HealthifyMe - A Healthtech Startup Helping Millions during the Pandemic

HealthifyMe - A Healthtech Startup Helping Millions during the Pandemic
HealthifyMe - A Healthtech Startup Helping Millions during the Pandemic

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Having a fit and healthy body is everyone's dream, but it has somehow not been everyone's cup of tea. Lack of motivation and guidance bars people from achieving their health goals. HealthifyMe app was designed to solve this very problem. HealthifyMe app allows the users to keep track of their diet and exercise regime, take expert advice and connect to other fitness enthusiasts thus equipping them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The HealthifyMe plans offer its customers and fitness enthusiasts many premium options that can help them reach their goals.

Recently, HealthifyMe has also introduced an array of free services to help its users maintain a healthy lifestyle during the 21-day lockdown. With HealthifyMe's Funding of around $25 Million, it has clocked a revenue of Rs. 100 crore in 2020.

Let's have a look at the journey of one of the best Health-tech app in India and how it is helping millions of people attain their health and fitness goals. Here is everything you about HealthifyMe Founders, Revenue, Funding, Business Model, Competitors, and its Growth.

HealthifyMe - Company Highlights

Startup Name HealthifyMe
Headquarter Bangalore
Founders/Owners Tushar Vashisht, Sachin Shenoy & Mathew Cherian
Sector Wellness
Founded 2012
Parent Organization HealthifyMe Wellness Private Limited

HealthifyMe - About and How it Works
Heathifyme Plans
HealthifyMe during Covid Pandemic
HealthifyMe - Founders/Owners and team
How was HealthifyMe Started?
HealthifyMe - Business Model and Revenue Model
HealthifyMe - Funding and Investors
HealthifyMe - Growth
HealthifyMe - Product And Service
HealthifyMe - Partnership and Tie-ups
HealthifyMe - Competitors
HealthifyMe - Awards
HealthifyMe - Future Plans

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HealthifyMe - About and How it Works

HealthifyMe was co-founded in 2012 by Tushar Vashisht, Mathew Cherian and Sachin Shenoy. Initially, incubated by Microsoft Accelerator, the company delivers measurable results on eating habits, fitness, and weight and works with leading corporates and healthcare partners in India.

HealthifyMe works on a freemium model and has witnessed 10 million downloads, used by an estimated 25 million users, and spread across 300+ cities with over 1,500 coaches. Its app is rated 4.6/5 on Play Store and has been featured by Google and Apple multiple times for its quality benchmarks.

HealthifyMe's vision is to build the world’s largest online health and fitness service. It wants to help millions of consumers achieve their goals by engaging with nutritionists and other health experts empowered with artificial intelligence.

The HealthifyMe logo
The HealthifyMe logo

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Heathifyme Plans

The current HealthifyMe subscription plans cost range from Rs 999 to 1699 per month. Depending on what the users choose they get the number of coaches they need, while Healthifyme premier plan includes targeted programs like weight loss, muscle gain, diabetes prevention.

The HealthifyMe smart plan that is Rs. 999 includes a personalized diet plan, unlimited meal recommendations, access to Ria (AI personal assistant), and the customer's daily and weekly reports. HealthifyMe membership can also be canceled easily as you can simply choose the HealthifyMe weight loss plan subscription the user wishes to cancel and then tap on the "Cancel Subscription" option.

HealthifyMe Plans Cost Features
Smart plan Rs. 999 Personalized Diet Plan, track calories, nutrient tracking and insights, Healthy Recipes, Daily and Weekly Reports, RIA
Coach Plan 1 Rs.1299 Personalized Diet Plan, track calories, nutrient tracking and insights, Healthy Recipes, Daily and Weekly Reports, RIA, 2 Consultation Calls per month and Unlimited chat with coach
Coach Plan 2 Rs.1699 Personalized Diet Plan, track calories, nutrient tracking and insights, Healthy Recipes, Daily and Weekly Reports, RIA, Dedicated Diet Coach, Dedicated Fitness Coach, Personalized Fitness Plan, 2 Consultation Calls per month and Unlimited chat with coach

HealthifyMe during Covid Pandemic

Recently, in June 2021, the company hired the popular team of Under 45 to help find slots for covid vaccination. The HealthifyMe vaccine slot booking is available on both HealthifyMe app and website. It has also registered itself as an Application Service Provider (ASP) with CoWin. The HealthifyMe charges for vaccines were kept according to the Governments orders.

