Summer Heat Spurs Surge in Alkaline Water Purifier Demand

Summer Heat Spurs Surge in Alkaline Water Purifier Demand
Summer Heat Spurs Surge in Alkaline Water Purifier Demand

With summer here, the blazing heat has already hit Delhi, reaching the highest maximum temperature in April at 38 degrees Celsius. To keep cool and hydrated, people are rushing to get water purifiers. They are making sure to stay refreshed and healthy in this scorching weather.

Moreover, with the rise in sales of water purifiers, there is a perceptible shift towards alkaline water purifiers, driven by the increasing awareness of the benefits they offer over traditional RO purifiers. Unlike RO purifiers, which may strip essential minerals from water, alkaline water purifiers maintain these minerals, providing a healthier hydration option.

Recent researches has highlighted the numerous benefits of alkaline water. Studies suggest that alkaline water may enhance hydration, improve digestion, and even support the immune system. Nobel laureate Dr. Otto Warburg's research indicates that alkaline water can facilitate better oxygen absorption in the body, potentially warding off diseases.

In line with this growing trend, DAEWOO, a leading Korean brand, has unveiled its latest innovation - the First Commercial Alkaline Water Machine and Domestic Alkaline Water Machine. This cutting-edge product combines alkaline water technology with RO, UV, and UF filtration, ensuring a comprehensive solution for commercial settings.

With features such as Antioxidant, Alkalinization, and UV-Radiation, DAEWOO's Alkaline Water Machines offer more than just clean drinking water. They promise potential health benefits, including improved digestion, skin rejuvenation, and immune system support.

Mr. H S Bhatia, Managing Director of Kelwon Electronics & Appliances Pvt Ltd, DAEWOO's manufacturing partner in India, emphasized the importance of employee well-being, especially in corporate environments. He noted that while many individuals are adopting alkaline water for home use, there's a gap in access during working hours. DAEWOO's Commercial Alkaline Water Machine aims to bridge this gap, providing a consistent supply of high-quality alkaline water in workplaces, thereby prioritizing employee health and productivity.

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