Discover Enersyst Power Saver Card, the Next Evolution in Energy Efficiency

Discover Enersyst Power Saver Card, the Next Evolution in Energy Efficiency
Enersyst Power Saver Card, Designed to Reduce Electricity Bills by up to 20%

Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh) [India], May 30: Infinity Prime Media Private Limited has launched its latest innovation, the ENERSYST power saver card. This card is designed to reduce electricity bills by up to 20% for both households and commercial establishments. Nipun Khandelwal, the man behind this initiative, aims to make energy efficiency both accessible and affordable.

Nipun Khandelwal, founder of Enersyst and a veteran of the advertising industry with over twenty years of experience, has previously held the position of director at Topline Print Media Pvt. Ltd. His educational background at Delhi University has equipped him with substantial insights into the advertising and marketing sectors, which he has adeptly applied to his latest venture, launched in 2022.

The new product, Enersyst, is unique because of its integration of advanced technologies from American and German engineering, ensuring reliability and efficiency. The highlight of the power saver card is its Terahertz chip technology, which optimizes electrical current flow, thus minimising wastage and maximising usage without disrupting the power supply.

"The installation of the ENERSYST card is designed to be user-friendly and can be completed in three simple steps," explained Khandelwal. "Users just need to take the card, remove the release paper, and place it near the MCB switches. It’s designed to integrate seamlessly into any electrical system."

The card has passed stringent testing and received a compliance certificate from a government-approved lab, underscoring its efficacy and safety. Additionally, Enersyst is creating expansive opportunities for dealers, distributors, and social media influencers through a rewarding affiliate program.

The product targets middle and upper-middle-class families for direct-to-consumer sales and aims to build robust relationships with electrical dealers or distributors for B2B transactions. Enersyst is committed to its mission of redefining energy efficiency standards and making sustainable living a practical option for everyone.

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