registration Process for Meesho Reseller

Users who have already signed up on Meesho can straight up login to the Meesho seller page. Follow the steps listed below to register as a Meesho seller to establish your own business:

Step 1: Registration and Listing of Products

PAN Card, GST number, and a Business Account are required to register as a Meesho seller. If you are a supplier interested in joining Meesho Seller Panel, go to the official website and fill out the application. You can list your products on the app if you are a seller.

Even if you don’t have a business but want to start one, you can also become a reseller. You just need to choose a catalogue and post it on social media, with product images and information such as size, colour and expected delivery date.

Step 2: Start getting orders

Once the catalogues are available on the application, resellers can share them with their clients via social media sites such as Whatsapp, Facebook, etc., and can start receiving orders instantly. Because of more traffic on social media these days, potential clients are abundant.

Meesho Catalogue
Meesho Catalogue

Placing the order on Meesho is a breeze. Add the product to the cart, fill in the customer’s shipping and billing details, and provide the name and phone number of the business that you want the client to see when they get the order.

Step 3: Product Delivery

Meesho sends you an email and also notifies supplier panels when an order is received. Its officials come to pick up orders once it’s been placed. The seller just needs to keep the order packed and ready and not be concerned about order delivery. Their delivery service is extremely secure and orders are received safely and no shipping costs are charged.

Step 4: Payments

Payment options include both online and offline modes. On the 15th day after the order purchased is delivered, payments, including COD orders, are transferred into your account. The payment details are available to see on the Meesho seller panel. Also, if a payment issue arises, Meesho seller assistance assists sellers and resellers to resolve their issues.

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Meesho is an Ecommerce platform for retailers to start their online store. Know how does Meesho work, Meesho Business Model and Revenue model.

Tips to Improve Sales on Meesho

  • Follow the trends. List the products that are trending in the market to get more orders and hence increase revenue.
  • The more catalogues you upload, the better your chances are of receiving orders. One usually needs 4-5 catalogues to get orders on Meesho.
  • Set the pricing in such a way that the reseller has ample space to set up their margin. The more margin room there is, the more shares the catalogues will receive.
  • Try to always use the Next Day order dispatch option which compels suppliers to ship orders the next business day after receiving them. This assists in increasing the number of orders.
  • You can gain more visibility and attract more customers by creating sponsored ads on Meesho.

What Makes Meesho a Sellers’ Favourite Choice?

Low Commission Rate

With less than 1.8 percent, Meesho maintains the lowest commission in the entire industry. Sellers are also advised on what to sell and at what rates.

All-encompassing Hub

Meesho is an ideal space for small to medium-sized businesses, both branded and unbranded sellers looking to boost earnings offer better costs to resellers.

Easy to Operate

Meesho makes listing products very simple, with fast and secure transactions and no shipping charges.

What Makes Meesho Unique?

Meesho pioneered the notion of social media-based marketing, which is what makes it different from other platforms. There are over one crore resellers on the “Meesho Seller Panel”. Meesho has well-known clothes, home, kitchen, and other lifestyle accessories catalogues.


Meesho is a perfect platform for small enterprises and individuals to open their shops and perhaps earn good money. This is a platform that allows people to earn money very easily from the comfort of their homes. It is the first-ever startup distribution channel in India to receive funding from Facebook and this in itself makes it one of a kind and a trustworthy place.


How do I promote my products on Meesho?

You can advertise your products on Meesho by running ad campaigns on the app.

Is selling on Meesho profitable?

Yes, selling on Meesho is profitable as the platform charges 0% commission and delivery is handled by the company itself.

Can I sell my product on Meesho?

Yes, anyone can sell their products in Meesho, just select the product you want to sell from the Meesho catalogue and start selling by sharing the product on your WhatsApp or social media platforms.

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