Varco Leg Care Secures $0.5 Million Seed Funding Led by Sunicon Maiden Fund

Varco Leg Care Secures $0.5 Million Seed Funding Led by Sunicon Maiden Fund
Varco Leg Care Secures $0.5 Million Seed Funding Led by Sunicon Maiden Fund
  • The funds will be used to grow R&D, marketing and offline presence.
  • The company’s valuation has grown by 2x in the past 10 months.

16th April 2024, National: New Delhi-based Varco Leg Care, the world’s first dedicated leg care brand, has raised a cumulative of US$ 0.5 Million (over INR 4.5 Cr) in seed funding while doubling its valuation within a span of only 10 months. The recently concluded seed round was led by Sunicon Maiden Fund, an early-stage venture fund curated by Sunicon Ventures.

Varco Leg Care will be utilizing the newly acquired seed capital to strategically bolster capabilities across various fronts, which include enhancing offline touchpoints, advancing research and development (R&D) initiatives, and scaling and optimizing marketing efforts. Additionally, the company would be allocating significant funds and resources in the near future towards enhancing its credibility furthermore with expansion of its existing IP portfolio (4 patents have been filed by Varco till date), as well as publishing its in-house conducted clinical studies’ findings in various reputable medical journals.

Speaking about the latest fundraise, Anondeep Ganguly, CEO, Varco Leg Care said, “We are elated to announce our seed fundraise led by Sunicon Maiden Fund, signifying their strong vote of confidence in Varco’s groundbreaking approach to leg health management. This capital infusion serves as a major milestone in our growth journey; it not just propels us in boosting our customer base, supply chain and offline visibility, but will also be playing a pivotal role in advancing our steadfast commitment to presenting robust clinical evidence-based research and solutions. We are not only emphasizing and focusing on extensive clinical trials but also leveraging a pioneering low-friction technology to establish and validate that evidence. Going ahead, as we grow and scale exponentially and remain committed to delivering superlative leg health solutions, we shall continue placing the needs of our valued customers at the heart of our R&D initiatives”.

Saloni Jain, Founding Partner, Sunicon Ventures said, “We are proud to back Varco Leg Care, India’s first digital-native consumer healthcare brand revolutionizing leg care. With a team boasting 30 years of research and a strong IP portfolio, Varco is set to transform diabetic foot and varicose vein treatment. We at Sunicon are excited to support Varco’s mission in reshaping healthcare accessibility and outcomes across India”.

As a digital-native consumer healthcare brand, Varco Leg Care has witnessed phenomenal growth of late, with a staggering 110 per cent increase in the brand’s revenue over the past one year. The credit for such remarkable growth can be majorly attributed to the introduction of Varco’s flagship low-friction self-care technology, which enables users to actively self-diagnose their leg health, enhances personalized recommendations and improves treatment adherence for consumers.

With a 42 per cent customer retention rate, Varco Leg Care has successfully earned the trust of consumers across India and the world. Since its inception in 2022, Varco has served more than 5 lakh customers, and expanded its presence to 3000+ medical stores across Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, and other Indian cities. Their products have already gained traction in Walmart USA, and are available pan-India at organized retail outlets such as Guardian Pharmacy, Noble Plus, Wellness Forever, and others. Whereas on the online front, Varco Leg Care sells its products through its own website, as well as via marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, 1MG, etc.

About Varco Leg Care

Varco Leg Care is the world’s first leg care dedicated brand, committed to revolutionizing leg health management through innovative digital solutions. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and clinical expertise, we empower individuals to take control of their leg health, promoting early intervention and proactive self-care.

Poised to lead globally in leg care, Varco has created a wide range of leg care products that address the end-to-end leg health needs of customers worldwide. Our high-quality, science-backed products target leg health issues like varicose veins, diabetic foot, foot ulcer, restless leg syndrome, and so on. We have also launched the world's first artificial intelligence-powered leg health test, which harnesses the power of AI and neural algorithms to provide users with unprecedented levels of personalization in addressing their existing leg health conditions.

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