Mildcares- One-stop shop for all your Period Needs

Mildcares- One-stop shop for all your Period Needs
Mildcares Success Story

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The female hygiene market in India is a rapidly growing industry, with an increasing awareness of menstrual hygiene and feminine hygiene products among women. However, the market is still facing some challenges such as lack of awareness, taboos and low penetration of products in rural areas. According to estimates, only 12% of women in India use sanitary napkins, while the rest rely on traditional methods. Also, the lack of proper disposal facilities and inadequate sanitation facilities in schools and workplaces also pose a challenge to the growth of the market.

Mildcares is a brand that has taken on the challenge of improving the lives of women by addressing the issue of menstrual hygiene. They have developed GynoCup, a sustainable, cost-effective, and superior form of managing periods using a menstrual cup. Let's learn more about the company's vision and how its co-founders plan to solve the challenges in this area.

Mildcares: Vision and Mission
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Mildcares: Vision and Mission

Understanding femininity and her struggles, as well as how to empower the feminine race, was where it all began! GynoCup is a revolutionary invention that immediately belongs to reducing the arduous days of menstruation and making each woman's life healthier and better. Our efforts are furthered by our significant contributions to the community, international organisations, and educational sectors.

"I founded this company after witnessing how unpleasant menstruation was for my sister and wife. That is why I established my company with a range of hygiene products for women that are both comfortable and discreet. - Sandeep Vyas

Team of GynoCup wants to break the taboo surrounding menstruation and mainstream the adoption and use of new and innovative menstrual care solutions.

Mildcares intends to dominate the market over the next five years, with an emphasis on retaining production within the country's borders and the motto 'Aatma NirbharBharat' in mind and heart.

Mildcares: Market/Industry Details

Female Hygiene Market in India

The feminine hygiene products market was worth $441 Mn in 2020 and is predicted to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.87% between 2021 and 2025, reaching $944 Mn by 2025.

In 2020, less than 41% of about 355 million menstrual women adopted hygienic menstruation protection techniques. In India, sanitary menstruation products such as sanitary napkins, menstrual cups, tampons, pantyliners, and intimate cleansers are widely used. Sanitary napkins are the most often used, with 17.63% of menstrual women using them.

In India, the female sex ratio is 48% of the overall population. Out of the overall 48% female population out of which 55% menstruate (Children below 12 and those over the age of 50). The premium target audiences are 34% urban and 66% rural. which makes total target audience as 35 million people.

Mildcares: The Product/Service

GynoCup is a game-changing brand that aims to offer world-class products that can quickly reduce period discomfort and enhance menstrual hygiene. It prioritises women's personal hygiene and strive hard to make menstruation less uncomfortable in order to make a significant difference in the lives of its consumers.

MildCares (Gynocup) offers a range of products for period care, intimate hygiene, and toilet hygiene. In the period care category, the company offers Menstrual Cups, Menstrual Cup Wash, Menstrual Cup Sterilizer container, Menstrual Cup Lubricant Water Based and Period Cramp Relief Roll On. These products aim to provide safe, eco-friendly and comfortable solutions for menstruation related issues.

In the intimate hygiene category, Mild Cares (Gynocup) offers Natural Intimate Wipes, Intimate Men’s Wash, Feminine Intimate Wash, Intimate Lightening Serum and Stretch Mark Removal Cream. These products are designed to provide effective and safe solutions for skin care, personal hygiene, and intimate area related issues.

In the toilet hygiene category, the company offers Disposable female urination Device (Stand & pee), Reusable Female Urination Device (Stand & pee) and Disposable Toilet Seat Covers paper. These products are designed to provide a hygienic and convenient solution for using public toilets and preventing the transmission of diseases.  

To ensure that its products are both safe to use and environmentally sustainable, they are totally made in India using FDA-certified medical-grade silicone.

Mildcares: Founders + Team Details

Co-founders, Mildcares

Sanddep Vyas and Rachna Vyas are the Co-founders of Mildcares.

Sandeep Vyas holds a master's degree in business administration from the Institute of Management Studies Indore in India and over a decade of experience developing profitable rising enterprises. He understands marketing communication, business administration, and company growth.

Rachna Vyas, has 7+ years of operational experience with Network 18 Involved in the research and development in the company. Her objective in life has always been to liberate women from menstrual poverty. She take a personal interest in the designing of the products and she make sure that all the products are made from organic materials.

At Mild Cares, we don't believe in stuffing a statistic or just boosting staff numbers to fit the stereotyped numbers. We believe in keeping things small yet effective. As a result, as of this writing, we have sixteen extremely skilled professionals working with us, including some of the most well-known front-end leaders", says Sandeep Vyas.
Mildcares Logo

Understanding womanhood and her challenges, as well as how to empower the feminine race, was where it all began! "GynoCup's tale began when we realised that no woman in any part of the world should be ashamed of her womanhood because of the pain she endures every month. GynoCup is every lady's best friend because it is dedicatedly made and designed to help during menstruation.", said by Sandeep Vyas.

Mildcares: Business Model and Revenue Model

Mildcares currently has 7000 monthly orders and more than 200000 Gynocup users [Jan 2023]. GynoCup offers goods through ecommerce marketplaces as well as its own website. The company also distributed the content through more than 50 Offline stores too.

GynoCup also has strategic partnership with pharmacy distributors and a couple of significant NGOs to distribute products on a wide scale on a regular basis. Recently the company started exporting to the USA and Canada.

Mildcares- Challenges

When GynoCup was launched, there were a lot of size issues, and women were extremely confused about which size to use. The team understood that menstrual cups are not a one-size-fits-all product. That is how they started a Size Guarantee Program- if you receive the incorrect cup size or if the cup does not work for you. they provide a size exchange for free or a complete refund. This not only solved the issue but also built trust among its users.

The company runs surveys and solicit input from its consumers about the cup and its use; this allows it to improve its product while also understanding the problems that the customers are experiencing. The company also attempted to educate its clients on the use of menstruation cups by developing instructive movies and putting them on our social media.

Mildcares- Growth

Initially, GynoCup used social media channels to spread awareness about menstrual cup creating content around how menstrual cup is perfect alternative of sanitary pads & tampons.

They also worked with some influencers who were real user of GynoCup and asked them to share their experience to build customer trust.

The family of GynoCup team also used the same products which helped them to get good word of mouth publicity.

Their  “Size Satisfaction Guarantee” Program was a game chnager!
The company knows that menstrual cups are not one-size-fits-all products – they’re not necessarily the right period products for everyone. That’s why the company offers 100% replacement or refund, "if you get the wrong cup size or if the cup simply doesn’t work for you."

"We are currently concentrating on raising awareness of this product in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, as well as in more rural locations. According to our poll in the village area, only one lady out of 500 knew about menstruation cups. So, in the future, we want to perform ground-level promotion to raise awareness of this product. In the next five years, we intend to cover at least 70% of rural and urban areas.", said Sandeep.

Mildcares- Future Plan

The company is looking to touch Rs. 100 crore revenue by 2025-26” Mildcares's Brand Gynocup was shortlisted from among 2000 startups worldwide and reached the semi-finals with their promising brand offering which offers to become a safe and hygienic product for women globally.

In the next 5 years, we see the industry growing exponentially as more and more women become aware of the benefits of using eco-friendly menstrual products. We also see a shift in consumer preferences towards reusable and sustainable options. As a company, we plan to capitalize on this trend by expanding our product range and distribution network.

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