Mukesh Bansal: Founder of Myntra

Mukesh Bansal is the Founder of the fashion e-commerce firm, Myntra. He is an Indian businessman, who currently serves as the CEO of and its co-founder as well. Fortune magazine listed Mukesh under Best 40 Under 40 Entrepreneurs. He is also on the board of Olympics Gold Quest, which is a non-profit organization that promotes sports and games.

Mukesh Bansal

Mukesh Bansal- Biography

Name Mukesh Bansal
Born 1976
Birthplace Haridwar, Uttarakhand
Age 44 (2020)
Nationality Indian
Education IIT, Kanpur
Profession Businessman
Position CEO of; Founder of Myntra
Marital Status Married
Spouse Archana Bansal
Children 2

Mukesh Bansal- Personal Life
Mukesh Bansal- Education
Mukesh Bansal- Professional Life
Mukesh Bansal- Myntra
Mukesh Bansal- Flipkart
Mukesh Bansal-
Mukesh Bansal- CultFit

How Myntra became the Top stop for online shopping ?
When we talk about fashion and online-shopping, the first thing that comes to our mind is Myntra. Which started from selling personalized gift products to the largest fashion site in India. Along the journey Myntra acquired a lot of subsidiaries that helped in growing it’s business. Myntra- An ove…

Mukesh Bansal- Personal Life

Mukesh Bansal was born in Haridwar, Uttarakhand. He came from a middle class family and made sincere efforts to get admission in an IIT college. He is well known for his friendly and polite nature. His wife, Archana runs her own business. After contributing efforts in US for 10 years, he came back to India and launched Myntra and his entrepreneurial journey continued thereafter.

Mukesh Bansal- Education

He completed his B.Tech in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur in 1997. He did his graduation from 1993-1997. He is known to be a task master, when it comes to any official work. He works on a strict work schedule.

Mukesh Bansal- Professional Life

Mukesh Bansal joined Deloitte in 1997, as a systems analyst for two years in Chicago. He was highly influenced by the dotcom boom that was raising to new heights  in San Francisco and moved to the Bay area in 1999. He gave up a job portal, which he started with one of his friend. He then worked with various companies such as NexTag (1999-2000), eWanted (2000-2001), Centrata (2001-2004), newScale (2005-2006) which were all early start ups in Silicon Valley. He was employed in these companies as a engineer, product manager across technology and business enterprises.

Myntra - Bringing top-notch fashion with every click
Today, we can sit in one space and browse through the top and international brands and also get it delivered right to our doorstep. Thanks to online shopping. One of the most prominent names in this industry, as we all know is Myntra. Myntra was established by Mukesh Bansal, Ashutosh Lawania and Vin…

Mukesh Bansal- Myntra

Myntra Logo

Mukesh Bansal launched Myntra in 2007 with Ashutosh Lawania and Vineet Saxena with Rs.30 lakh of personal investment. He was propelled to establish his own e-commerce venture owing to the experience of Silicon Valley. Initially, Myntra was a gifting startup but gradually transformed to a fashion e-commerce hub. The e-commerce venture became a success. Soon it was acquired by Flipkart in the year 2014 worth $330 million. Flipkart is the largest Indian e-commerce venture. Though Mukesh continued to serve as the chairman of Myntra board and managed the advertising and commerce insights until 2016.

How Myntra Is Using Data To Disrupt The Fashion Industry
With COVID-19 pandemic emerging in the country the economy and many big companies took a hit including fashion industry, Amar Nagaram CEO of Myntra which is India’s leading online fashion retailer was set to face one of the biggest challenges. Nagaram and his team not only needed to consider busines…

Mukesh Bansal- Flipkart

Flipkart Logo

After the acquisition of Myntra by Flipkart, Mukesh was employed as the Head of Commerce & Advertising Business at Flipkart in 2014. Mukesh brought many ideas to revamp the company's talent philosophy. He aided the company to reach a revenue of $5 billion. He later left the job at Flipkart in 2016.

Mukesh Bansal- Logo

Mukesh Bansal co-founded a fitness and well being start up, in 2016 with Ankit Nagori. There are varied portals under, they are: (food delivery), (fitness centers), (yoga, meditation and counseling), and (paid primary care solutions). The name itself specifies that these all are related to health, fitness and nutrition. It offers digital and offline experiences in physical and mental health. Within two years, has raised over $170 million. No sooner announced the launch of its sportswear brand Cultsport, which offers functional apparel for workout formats like field training, running and gym. During the year 2019, CureFit raised $120 million in Series D round of funding.

Few months back, the firm also launched its fitness wear. The company basically aims to build health and fitness awareness among citizens. Though the COVID-19 pandemic has initially demotivated everyone, CureFit sought this opportunity and started LIVE workout sessions and online therapy.  

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Mukesh Bansal- CultFit

Mukesh Bansal started a Bangalore based fitness and healthcare company, CULT. He is highly passionate towards fitness and books. He works out everyday with a combination of crossfit, mixed martial arts and yoga. After leaving Flipkart, he kept his Linked in profile with a Work in Progress (WIP) position for a long time. The reason for this is simply that he does not believe in titles rather feels that a person without any position in a company brings more hierarchy. He has also acquired four fitness companies. Accel Partners and Kalaari Capital are some of his backers. The rival company to CultFit is HealthifyMe and MyFitnessPal.

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