Four Revolutionary Marketing Campaigns by Mercedes Benz

Four Revolutionary Marketing Campaigns by Mercedes Benz

We all know Mercedes fiercely competes with BMW!  Marketing is such an awesome tool if mixed with the right kind of humor + emotion + need. ✔️ And, with the right mix - you get a brand that stands out from others. Why? Because, they don't market, they relate!

Mercedes Benz is a well-known name in the field of luxury products. The automotive industry is quite wide now and is seeing a great increment in its makers. Earlier, the competition between each luxury brand was limited to their name and loyal customers. However, now the competition is huge and includes almost every aspect of the automotive vehicle industry.

The best practice to get yourself or your products noticed is by taking the help of advertisements. There is nothing hidden about the use of advertisements by the big brands to make themselves more noticeable or introduce new products in the market.

Even the automotive industry has the same agenda and if you believe the history, many healthy competitions are noticed taking place between different brands by the means of advertisements. For this article, let us look at the biggest marketing campaigns of Mercedes Benz.

1. Life Gets Big
2. Unlock With Mercedes Benz
3. Are You AMG- Ready
4. Merc From Home

1. Life Gets Big

Life Gets Big is an introductory campaign launch to highlight the features of the Mercedes Benz T-Class. The campaign was launched internationally and was developed by the Mercedes Benz lead Van agency Preuss UND Preuss Berlin.

Mercedes Benz’s "Life Gets Bigger" signifies an improved space within the car that is sufficient for one family. The rear windows provide perfect space for three kids to hop in or for any other pet to take their place. The van has sliding doors that enable better surfacing of doors while in use. Overall, Mercedes Benz wanted to show that “When Life Gets Bigger”, the Mercedes Benz T-Class will be waiting for acceptance.

The ad campaign includes a 30-second and 60-second video ad and also some other forms of advertisements to share the information about the campaign "Life Gets Bigger".

2. Unlock With Mercedes Benz

Unlock With Mercedes Benz was a campaign launched before the start of the festive season in 2021. It was estimated to be launched from the first week of September till the end of festivals. The reason behind launching this festival was quite different from other basic campaigns. It was introduced as an unlocking point for people after the pandemic and lockdown.

The change with this campaign was to provide easy EMI options on the selected models of the brand and it was also packed with insurance policies.

The thing to note about this campaign was not the offers related to it but the reason behind it. As per Martin Schwenk, MD and CEO, Mercedes-Benz India, "Unlock With Mercedes Benz" is a campaign to revive the sentiments of customers by availing them with the option of unlocking their dreams, finding their inspiration, and undertaking new journeys to explore different adventures.

The campaign will allow the customers ownership and financial details and make a move to unlock their needed practice.

3. Are You AMG- Ready

The campaign "Are You AMG Ready" was specially built to introduce the subsidiary brand of Mercedes Benz named Mercedes AMG. This campaign also covers all the aspects of the AMG model and makes it a promising one. The campaign includes one 60-second long film and four different 30-second videos all demonstrating different brand models of AMG.

The Are You AMG- Ready campaign stands for the message of "This is our legacy, imagine our future. Are you AMG-ready?".

The campaign is mainly introduced to implement the change of a brand into a performance-based luxury brand.

As per Philipp Schiemer, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH, the performance of the AMG brand will be combined with the luxury of tomorrow to provide a strengthening bond for Mercedes-AMG.

The campaign mainly targets loyal customers and is willing to be tied up with them. Another targeted customer falls in the range of lifestyle-oriented groups who are willing to get some special kick with the most sustainable consumption pioneer.

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4. Merc From Home

The campaign Merc From Home was initiated and launched in 2020 with another great revolutionary method to implement for their customers. The campaign was introduced to make the car buying process much simpler and to enable the whole process of purchasing a luxury car available at the ease of home and by the means of the digital process.

The campaign "Merc From Home" provides an easy and clear method of purchasing the brand product from the comfort of each individual's home. The process allows complete steps right from the preparation of the car to the fulfillment of the payment by the means of a digital platform.

To promote this campaign, every outlet of the Mercedes Benz in India will be connected with the e-commerce platform and will enable the online purchasing of the product.

The campaign also features an online consultation studio by taking the help of virtual platforms. To have a hassle-free experience, the eCommerce platform is supported by backend processes to provide proper security in the transactions and include steps that provide maximum clarity for the customers to take their points.

The above graph shows the worldwide unit sale of Mercedes Benz from 2019-2021
The above graph shows the worldwide unit sale of Mercedes Benz from 2019-2021


Marketing strategies provide a great way for every brand to get its share of market visibility. All the luxury car brands have their dedicated team to deal with marketing strategies for their products. For some, these strategies provide a way to increase their sale whereas few brands target their competitors using different strategies.

It is also noted that many healthy debates take place. When we will at the history of different brands marketing openly about their products, many reformative ideas will be found within them. Similarly, in the above text, some of the most known marketing campaigns are explained.


How does Mercedes Benz promote their products?

Mercedes Benz uses different ways to promote its products. The most common way is to advertise using television, Online/ Digital advertisements, and print advertisements.

How did Mercedes Benz become a market leader?

Mercedes Benz got its chance to become a market leader because of the undivided focus shown by the team of Mercedes Benz and a few useful tactics that help to increase the customer experience. Many other similar reasons finally made the Mercedes Benz a leader in the industry.

How does Mercedes Benz use social media?

Mercedes Benz uses social media along with the addition of a few extensive microsites. Mercedes Benz also made a few campaigns to raise awareness using social media.

What is Mercedes Benz's business strategy?

The strategy used by Mercedes Benz for its business application is termed “Differentiation Leadership and Strategy”. The prime focus of the team is mainly on the marketing aspect of the firm.

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