Earlier, Health- tech startups also took an initiative to help people lead a healthy and fit life during this 21-day nationwide lockdown to fight Covid-19. The company has introduced a free Immunity Assessment Test on the app and is also offering a free consultation to those who score low on immunity.

Some other services that HealthifyMe is offering to make its users stand strong in this coronavirus crisis are home workouts; daily live workouts with coaches and trackers for sleep, smoking, and hand washing. Users can access all these services under the 'Immunity Tab' of the HealthifyMe app. Many HealthifyMe reviews acknowledged the efforts that HealthifyMe made during the pandemic.

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HealthifyMe - Founders/Owners and team

Tushar Vashisht (CEO), Mathew Cherian, and Sachin Shenoy (CTO) are the Founders of HealthifyMe

founders of HealthifyMe
Tushar Vashisht and Sachin Shenoy

Tushar Vashisht

HealthifyMe founder and current CEO is Tushar Vashisht. Before starting HealthifyMe, Tushar worked with the Unique ID Authority with the Government of India for nearly two years. Tushar started his career as an investment banker on Wall Street and in the Bay Area before moving to Singapore with Deutsche Bank. Tushar is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and a passionate musician by hobby.

Sachin Shenoy

HealthifyMe co-founder and CTO Sachin Shenoy is a Google Code-Jam finalist and is one of the fastest coders we know. He has over 15 years of experience out of which 6 were with Google, where he worked across Google Finance, Google SMS Channel, Orkut Developer Platform, and Google Dev. Platform. Sachin has 5 patent disclosures associated with his work.

Mathew Cherian left HealthifyMe in 2013. HealthifyMe has a team of more than 400 members and is continually growing.

How was HealthifyMe Started?

Tushar Vashisht was overweight when he returned to India eight years ago, after a stint as an analyst with Deutsche Bank in Singapore. His sedentary lifestyle continued after he took up a demanding project management role with the formative team that built India’s digital ID Aadhaar. Tushar was determined to do something about his flab and began by tracking the calories and nutrients in what he ate.

But he soon ran into a problem: there was little help available online in evaluating Indian dishes. Also at that time, Tushar and Mathew were working with UIDAI, and they took up an experiment to see what it feels like to live below the poverty line. Both the co-founders started living on just Rs 100 per day. During the experiment, Tushar and Mathew built an excel sheet with nutritional information on various Indian food.

Tushar came up with an analytical tool to break down the calories and main nutrients in 900 foods and presented it to the government’s planning council as a healthcare aid. This was how HealthifyMe started, the startup was then established in late 2011. Former Google employee Sachin Shenoy later joined him as a co-founder.

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HealthifyMe - Business Model and Revenue Model

Ria AI first began interacting with HealthifyMe’s users in October 2017, when the company rolled out the service to a section of its paid subscribers as a pilot. Now, the service is available to all paid users among HealthifyMe’s more than one million users. The company, however, declined to reveal either the investment made into the bot so far or the firm’s paid subscriber base.

HealthifyMe subscription plans cost between Rs 999 and Rs 1,699 a month based on the features opted for. HealthifyMe has B2C as well as a B2B2C Business model. Though nearly 80% of the company's revenue comes from the B2C model, HealthifyMe also has a B2B2C model. In the B2B2C model, HealthifyMe distributes its services via corporates and healthcare institutions.

HealthifyMe Co-founder, Tushar Vashist

HealthifyMe - Funding and Investors

In total, HealthifyMe's total fundraising is worth around $130.1 million with 10 rounds to date. Here are the details of HealthifyMe Funding and Investors.

