List of Chinese Companies in India | Top 12 Chinese Brands in India

Pooja Uniyal Pooja Uniyal
Mar 15, 2022 6 min read
List of Chinese Companies in India | Top 12 Chinese Brands in India

Chinese companies have acquired a huge part of the Indian market. The recent ban of some of the major Chinese companies has pushed them out of the limelight. These companies dealt in the field of fashion, gaming, and entertainment. It includes big names such as Shein, Club Factory, PUBG, WeChat, Halo, etc. But still, some companies bag huge profits from India and dominate the Indian market.

List of Top Chinese companies operating in India

  1. Xiaomi
  2. Oppo
  3. Vivo
  4. One Plus
  5. Huawei
  6. Motorola
  7. Coolpad
  8. Lenovo
  9. Haier
  10. TCL
  11. Realme
  12. WISCO
List of Chinese mobile companies in India


Xiaomi - Chinese company in India
Xiaomi - Chinese company in India

Xiaomi is one of the top Chinese mobile brands in India. It is popular for many reasons. MI makes mobiles and electronic accessories suitable for almost all kinds of customers. The price ranges from affordable to high with varying features. Xiaomi first entered the Indian market on July 13, 2014, in partnership with Flipkart to sell its MI 3 for 13,999 INR. Today, it has become the most sold mobile brand in India and is leading the electronic market among other chief brands.


Oppo - Chinese company in India
Oppo - Chinese company in India

Oppo is a popular Chinese company that entered India in 2014 to woo Indian customers with its fancy camera phone. It launched a huge marketing campaign that covered Indian 'bazaars' is Oppo banners. With Deepika Padukone as the brand ambassador, Oppo got into the minds of young Indians.

All its marketing strategy revolved around the camera and it still does. Oppo also partnered with PUBG gaming to draw in customers to play the cult favorite game in high graphics. It has its fingers on the pulse of youth and continues to make great sales in the market.


Vivo - Chinese company in India
Vivo - Chinese company in India

Vivo entered India with Oppo only with the similar concept of selling its camera phone. It applied the same marketing strategy and captured a huge portion of the Indian market. Banners and hoardings of Vivo were seen alongside Oppo and they painted the market green. Vivo also sponsored many gaming events to promote its performance and dominated the Indian mobile sales.

One Plus

Oneplus - Chinese company in India
Oneplus - Chinese company in India

One plus was also launched in 2014 and it was more on the costly side. Unlike Oppo and Vivo, One Plus mobiles are not available at cheaper rates. It begins with 27,999 INR which is expensive for an average mobile user in India. It was marketed as a high-performance mobile with an astonishing camera.

One Plus captured the market of the high-end buyers and competed with Samsung. It has secured a strong place among young employees who want an all-rounder mobile with a great camera and fancy features.

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Huawei - Chinese company in India
Huawei - Chinese company in India

Huawei is also a competitor among many Chinese mobile companies in India. Huawei sell mobiles, tablets, watches, and speakers. Their most popular mobile was 'honor’ that did extremely well in the Indian market. Later, it faced issues due to technical problems and India’s relationship with China but now it’s back on track.


Motorola - Chinese company in India
Motorola - Chinese company in India

Motorola is another Chinese company that makes smartphones, accessories, and smart home devices. They also sell baby monitors and smart nurseries. Motorola is not as popular as other Chinese mobile brands but it has significance in earlier times. But, Motorola has also increased its shipment and is planning to make a comeback in the market with its new gadgets.

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BBK electronics is a Chinese multinational conglomerate. It owns over half ofthe smartphone market in India through its subsidiaries OPPO, VIVO, Realme, iQOOand OnePlus. It has been branded as the most innovative company for itsingenious strategy. BBK has multiple brands to cater to every market …


Coolpad - Chinese company in India
Coolpad - Chinese company in India

Coolpad is another smartphone company of China. It is headquartered at Shenzhen, China. It is not much popular as compared to other Chinese brands but recently Chinese investors put in $500 million into Coolpad and have set eyes on 5G shares. It has head offices in Karnataka, Haryana and Tamilnadu.


Lenovo - Chinese company in India
Lenovo - Chinese company in India

Lenovo is a Chinese electronics manufacturing company whose laptops are especially popular in India. It also makes other gadgets like smartphones, wearables, and television. Lenovo laptops are trusted by Indian buyers for their durability and reasonable price. It is the choice for students other than HP or Dell.


Haier - Chinese company in India
Haier - Chinese company in India

Haier is another electronics brand that has been in India for nearly 12 years. It manufactures refrigerators, microwaves, AC, TVs, and water heaters. Haier is popular among the masses for the well-built products that last long. It also makes appliances that are required in factories such as commercial freezers and air conditioners. Indian, is the highest contributing market to Haier's net worth. It aimed to become a billion-dollar company by 2020 but Covid got in the way.


TCL - Chinese company in India
TCL - Chinese company in India

TCL is another electronics company that majorly deals in TV and home theatre. They also make home audio and air treatment devices. The company also focused on making AI-induced appliances and launching them in the domestic market. It aims to join the list of the top three smart TV brands in India. TCL's revenue in India has reached 4 million dollars in recent years.


Realme - Chinese company in India
Realme - Chinese company in India

Realme is also a mobile brand from China that has formed quite a grip in the Indian market. Its new models sell fast and the company has registered immense profit in the past few years. As the young customers reach for the newest model, the demand for such mobile brands increases. With a wide price range, it has managed to double its shipment in the year 2020.


WISCO - Chinese company in India
WISCO - Chinese company in India

WISCO stands for Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation. WISCO entered India on 8 Aug 2008 and registered itself at Registrar of Companies, Mumbai. It deals in manufacturing materials of different kinds and produces bronze for all construction purposes.


This was the list of top Chinese companies operating in the Indian Market. A large percentage of the Indian population buys Chinese smartphones as other alternatives are costly. These companies have acquired the market through a smart strategy of a wide price range and it's apparent that they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.


How many Chinese companies are in India?

There are a total of 105 Chinese companies registered in India.

How many Chinese apps are banned in India?

The Indian government has banned around 224 Chinese apps.

Which are the Chinese mobile companies in India?

Some of the top Chinese mobile companies in India are:

  • Xiaomi
  • Oppo
  • Realme
  • Oneplus
  • Vivo
  • iQOO

Which Indian companies are in China?

Top 5 Indian companies which have a good market in China are:

  • Tata Motors
  • VIP Industries
  • Voltas
  • Caplin Point Laboratories
  • Kingfa Science & Technology
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