Let’s Game Now Secures INR 1.4 Crore Investment, Driving Growth in India’s Gaming Industry

Let’s Game Now Secures INR 1.4 Crore Investment, Driving Growth in India’s Gaming Industry
Let’s Game Now Secures INR 1.4 Crore Investment, Driving Growth in India’s Gaming Industry

“Educational games represent an effective means for gaining knowledge and are set to shape the future” Santanu Basu, Founder, Let’s Game Now.

Let’s Game Now is an online gaming portal started by a group of regular gamers who decided to conduct online tournaments for other gamers like them. The portal hosts free and paid regular online tournaments for Valorant (solo and squad), Call of Duty Mobile (Squad), Dota 2 (solo mid and team), and many other games. Let’s Game Now is one of the fastest-growing gaming portals in India. The online gaming industry in India is growing at a breakneck speed, expecting to generate revenue of ₹11,900 crore by the financial year 2023, growing at a CAGR of 22%. Gaming has lately come of age in India, becoming a mainstream sporting event, especially for the young. Once dismissed as unproductive by many, gaming is now slowly being perceived as a full-blown career option. Once you play innovative games, you will crave a better experience with more thrill and fun.

Let's Game Now embarked on its venture in 2013 alongside Asia's longest-running E-sports football tournament, AFGC, which spans across 18 countries. In 2019, they proudly hosted the Virtual Bundesliga Indian Edition and Roland Garros. It was in the same year, 2019, that Let's Game Now came into existence, driven by the desire to expand their gaming offerings and welcome more passionate gamers to join in their journey. They introduced India’s first AI software integrated with the platform that enables the users to review their own gameplay. The platform enabled the creation of highlight reels to share the best moments with friends and followers and share their match analysis with friends, coaches, or anyone in the world. A player can now review their performance by going through the recording or watching the highlights. Artificial intelligence-based recommendations further improved this offering.

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Right now, the Indian gaming ecosystem is not as developed as it should have been. But it's growing very fast because India has a lot of its own unique set of variables that impact the gaming industry. Virtual reality and AI are making strides today giving new sets of experiences. The whole gaming ecosystem is now being developed and it will soon explode. The gaming industry in India has benefited a lot from growing smartphone penetration and the availability of 4G speeds. But this is only the first step for serious gamers.

After being established in Industry, Let’s Game Now has forayed into Game-based learning. Game-based learning represents a pioneering and innovative approach that leverages computer games to provide educational benefits through various software applications.

Santanu Basu, Founder and CEO, Let’s Game Now
Santanu Basu, Founder and CEO, Let’s Game Now
“We were already providing game recording and highlights, a novel addition to the industry. We successfully integrated this feature into our educational games. Educational games are an effective means of acquiring new and intricate concepts. With the rise of online learning and smart schools, this facet of online gaming is poised for substantial growth” says Santanu Basu, Founder and CEO of Let’s Game Now.

Santanu, himself an avid gamer, through his business acumen, is driving innovation in the company. Considering the aspirations of the Company there was a need to have good management oversight and strategic guidance. To fulfil this need, Santanu has built a good team of Industry and Technology experts.

Learning through games leads to a deeper understanding of the subject matter. It helps learners to process information more effectively and retain it for a longer period. Educational games that encourage collaboration allow students and teams to work together, making them appreciate the values of teamwork and cooperation. Let’s Game Now is on the cusp of expansion, driven by the promising future of educational games.

While Let’s Game Now spearheads the educational gaming revolution, their journey is enriched by Shuru-Up's strategic support. Shuru-Up's digital platform has been instrumental in raising vital funds, fueling the promise of growth within the gaming industry. The company recently secured an investment of approximately INR 1.4 crore (USD 190,000) via Shuru-Up's digital platform, underlining their confidence in Let’s Game Now's potential.

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