Seasoned Crime Fiction Author Kumar Kinshuk Turns a Historic Page with The Indian Emergency

Seasoned Crime Fiction Author Kumar Kinshuk Turns a Historic Page with The Indian Emergency
Kumar Kinshuk Turns a Historic Page With His Latest Novel, The Indian Emergency

New Delhi [India], May 21: While mythological fiction is doled out in generous quantities in the Indian publishing scene, it is rare to come across historical fiction, especially if it is set in the recent past. Kumar Kinshuk’s latest novel “The Indian Emergency” is a welcome addition to the latter, dealing with a time that is much too politicized and too less explored from a neutral perspective.

Kinshuk’s latest release takes readers back to a tumultuous period in India’s history—the 1975 Emergency. Set against the backdrop of political upheaval, the novel explores the trials faced by four ordinary men during those challenging times. Today, it’s easy to see how tough times and communal comments can divide people, but in stark contrast, Kumar Kinshuk writes of a time when turbulent events brought people of different social, economic, and religious backgrounds together for a common cause – safeguarding the country’s democratic spirit.

Through vivid storytelling, Kinshuk paints a poignant picture of personal struggles, resilience, and survival. As readers immerse themselves in the lives of the characters, they witness the interplay of power, resistance, and hope. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or simply love a well-crafted tale, “The Indian Emergency” promises an unforgettable reading experience.

This is not his first rodeo in publishing. The management and marketing professional turned to writing years ago and has penned children’s fiction, mystery, thriller and crime fiction. Avid readers would be aware of his gripping series titled “The Kanke Killings.” Two standout titles from this series are “Ritualistic Murder” and “Two Indian Girls.” These books delve into the dark corners of crime fiction, where detectives unravel puzzling cases, and secrets lurk behind every shadow. Kinshuk’s ability to create compelling characters and maintain suspense throughout the series has garnered him a dedicated fan base.

Beyond his literary pursuits, Kumar Kinshuk expresses his creativity in various forms. His passion for photography and Urdu poetry finds an outlet alongside his writing. In fact, a reader of “The Indian Emergency” can catch a glimpse of his poetry through the words of a character in the book. Additionally, his kitchen garden reflects his love for nature—a refreshing contrast to the dark mysteries he spins in his novels. Based in Kolkata, Kinshuk’s community involvement enriches his storytelling, infusing authenticity into his works. A glimpse of the artist behind the pen can be found on his website.

Kumar Kinshuk’s novels offer a thrilling escape into the world of crime fiction and historical intrigue. Whether you’re solving mysteries alongside detectives or reliving India’s past, his storytelling prowess ensures an enthralling journey for readers. So, grab one of his books and prepare to be captivated!

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