Meito Bubble Tea Makes a Splash in India, Seeks Area Developers to Fuel Expansion

Meito Bubble Tea Makes a Splash in India, Seeks Area Developers to Fuel Expansion
Meito Bubble Tea Expands into India, Seeking Area Developers for Growth

Munich, Germany, May 11, 2024: Meito Bubble Tea & Coffee, a leading global brand renowned for its innovative beverage offers, is thrilled to announce its expansion into India. With a mission to spread joy and flavour across the globe, Meito Bubble Tea is now seeking Area Developers to join its growing family and bring the ultimate bubble tea experience to communities throughout India.

The company´s foray into the Indian market marks a significant milestone in its global growth strategy. Meito Bubble Tea is knows for its commitment to excellence, offering a diverse range of flavours and toppings that appeal to tea enthusiasts of all ages.

To kick off its expansion efforts in India, Meito Bubble Tea will be hosting 2 Group Sessions and exclusive 1-to-1 meetings with potential Area Developers, Entrepreneurs and franchisees in Chennai. The event will take place on May 15th 2024, at The Raintree Hotel St. Mary´s Road. This event presents a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors to learn more about the Meito Bubble Tea brand and explore partnership opportunities.

“We are thrilled to bring the Meito Bubble Tea experience to India and are excited to partner with passionate individuals who share our vision for growth and innovation”, said Ben Goetze, Late Founder & Director at Meito Bubble Tea. “Our expansion into India represents an exciting chapter for our brand, and we are confident that with the right partners, we can make a significant impact in the market” adds Ben Goetze.

Prospective Area Developers and Entrepreneurs interested in meeting with the Meito Bubble Tea team are encouraged to schedule appointments in advance by contacting A. Jeevandas, Country Manager India at Meito Bubble Tea on +91 93636 88590, since spaces are limited and just a few left.

About Meito Bubble Tea

Meito Bubble Tea is a global leader in the beverage industry, offering a diverse range of innovative and flavorful bubble tea options. With a commitment to quality, creativity, and community, Meito Bubble Tea aims to spread joy and happiness through every sip. The brand´s unique offerings and dedication to excellence have made it a favorite among tea and coffee enthusiasts worldwide.

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