Bridging Online and Offline: How Finndit Connects Digital Presence to Physical Stores

Bridging Online and Offline: How Finndit Connects Digital Presence to Physical Stores
How Finndit Connects Digital Presence to Physical Stores

New Delhi (India), April 17: In today's digital age, the importance to include businesses on local search engines has never been more evident. Finndit stands out as a prime example, functioning not merely as a typical search engine but as a facilitator of community connections. This platform seamlessly integrates user-generated content, empowering locals to exchange recommendations, announce events, and share valuable insights. What is even more interesting is the need to keep working on physical brick-and-mortar stores. India is still largely a consumer market which is highly unorganized.

The local family-owned stores, shops, and other MSMEs lack a digital presence but have a strong foothold in the physical world. They are generally operational in local areas with permanent customers. Taking a digital view forward, they can leverage their supply chain and local connections to go national by establishing a digital identity. That is where a firm like Finndit enters the equation. It can list the services, timings, address, website, and contact info of any small store online so that more people can find it easily using digital means.

How Does Finndit Help Physical Stores?

Finndit caters to a user base of millions of users. They can easily locate the store along with its details to get in touch. With this, they can inquire about the services or products with every seller. It will lead to the shop owners getting an opportunity to invite new customers to their shops, increasing the footfall severely.

Finndit can also guide local businesses to display their products and services on digital platform in the best possible way. This includes attractive images, videos, website with all the services clearly mentioned. Furthermore, they can add other details about the working hours, email address, and phone numbers.

Finally, the platform can also help these small and medium business enterprises fetch reviews and ratings from customers. Having this improves the credibility of a website or business listing. That further draws more people in. All these aspects ensure a strong connection between the physical and digital identities of any business.

Success Stories

Consider the example of a local gym owner. He had an established premise and was a well-known entity in his local area. However, after listing his business on Finndit, he experienced a huge increase in the number of interested people to join his gym. In fact, the users got to know about his establishment via Finndit and even had promo codes which enabled them to avail huge discounts in the membership. He was able to get new customers. Hence, it was a win-win situation for both parties.

This is a common practice in this digital era. New companies often incentivize the online users to interact with their products and services. Once they gain some reward points, they can trade them off against actual products as discounts upon visiting the physical stores.

Future of Retail with Finndit

You must’ve come across words like AI, AR, VR, Metaverse thrown around a lot in the last couple of years. Well, these could be used extensively in enhancing the user experience in the world of retail. Using Augmented Reality, for instance, users can virtually visit stores and try things in almost real-life conditions. Hence, their experience is greatly enhanced while their lives become a lot more comfortable.

Finndit offers a lot to business owners to connect their physical stores with their digital identity. Going forward, that will give the local shops an advantage and opportunity to lure new customers in using digital tools.

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