Moj Success Story - India's Short Video Creation App

Moj Success Story - India's Short Video Creation App

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The growth of interesting new enterprises today is all because of the appropriate usage of social media. The notion of social networking has completely transformed the globe. We can see that the popularity of social networking websites has skyrocketed in recent years.

While social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc are helping people connect with each other along with their favorite brands and products, on the other hand, there are other social media portals that are allowing people to make videos and become famous. One such social media app that earned tremendous popularity in 2020 is Moj.

Moj was created when the Indian Government banned TikTok with several other Chinese apps in 2020. It is a short video-sharing social media platform owned by Mohalla Tech Pvt. Ltd. Moj's parent organization is ShareChat, which was started by Ankush Sachdeva, Bhanu Pratap Singh, and Farid Ahsan.

Here's presenting all about Moj, India's No.1 Short-Video App. Read about its success story, founders, business model, competitors, and more.

Moj - Company Highlights

Headquarters Bangalore, India
Sector Technology, Information, Internet, Social Media
Founder Ankush Sachdeva, Bhanu Pratap Singh, and Farid Ahsan.
Founded 2020
Revenue $102 million (2021)
Parent Organisation ShareChat, Mohalla Tech Pvt. Ltd

Moj - Company Highlights
About Moj and How it works?
Moj - Industry Details
Moj - Founder and Team
Moj - Startup Story / How it all started?
Moj - Name, Tagline, Logo
Moj - Business & Revenue Model
Moj - Mergers, and Acquisition
Moj - Advertisement and Social Media Campaigns
Moj - Competitors
Moj - Future Plans

About Moj and How it works?

Mohalla Tech Pvt Ltd, situated in Bangalore, owns both Moj and ShareChar. Moj is an Indian video-sharing online platform with multiple features. It includes special effects, emoticons, stickers, and short movies ranging in length from 15 seconds to one minute in categories such as dancing, travel, singing, acting, humor, and education.

Moj allows users to download videos and is available in 16 languages. These languages include - Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Haryanvi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Tamil, Telugu, and English.

The application was published nearly immediately after the Indian government banned TikTok, and over 100 million people downloaded it in just 6 months. The Moj app claims to have about 160 million Monthly Active Users (MAU), over 50 million creator communities, and nearly 4.5 billion video play per day.

Moj - Industry Details

With easy access to the Internet, social media has become an integral part of our lives. India is witnessing digital transformation every day. As a result, the number of social media users is expected to reach 448 million by 2023.

Moj - Founder and Team

Moj is founded by Ankush Sachdeva, Bhanu Pratap Singh, and Farid Ahsan.

Ankush Sachdeva,Bhanu Pratap Singh & Farid Ahsan
Ankush Sachdeva,Bhanu Pratap Singh & Farid Ahsan

Ankush Sachdeva

Ankush Sachdeva is the co-founder and CEO of ShareChat and Moj. He is a BTech Computer Science student who graduated from IIT Kanpur. Ankush worked as the company's co-founder and CPO until being appointed to the position of CEO in 2017. Ankush co-founded ShareChat in 2015 after interning at Microsoft, which is said to be his 18th startup effort. He has been featured in Forbes' 30 under 30 Asia 2018.

Bhanu Pratap Singh

An IIT Kapur graduate, Bhanu Pratap Singh is the Co-founder and CTO of ShareChat. He has also co-founded Moj along with Ankush Sachdeva and Farid Ahsan. In his role, he heads a team of chosen coders and engineers from throughout the nation who are constantly upgrading the platform in order to create a product that gives a smooth experience to India's next billion Internet users.

Farid Ahsan

Farid Ahsan graduated from IIT Kanpur in 2014 with a B.Tech in Metallurgical and Material Engineering. After receiving his degree from IIT Kanpur, Farid Ahsan worked as an Analyst in Corporate Finance at Deutsche Bank in Mumbai, India. He co-founded ShareChat with Ankush Sachdeva and Bhanu Pratap Singh in 2015 and Moj in 2020.

Moj - Startup Story / How it all started?

