Nothing Business model | How does Nothing makes money?

Abinaya Arangarajan Abinaya Arangarajan
Sep 11, 2021 5 min read
Nothing Business model | How does Nothing makes money?

In the world of technology, we came far from bringing light to the world to brighten our life. Technology played a crucial role in everyoneโ€™s life, as it brought effortless connectivity between individuals. Besides, improving the world in such a way, anything can be possible with the help of technology.

For instance, this ongoing pandemic indeed proved that technology is the sole way to connect people from far distances. On the other hand, companies are combating each other to manifest who has ingenious technology and designing products in order to make peopleโ€™s lives better than usual. Thatโ€™s where Carl Pei, CEO of OnePlus commenced his next move in inaugurating his consumer technology company- Nothing. The company set an aim to eliminate the hurdles between people and technology.

In simple words, Nothing is built to generate a seamless and intuitive technology for people without any barriers such as poor connectivity, quality, price etc. Some companies urge us to improve peopleโ€™s lives by generating innovative products, for example, designing virtual connectivity really helped us in some way or the other in this pandemic. But, Nothing wanted the people to experience not only consumer electronics but also in life by ameliorating a seamless digital future.

Where Does Nothing Operate?
Products & Services of Nothing
Target Audience of Nothing
Business Model of Nothing
What is Unique about the Business Model of Nothing

Where Does Nothing Operate?

Carl Pie, the founder of Nothing and Ex Co-founder of OnePlus, invested his idea in developing technology starting in 2020.

Nothingโ€™s is a London-based consumer technology company. Therefore, Nothing is operable all over the world with a goal to enhance a seamless digital future for people.

Products & Services of Nothing

Generally, Nothing is established to eliminate barriers between people and technology. Moreover, the founder of Nothing already mentioned that the companyโ€™s main purpose is to create an ecosystem of products, whereby one device communicates to another.

As of now, on 27th July 2021, Nothing has released its very own first product- Ear (1) which bestows a raw beauty of innovation in experiencing real and pure sound.

Nothing ear (1)
Nothing ear (1)

After, Nothing first ever release, the company is planning to release products across multiple categories, keeping in mind that it should be an ecosystem of devices as well as play a vital part in improving the digital world in the future.

Target Audience of Nothing

Nothing only aim is to bestow a seamless digital future to the people, whose lives depend on the digital world, because technology is omnipresent.

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Business Model of Nothing

Nothing is built to ensure impeccable technology services to the people with the goal to eliminate the barriers faced by the individuals with the technology. Carl Pei proclaimed his next venture- Nothing after parting ways with OnePlus in October 2020.

The company raised its fund around 7 million dollars from various capital ventures such as Kevin Lin, Tony Fadell, Paddy Cosgrave, Kunal Shah, Casey Neistat, Tony Fadell and Steve Huffman.

Nothing opened investment opportunities to the community, the amount to invest is estimated at 1.5 million dollars and one community member will be selected to Nothing Board of Directors. The company recently raises 15 million dollar funding in a Series A round led by Google venture.

What is Unique about the Business Model of Nothing

Nothing is established to create a free flow of technology between people. The company planned to release products across multiple categories covering all the technology devices.

Besides, Nothing has promulgated its new release- Ear(1) where it weighs around 4.7 grams and is considered Ultra-light in weight. The deviceโ€™s sound is developed by the Teenage engineering community, with an 11.6mm speaker driver designed in it. The Ear (1) is estimated to function up to 34 hours of listening and comes at 6000 rupees.

The company is veil about other products which are in the line of release, so until then Nothing is progressing in generating a seamless digital world in the future.

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Nothing, with the launch of its first product Ear(1) had gained the attention of people around the globe for its unique model. The Wireless Bluetooth earbuds sector has a lot of competitors like Appleโ€™s AirPods, Samsung Galaxy Buds, OnePlus Buds, etc but Ear(1) has made to stand out with the design which isnโ€™t similar to any other wireless earbuds available in the market and the exceptional specifications for this price range.

Carl Pei was one integral part of the success of OnePlus and with Nothing similar results can be seen with Carl Pei bringing his customers the best of artistically created consumer technology products.

Even though the company has released only one product after its incorporation last year, Nothing is aiming to prove that their services are gonna bring a unique lifestyle in the upcoming years by releasing sui generis smart devices, which you wonโ€™t even find in any other market in the world.


What is Nothing?

Nothing is a London based startup company that deals in consumer technology. The company aims to remove barriers between people and technology and create products that are artistic and bring back passion and trust in the consumer technology industry. The company wants to create consumer technology products that are smart and well connected while enhancing a seamless digital world in the future.

Who is the founder of Nothing?

Nothing was founded by Carl Pei in October 2020 after he left Oneplus. Carl Pei was the co-founder of Oneplus in 2013. He implied his idea to bring a barrier-free between people and technology in 2015 and made his path towards creating a world of seamless digital and built NOTHING in 2020.

What is the net funding received by Nothing?

Nothing had raised $7 Million in a seed financing round in November 2020. Investors in Nothing include Tony Fadell, Casey Neistat, Kevin Lin, Steve Huffman, Josh Buckley and Kunal Shah(founder of CRED). Nothing had also invited users to invest in the company by making $1.5 million shares available to the general public. The company also raised $15 million in Series A funding led by Google Ventures.

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