Start a Cool Merchandise Business at Zero Investment with My Dream Store

Are you someone who have that hidden talent of designing beautiful merchandise or apparel but don't know how to showcase your talent to the world? Today we are talking about a platform that can actually help you show and as well as monetize your talent. Meet 'My Dream Store'! , a platform that lets you design your own awesome products and sell online, while My Dream Store takes care of everything from manufacturing the product as per your design, packing, delivering and even customer service. Here is more you would like to know about this amazing platform.

My Dream Store Highlights

Startup Name My Dream Store
Headquarter Hyderabad
Founders Karthik Venkat & Bala Satish
Sector e-commerce
Founded 2014

About My Dream Store and How it Works
My Dream Store - Founders and Team
How was My Dream Store Started
My Dream Store - Startup Challenges
My Dream Store - Business Model and Revenue Model
My Dream Store - Funding and Investors
My Dream Store - Growth

About My Dream Store and How it Works

Based in Hyderabad, My Dream Store allows people to create and sell products like T-shirts, hoodies, vests, mobile cases, coffee mugs, and many more online with zero inventory and zilch cost. Also, this platform provides free design support and has effectively partnered with other vendors to handle demand surges and manufacture special products.

My Dream Store is more of a crowd-funded merchandising platform. This means that the seller can easily upload his designs, create products like T-Shirts and Hoodies, set the desired pricing and minimum quantity required to be printed and then go on to promote them. When this seller campaign reaches its goal, the platform prints, packs and delivers it to the buyers in the required time and duly delivers profits to the sellers.

My Dream Store provides the following features:

  • Create and Sell – This is for the young designers and entrepreneurs who might want to step in and solve the problem but they face many barriers for starting an apparel brand. To avoid the risk of creating overhead expenses on creating the inventory for their startup, My Dream Store allows them to deal with zero inventory and warehousing costs. With added facilities like distribution and packaging, this platform is an aid to the startup ecosystem.
  • Create and Buy – This feature is mainly for the College students who might need T-Shirts and other apparel for annual college meets, occasion, groups and hobby clubs. And to solve the tedious process of ordering tees from the traditional vendors, My Dream Store can easily step in to be the most convenient option.

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My Dream Store - Founders and Team

My Dream Store was founded by Karthik Venkat and Bala Satish in 2014. Both Karthik and Bala are NIT Allahabad graduates who left their corporate jobs in 2011 to start a custom merchandise platform called eSparsha, that manufactured customized T-shirts for various corporate and college events etc. Later the founder duo jumped into the e-commerce segment to start My Dream Store. Speaking about the founders,

  • My Dream Store CEO, Karthik Venkat, is an experienced founder with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. He is quite adequately skilled in fields like sales, strategic planning, building & running teams. He is also an Expert Facebook advertiser!
  • Co-founder Bala Satish, who is currently operating as the COO of My Dream Store  is motivated to build the best sales accelerator platform to ideally help the creators and micro brands sell their products with an awesome team which he is aiming to create.

How was My Dream Store Started

Although the E-Sparsha platform that Karthik and Bala launched after quitting their jobs had established itself as a reliable service provider for custom merchandising, the idea to explore the e-commerce market caught the attention of the duo, which led to the launch of My Dream Store in 2014.

Regarding the initial phase of My Dream Store, Karthik quoted, “The initial phase was relatively easy as we had already built a strong vendor network from E-Sparsha. However, getting into the online space and running an E-commerce portal was a different ball game altogether.”

While dealing with online marketing, entrepreneurs have to deal with several intricacies to strengthen the strategic pillars and optimize their business operations. The Beta version of My Dream Store was built in September 2014. Since then My Dream Store is on to minimize the risk of over-burdening inventory by giving sellers access to the upbeat scalable technology, efficient and risk-free inventory management, optimized operations, well-defined product, and seamless marketing strategy.

My Dream Store - Startup Challenges

My Dream Store is essentially based on a ‘bring-your-customer’ model where sellers have to promote their products to the right Target audience. However, there is extremely low awareness among the sellers about modern online advertising tools like Facebook Advertising, Google Advertising, etc. To counter this, My Dream Store created learning programs on their platform for the sellers through online course-ware which is called the ‘My Dream Store University’ and Webinars. This initiative by the company helped the sellers in improving the success rates of the campaigns.

Apart from the My Dream Store University, to overcome various other common challenges faced by startups, My Dream Store has made quite a few efforts towards community engagement:

  • Campaigner Connect – This is a closed group created to build a network where the buyers and sellers can easily communicate with the community managers and solve any hurdles that arise on the way
  • Google Hangout – This creative store has regular hangout sessions where every member of the community communicates with their existing and potential buyers and sellers to make the experience smoother
  • Open door policy – My Dream Store invites young designers and aspiring entrepreneurs on a pretty regular basis to their office to interact and motivate them to join the platform.

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My Dream Store - Business Model and Revenue Model

The revenue model of My Dream Store seems quite simple. It charges a standard fee per unit which is based on the type of the product and printing requirements. This fee includes everything ranging from manufacturing cost, packaging, to delivery, handling charges and profit margins.

My Dream Store - Funding and Investors

In 2015, My Dream Store received an angel investment of US$300k.

My Dream Store - Growth

  • More than 820,000 visitors
  • More than 9,000 registered sellers
  • Delivered products to more than 150,000 customers across India
  • Sales average crossing a 100% margin
  • A team of 45 employees
  • Extended its services to Bengaluru, New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and Kolkata.
  • Conducts 30,000 transactions per month on an average

    Moving further, My Dream Store aims to venture into more product categories like Posters, Tote bags, Stickers, etc, thus opening up new opportunities for itself and its partners.
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