Cignels Revolutionizes Travel Connectivity to the USA for Indian Students and Tourists

Cignels Revolutionizes Travel Connectivity to the USA for Indian Students and Tourists
Cignels Revolutionizes Travel Connectivity to the USA for Indian Students and Tourists

April 15, 2024, Mumbai: Cignels, a mobile network operator in America, announces a groundbreaking solution for Indian travelers visiting the United States of America, offering a special discounted rate of USD 12 per month with unlimited data. The company, Co-founded by an alumnus of Mumbai University, provides an innovative solution to students and tourists in acquiring a US phone number from the comfort of their homes.

What sets Cignels apart is their modern approach which ensures travelers can activate their US number with one click on the link that is delivered to them on their email, eliminating the need to immediately rush to purchase a physical SIM card upon landing. Powered by a major USA cellular carrier and backed by the esteemed University of Massachusetts, Cignels provides reliable connectivity and hassle-free experience to their customers.

The partnership with the University of Massachusetts underscores our commitment to reliability and credibility in providing seamless connectivity for Indian travelers visiting the USA. We started this company to address common pain points faced by many travellers. With our innovative e-SIM service, we eliminate these challenges by offering easy-to-install and activated eSIM cards," said Aakash Kolekar, Co-Founder of Cignels. " Our goal is to simplify the travel experience, especially for students, by offering unlimited data and texts at a flat rate, ensuring their connectivity needs are met without any extra costs."

Cignel's e-SIM network offers higher data speeds, resilience, and reliability, ensuring a lag-free network experience. The service provides nationwide coverage, empowering customers with operational e-SIMs upon landing in the US. The unlimited data and text plan caters specifically to students and travelers, making it an ideal companion for their journey abroad and that too at a reasonable price.

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