The most recent funding for HealthifyMe

Date Stage Amount Lead Investors
June 7, 2023 Series D $30 Million Khosla Ventures, LeapFrog Investments
June 7, 2023 Debt Financing - -
July 20, 2021 Series C $75 Million Leapfrog, Vinod Khosla, Elm, HealthQuad, Unilever, Chiratae Ventures & Investus Capital
November 16, 2018 Series B $6 Million InnoVen Capital
February 9, 2018 Series B $12 Million Sistema Asia Capital
December 28, 2016 Series A $1 Million Neelesh Bhatnagar
May 10, 2016 Series A $6 Million Blume Ventures, Chiratae Ventures, Inventus Capital & NB Ventures
June 18, 2015 Seed - Gopal Srinivasan, Roopa Nath, Sashi Reddi, Pallav Nadhani & Amit Gupta
February 3, 2014 Venture Round - Microsoft Accelerator
January 11, 2013 Non Equity Assistance $134,238 Microsoft Accelerator Bangalore

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HealthifyMe - Growth

Around the last 12 months (Fy 2019-2020) , HealthifyMe has seen 3 times growth, surpassing Rs 100 crore in revenue run rate. As per February 2020 data, HealthifyMe's user base has increased four-fold, while, the number of active users doubled from 8 million to 16 million. Last year, the company entered Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. In less than a year, it recorded a turnover of $ 1 million in the Southeast Asian Market.

The company has launched in Gulf Cooperation Countries market too and is already in the top 3 on Google Play in the UAE. HealthifyMe now has over 250 nutritionists and trainers on its platform, who are able to handle up to 250 clients, each thanks to the help they get from Ria. That’s up from around 100 users each back in 2016.


HealthifyMe Financial
HealthifyMe Financial
HealthifMe Financial FY21 FY22
Operating Revenue Rs 86.05 crore Rs 185.25 crore
Total Expense Rs 105.82 crore Rs 343.44 crore
Cash from Operations Deficit of Rs 4.12 crore Deficit of Rs 84.10 crore

Expenses Breakdown

HealthifMe Expenses FY21 FY22
Employee Benefit Rs 28.13 crore Rs 93.84 crore
Advertisement Rs 25.47 crore Rs 133.18 crore
Legal and professional charges Rs 1.15 crore Rs 3.21 crore
Health care consultants Rs 25.47 crore Rs 80.25 crore
Others Rs 22.93 crore Rs 24.83 crore
Software and subscription charges Rs 2.67 crore Rs 8.13 crore


Due to difficulties, HealthifyMe's EBITDA margin fell from -20.44% in FY21 to -83.38% in FY22. This decrease in profitability was caused in part by an increase in advertising costs, which went from Rs 1.23 to Rs 1.85.

HealthifMe FY21-FY22 FY21 FY22
EBITDA Margin -20.44% -83.38%
Advertisement Rs 1.23 Rs 1.85

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HealthifyMe - Product And Service

What is HealthifyMe app?

HealthifyMe app serves as a calorie tracker, allowing users to lose weight and track their food and exercise regimens through their phones or computers. The HealthifyMe pricing for the premium version is low as it allows users to interact with nutritionists, fitness experts and yoga instructors.

HealthifyMe consists of three components. First is its lifestyle tracker, which it launched three years ago as the first calorie counter in India. The second is its social feed, which allows users to find others like themselves, with similar goals and problems. The third, and most innovative aspect, is HealthifyMe's tech augmented coaching, which uses a combination of artificial intelligence and human trainers to help its users stay healthy and engaged with the app

HealthifyMe fitness coach is an AI named Ria

The debut of Ria, the cutting-edge AI-enabled nutritionist and fitness expert, has been announced by HealthifyMe.

HealthifySmart Legends Edition

Mahesh Bhupathi, a top tennis player, has joined HealthifyMe as a "strategic advisor." As part of this smart plan, HealthifySmart Legends Edition, he will provide app users with a plethora of food and exercise tips from sports and fitness legends.

