Outlast Labz USA Launches in India, Offering Premium Fitness Supplements

Outlast Labz USA Launches in India, Offering Premium Fitness Supplements
Outlast Labz USA Launches in India

New Delhi (India), April 17:  Outlast Labz USA has officially launched its operations in India, aiming to dominate the global market. The USA-born brand, founded in 2020, is set to redefine the nutritional supplement industry in India.

At a time when health and wellness are paramount, Outlast Labz is expanding its products to cater to the increasing demands of India’s fitness enthusiasts.

“We are excited to introduce our high-quality, briefly crafted supplements to the Indian market. Our products are designed to support the fitness journeys of athletes like Lewis Harrison, Jon Paul and Annie K Vermeulen, gym lovers, and anyone aspiring to a healthy lifestyle,” said Mr Atwal.

The brand promotes 100% Pure Protein Powder, BCAA, Pre-Workout, Mass Gainer, and Wellness Supplements—all manufactured to the highest standards without gluten, soy, fillers, additives, or banned substances.

Outlast Labz Range Offers:

  • Pre-Workout Supplements: Designed to energise and enhance performance.
  • BCAA: Supports muscle recovery and growth for peak performance.
  • Protein Powders and Isolates: Engineered for optimal Muscle Recovery.
  • Mass Gainers: Formulated for muscle gain and healthy weight management.
  • Wellness Products: Crafted to fortify overall health and vitality.

Additionally, Outlast Labz offers exclusive gym gear, including stylishly designed shakers in white, sea green, and black, perfect for fitness enthusiasts.

“Our dedication to delivering superior products is only matched by our commitment to enhancing the customer experience,” Outlast Labz CEO emphasised. “Outlast Labz is not just a supplement provider; we are your partners in your fitness journey, ensuring your satisfaction every step of the way.”

The introduction of Outlast Labz to the Indian market signifies a major development in pursuing health and wellness nationwide. With its dedication to purity, quality, and customer satisfaction, Outlast Labz is set to become a leading force in India's supplement space.

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