Moj's story began when Ankush Sachdeva set to work just hours after the Indian government banned the usage of TikTok with a slew of other Chinese applications on the grounds of nationwide security.

The co-founder and CEO of ShareChat, a local language social networking app, assembled a team along with his friends,

Bhanu Pratap Singh and Farid Ahsan to replicate the successful Chinese short video platform. With such determination and results of working day and night, Moj was available for download on the Play Store within 30 hours.

As of now, Moj has become India's No.1 Short Video app with over 50 million content creators on its platform and is available in 16 Indian languages.

Moj - Business & Revenue Model

Short video platforms have a wide range of business models. However, Moj's business model is seen to be operating on a B2C business model.

Moj allows its users to freely use the app and make money from it by creating content on its platform. Moj app helps its customers to create 15-second videos to share with others. While generating videos, Moj users have access to several video effects, allowing them to make their films appear professional and appealing.

Moj allows its customers to make money either through Affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, collaboration, etc. These are some of the methods through which Moj also generates its revenue.

Another main source of revenue for Moj is advertising. A lot of companies use Moj as their platform to promote their products and services. The majority of the companies believe that a large number of people watch videos on such platforms (Moj), and sponsoring them will prove to be beneficial for their company as their advertisement will reach out to a large audience.


Recently, Moj launched a new service to mark its second anniversary, called Moj LIVE, a live video streaming platform that will allow its users to display their skills and interact with their audience in real-time.

Creators from throughout the country may use Moj LIVE to produce compelling content in a variety of genres, including live discussion shows, live game streaming, jam sessions, stand-up comedy, cuisine, astrology, and more.

Moj has also allied with Flipkart. In October 2021, it was reported that Flipkart and Moj will collaborate to offer video and live commerce, with Moj users able to purchase on the former's web platform.

Moj - Mergers, and Acquisition

Moj has combined with MX TakaTak, which is owned by MX media, to produce the largest short video platform for Indians. There are around 100 million artists on the combined platform, over 300 million Monthly Active Users (MAU), and nearly 250 billion monthly video views.

This is what Ankush Sachdeva says about the merging, "By 2025, we want to grow monetizable creators on our platform to 10 lakh from 1 lakh at present. Our fundamental belief is that you will have far more creators in India than you have today. Many of them may not be knowing that they are going to be creators. We will help them earn $450 million ( ₹3,500 crores) through virtual gifting, live commerce, advertising, etc."

Moj - Advertisement and Social Media Campaigns

In 2021, Moj launched a new campaign #SwipeUpWithMoj, to boost its brand memory as the ultimate entertainment destination. The company had partnered with Bollywood actress Ananya Pandey and Tollywood actor Vijay Deverakonda as brand ambassadors for the campaign. In the video, they are seen in the app's brand videos as well as content creators on Moj. The campaign by Moj is based on a greater understanding of the consumers' need for exciting and engaging content that helps them captivate their attention by adding some fun to their daily life.

Moj - Competitors

After the ban of TikTok, India is witnessing many such short-video platforms that are competing with each other to gain a maximum number of creators. With so many social media platforms today, Moj competes with many competitors. Some of these are:

  1. Josh
  2. Mitron
  3. Koo
  4. Kutumb
  5. Chingari
  6. Digg
  7. Roposo
  8. Tna Tan

Moj - Future Plans

Moj is all set to launch a new program known as, "Moj for Creators". Through this program, Moj plans to help creators strengthen their earnings by 2025. It has already started working on offering monetizable features to the platform. Furthermore, the company expects to help content creators earn Rs 3,500 crores by 2025.
Ankush Sachdeva, CEO, and Co-founder of Moj says, "We are drawing these numbers from our internal projections and existing trends. But if you look at industry expectations, it is going to be probably even more aggressive during these early times. We look at creating at least a million monetizable creators by the end of 2025 and today we already have visibility of 100,000 creators on the platform."


Who is the CEO of Moj?

Ankush Sachdeva is the CEO of Moj.

Where is the head office of Moj?

The head office of Moj is in Bangaluru.

Which is the parent company of Moj?

The parent company of Moj is ShareChat.

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