Everything You Need to Know about ITR E-filing 2.0 - New ITR Filing Website

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Jun 9, 2021 4 min read
Everything You Need to Know about ITR E-filing 2.0 - New ITR Filing Website

The Income Tax Department of India has launched a new website that would help in the e-filing of tax returns. The new website has been updated with a lot of exciting features. Let’s look at these features, and all the other details of the new website launched by the Income Tax Department.

ITR E-filing website – Latest News
New Features of the ITR Filing Website
New Tax Payment System
Announcement of the New ITR Filing Portal

ITR E-filing website – Latest News

The new e-filing website was launched by the Income tax Department on 7 June 2021. This website packs in several interesting features and details that are expected to make the Income Tax returns process more smoother and faster.

The website can be accessed at www.incometax.gov.in

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New Features of the ITR Filing Website

The website that has been launched recently, has been updated with numerous brand new features. One of the major updates is that the website will let you pay the online tax payment through multiple payment options, which include UPI, net banking, credit card, RTGS, or NEFT. This can be paid through any account from any bank of the taxpayer and this feature will make the payment process much easier.

On 5 June 2021, the Ministry of Finance had issued a press statement that contained the list of new features and the changes that were being adapted on the new website which was going to be launched.

  • The new taxpayer portal is integrated with an immediate processing of Income Tax Returns which will help in issuing quick refunds to the taxpayers.
  • In order to make the follow up action easier, all the pending payments and uploads will be available on a single dashboard for the tax payers.
  • A free of cost software for preparing the Income Tax Returns will be available for the taxpayers with interactive questions to help the taxpayers in the ITR filing. The facility for preparation of ITRs 1 and 4 is available online and offline, ITR 2 is available offline for the beginning stage and the preparation for 3,5,6,7 is expected to be available soon.
  • The taxpayers will have an option to proactively update their profile by providing certain details of income which include the house property, salary, business or profession, which will be used in the pre-filing of the Income Tax Returns.
  • The detailed pre-filling of salary income, interest, dividend and capital gains is expected to be enabled and will be available only after the TDS and SFT statements are uploaded and the due date for the upload is 30 June 2021.
  • A new call center will be set for the assistance of the taxpayers to respond to their queries immediately. There will also be a provision of FAQs, User Manuals, chatbots, live agents and also videos.
  • There will also be the availability of functionalities for filing Income Tax Forms, submit responses to Notices in Faceless Scrutiny or appeals and to add tax professionals.
New ITR filing website
New ITR filing website

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New Tax Payment System

The New Tax Payment system is announced to be launched on 18 June 2021, which is after the due date of the Advance Tax installment. This will avoid any inconvenience for the taxpayers. The ministry has also announced that they will be releasing a mobile application subsequent to the launch of the new portal in order to help the taxpayers get used to the new features.

Announcement of the New ITR Filing Portal

The Income Tax Department had announced about the new portal to all the existing tax payers by sending a text message to their registered numbers. The message conveyed the news of the launch of the new e-filing portal along with the the date of launch, 7 June, 2021, and the link of the new portal.


The existing portal that is the older version was not available for the taxpayers for 6 days from 1 June 2021 to 6 June 2021 ahead of the launch of the new portal. The Central Board of Direct Taxes had asked all the taxpayers to complete all their tasks before the 1st of June in order to avoid any difficulty during that period.


Is Income tax new site launched?

Yes, the new  ITR filing website is launched and you can visit it on www.incometax.gov.in.

What is the new Income tax portal?

The new income tax portal is integrated with immediate processing of Income Tax Returns (ITRs) to issue quick refunds to taxpayers, and all interactions and uploads or pending actions will be displayed on a single dashboard

What is e-filing portal?

The e-filing portal is used by taxpayers to file their income tax returns (ITRs) and also to raise complaints seeking refunds.

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