HealthifyStudio Platform

The launch of HealthifyStudio has been announced by HealthifyMe on June, 16, 2020. According to the company, the platform allows users to engage in interactive exercise in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

AI-powered Indian Food Recognition

An AI tool that recognizes Indian cuisine from photos and logs calorie intake was introduced by the Indian wellness business HealthifyMe on September, 22, 2023.

HealthifyMe - Partnership and Tie-ups

HealthifyMe works in partnership with various medical institutions such as Medanta, Apollo Hospitals, and Manipal Hospitals, with the aim to treat and prevent clinical obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and other lifestyle diseases. It has also partnered with MI to provide free consultation worth rupees 499 on the purchase of Redmi 3.

In February 2020, HealthifyMe announced partnerships with -

  • Swiggy - For delivering healthy food ( from a list of restaurants offering healthy food curated by HealthifyMe) to its users.
  • Milkbasket - HealthifyMe users can order groceries from Milkbasket through the HealthifyMe app.
  • Fitternity - It is a fitness discovery and booking app, that will give the HealthifyMe users access to 12000+ gyms and fitness studios across India.

Owled Media

OWLED Media, has partnered up with HealthifyMe on November, 22, 2023, a trailblazing company in the health and fitness space, to introduce "Snap," an innovative AI-powered image recognition technology.

Vantage Fit Partners

One of Vantage Circle's products, Vantage Fit, an AI-powered employee wellness platform, announced a partnership with HealthifyMe on August28, 2023 to enable people to live longer, healthier lives.

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HealthifyMe - Competitors

HealthifyMe CEO, Tushar Vashisht once jokingly said that their biggest competitor is “lethargy”. Some of the main HealthifyMe competitors are WebMD Health, Weight Watchers International, GOQii and Curefit.

HealthifyMe - Awards

Some of the top HealthifyMe awards include the Google Play Top Developer Badge, which it received in December 2015. In addition to this, HealthifyMe was chosen as one of Google Play’s “Best Apps of 2015” and a 'Made in India' feature on the App Store.

In December 2016, HealthifyMe received the Google award for best apps on the Google Playstore in the Health & Fitness category for the second time in a row.

In December 2017, HealthifyMe app received the Google "Editor's Choice" award in the Health & Fitness category, apart from being named amongst the best apps of the year for the third time in a row. There are numerous HealthifyMe reviews that have given the platform 5 stars in many categories.

HealthifyMe - Future Plans

Expanding to new territories and giving Ria more capabilities are HealthifyMe’s short-term goals. The long-term goal is to be the world's go-to health and wellness service provider, giving users access to more services than nutrition and fitness.

The company is currently looking to explore new geographies in Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific Region. HealthifyMe aims to cross $50 million in Annual Recurring Revenue in the upcoming 12 months, and is targeting a turnover of $400 million by 2025.

HealthifyMe - FAQs

Who are the Founders of HealthifyMe?

HealthifyMe was Co-Founded in 2012 by Tushar Vashisht, Mathew Cherian and Sachin Shenoy.

How much is the operating revenue of HealthifyMe?

HealthifyMe operating revenues is Rs 185.25 crore as of 2022.

Who are the Top HealthifyMe Competitors?

Some remarkable competitors of HealthifyMe are WebMD Health, Weight Watchers International, GOQii and Curefit

How much Funding did Healthify raise to date?

HealthifyMe has raised funding worth around $130.1 million with 10 rounds to date. Here are the details of HealthifyMe Investors.

What is HealthifyMe?

The company delivers measurable results on eating habits, fitness and weight and works with leading corporates and healthcare partners in India. HealthifyMe works on a freemium model.

How much does HealthifyMe cost?

Healthifyme diet plan cost range from Rs 999 to 1699 per month.

Is HealthifyMe a paid app?

Healthifyme is free, but also has a premium plan with numerous offers.

Is HealthifyMe safe?

HealthifyMe is one of the most trusted health and fitness app with over 16 million users and a 4.4 overall rating on play store.

What is HealthifyMe smart plan?

HealthifyMe smart plan offer costs Rs. 999 and includes a personalized diet plan, meal recommendations, access to RIA, daily reports.

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