Nothing - Consumer Electronics So Natural that it Feels Like Nothing

Chayanika Goswami Chayanika Goswami
Sep 2, 2021 6 min read
Nothing - Consumer Electronics So Natural that it Feels Like Nothing

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Remember carrying those cassette walkmans as a teenager? Well, we no longer need one, as we have mobiles now. Similar is the case of VCR and Analog TV, which too has now become obsolete. The evolution of consumer technology is not unknown. Consumer electronics products have become sleeker, comfortable, and easy to use. There are many businesses and technology experts who are working to make consumer electronics even better. Here we are featuring one such newly established startup that seems all set to make some noise in the consumer electronics industry.

The London Based Startup named ‘Nothing’ is formed with the vision to offer smart consumer electronics products that look so natural that it blends with the background, and seems like 'nothing'. Nothing’s products are made using custom-made components, which makes the products look stylish and different from the rest.

Nothing - Company Highlights

Startup Name Nothing
Headquarters London, England, United Kingdom
Industry Consumer Technology
Founder Carl Pei
Founded October 2020
Current CEO Carl Pei

About Nothing
Nothing - Name, Logo and Tagline
Nothing - Founders and History
Nothing - Mission and Vision
Nothing - Business Model
Nothing - Funding and Investors
Nothing - Acquisitions
Nothing - Future Plans
Nothing - FAQs

About Nothing

Nothing was founded in October 2020 by ex-OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei with a mission is to remove barriers between people and technology, to create a seamless digital future. The company wants to come up with consumer electronics products that are beautiful, look very natural, and can be used comfortably and effortlessly.

Nothing’s first product, Bluetooth wireless earbuds ‘Nothing ear (1)’, is ready to hit the market worldwide on 31st August 2021. Nothing has partnered with Flipkart to launch ‘ear (1)’ in India. Starting 17th August 2021, one can pre-order ‘ear (1)’ at Flipkart. ‘ear (1)’ comes with attractive features like state-of-the-art noise cancellation, 3 high definition mics, and clear voice technology that ensures that calls via these earbuds are loud and clear. Besides, earbuds are sweat and water splash resistant. If you are someone who often misplaces your earbuds and wastes time looking for them, you can easily find your earbuds through the ‘Find My Earbud’ option in the ear (1) App. Nothing ear (1) come with a beautiful transparent design.

Nothing ear(1)

Nothing plans to come up with a wide range of products in different categories in near future. All the products will be designed considering the following principles -

  1. Weightless: The products will not have anything unnecessary. Nothing’s products will only have those features or qualities that will enhance the user experience.
  2. Effortless: The products will be easy to use. Nothing ensures seamless interaction between the product and the consumer.
  3. Timeless: The designs will be closer to nature and timeless.

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Nothing - Name and Logo

Nothing plans to introduce consumer electronics products that are simple. The products should look so natural that it blends into the backdrop and seems unnoticeable or ‘nothing’. The company’s name is inspired by this very philosophy.

Nothing's Company Logo
Nothing's Company Logo

Nothing - Founder

Ex OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei founded Nothing in October 2020.

Carl Pei - Founder of Nothing
Carl Pei - Founder of Nothing

Carl Pei is a dropout from Stockholm School Of Economics. He worked as an International Markets Manager with consumer electronics company OPPO, before launching his own consumer electronics brand OnePlus in December 2013.

Nothing - Mission and Vision

As Carl Pei says, “Nothing’s mission is to remove barriers between people and technology to create a seamless digital future. We believe that the best technology is beautiful, yet natural and intuitive to use. When sufficiently advanced, it should fade into the background and feel like nothing.”

Nothing - Business Model

According to Nothing co-founder Carl Pei, initially, the company will not foray into selling software, and will just focus on selling hardware. However, as indicated by Carl, in the future Nothing may sell software products as well.

Many consumer electronics brands use similar components. Thus, the products of these companies look similar. ‘Nothing’ is using custom-made components for making its products, which will surely help the company stand out from its competitors.

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Nothing - Funding and Investors

Date Round Amount Lead Investors
Mar 10, 2021 Equity Crowdfunding $1.5 Million Crowdfunding
January 2021 Series A $15 Million GV
November 2020 Seed Round $7 Million Tony Fadell, Casey Neistat, Kevin Lin, and Steve Huffman.

Nothing - Acquisitions and Partnerships

Acquiree Name About Acquiree Date Amount
Essential Essential is a mobile and home devices company focused on creating consumer technology products for the 21st century. Feb 15, 2021 -

Besides, acquiring Essential, Nothing has partnered with Swedish consumer electronics company Teenage Engineering. Nothing announced Teenage Engineering as its founding partner. The CEO of Teenage Engineering, Jesper Kouthoofd, has been appointed Nothing's creative lead. Tom Howard, the Vice Head of Design, Teenage Engineering, is operating as the Head of design at Nothing.

Pei said in a statement:

"I'm really excited to welcome Teenage Engineering to the growing Nothing family. They consist of some of the best designers and creatives that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Together, we’ve created a product roadmap that’s unique and true to Nothing’s vision."
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Nothing - Future Plans

In the future, Nothing plans to come up with more consumer electronics products under different categories, thus building an ecosystem of devices. The brand’s vision is congruent with the brand name and wants to make technology so natural that it resembles ‘ nothing’.

As Pei says, “I kind of envision a grass field with people having a picnic and there’s no screen, there’s no laptop screen, there’s no phone screen, there’s no smartwatch screen, there’s no billboard screen,” That’s the end state that Nothing aims to achieve.

Nothing - FAQs

What does Nothing do?

Nothing is a new consumer technology business based in London that aspires to eliminate barriers between technology and people to create a frictionless digital future.

Which country is Nothing based in?

Nothing is a new consumer technology business based in London.

Who founded Nothing?

Nothing was founded by Carl Pei in October 2020.

What's the first product of Nothing?

Nothing's first product is ear(1), a set of wireless earbuds that can be purchased from Flipkart.

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