Torchbearers Inc. – Witness The Talk Series’ First Episode With Harsh Jain and Abhinav Bindra

Torchbearers Inc. – Witness The Talk Series’ First Episode With Harsh Jain and Abhinav Bindra

The two journeys that are challenging and risky to take up but can lead to amazing results include being an entrepreneur and an Olympian. These two seem like diverse fields but are actually quite similar.

When a startup emerges, all we see is its entrepreneur’s successful face. Similarly, when we see Olympians winning medals for their nations, all we see is them in their perfect prime.

But there is a lot that goes behind these journeys. Both the roads are packed with competition, polishing skills, long practice and working sessions, strict routine, economic obstacles, etc.

Torchbearers Inc. is a talk series presented by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in association with NeoNiche which has emerged in the light of honoring these two torchbearers of the new era. YourStory is the media partner and TiE Mumbai and StartupTalky are the ecosystem partners.

What is Torchbearer Inc.?
Host for The Talk Series
The Entrepreneurs and Olympians Most Likely to Appear for The Conversation
The First Episode – The Winning Way

What is Torchbearer Inc.?

It is an initiative that is bringing the ultimate combination of torchbearers of the society – India’s leading entrepreneurs and Olympic contenders.

For the first time ever, these two will share a stage together. The talk series will have multiple episodes that will take you on a rollercoaster ride of their journeys.

Every episode will inspire you with the skills, ability, and finesse of the Olympians and Entrepreneurs. You will also get to witness the journeys behind their defeats, achievements, pursuance, goals, and more.

Host for The Talk Series

Shayamal Vallabhjee - Torchbearers Inc. Host

Shayamal Vallabhjee will be hosting all the episodes of the talk series. He is a Performance Mindset Coach Psychologist, Host, Author, Podcaster, Sports Scientist, and a TEDx Speaker. His great experience with athletes and corporate executives over the years is sure to make the conversations thought-provoking, inspiring, and engaging.

The Entrepreneurs and Olympians Most Likely to Appear for The Conversation

The Entrepreneurs - Torchbearer Inc.

The Entrepreneurs:

  • Harsh Jain – CEO and Co-founder of Dream11 and Dream Sports
  • Kunal Shah – Founder of CRED
  • Anchit Nayar – CEO of Beauty E-commerce at Nykaa
The Olympians - Torchbearers Inc.

The Olympians:

  • Abhinav Bindra – Indian Olympic Gold Medallist in Shooting
  • Deepa Malik – Paralympics Silver Medallist in Shot put
  • Mahesh Bhupati – Indian Former Doubles World no.1 Tennis player
  • Manika Batra – Olympic Contender for Table Tennis

The First Episode – The Winning Way

The first episode of the talk series is set to release on the 11th of May 2022. The duration of it shall be of an hour between 4.00 PM – 5.00 PM (IST).

The conversation for the very first episode will involve the host, Shayamal Vallabhjee, and the Panelists, Harsh Jain, and Abhinav Bindra.


It is now time for the audience to witness this amazing thought-provoking conversation and dive deep into the mindset and journeys of these torchbearers of the new generation. Watch the first episode on 11th May 2022, Wednesday by registering yourself on Torchbearer Inc.’s website.

The next episodes are scheduled to take place on 9TH June, 9th August, and 12th October 2022, respectively.

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