Top 15 Leading Home Automation Startups in India 2022

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Jan 11, 2022 6 min read
Top 15 Leading Home Automation Startups in India 2022

With India getting a bit more tech-savvy along with rapidly changing technology around the globe, Indian startups have ventured into a wide range of domains including the development of home automation systems to provide a better lifestyle to the Indians. In this article, we have listed some home automation companies in India, that aim to provide a good experience to their customers.

From controlling room temperature to lightings, from managing entrance gates and cameras to making the appliances at your home smarter, home automation startups in India have developed some cutting-edge technology. With these startups at your service, comfort is just a click away from you. So, let us take a look at the list below.

List of Top 15 Home Automation Startups in India

1. Cubical Labs
2. Home Brain
3. Oakter
4. PicoStone
5. Fox Domotics
6. SharpNode
7. Inoho
8. Metagan Technologies Pvt Ltd.
9. eDomotics
10. Pert
11. IFIHomes
12. Silvan Innovation
13. Thasmai Automation
14. Build Track
15. KlickH

Cubical Labs

Cubical Labs Homepage
Cubical Labs Homepage

Cubical Labs is a Delhi-based home automation startup, founded by three IIT-Guwahati graduates – Swati Vyas, Dhruv Ratra, and Rahul Bhatnagar in the year 2013. The startup offers solutions for building a wireless, cost-effective, safe, and smart home solution, all of which can be controlled remotely through a mobile. They also have products that cover a wide range of utilities including surveillance, control, energy monitoring, and intelligence.

Home Brain

Home Brain Homepage
Home Brain Homepage

Home Brain is a Gurgaon-based startup that offers automation consulting, designing, and integration with hands-on experience in today’s technological era. It is the brainchild of NetWorld Inc, which is a leading IT-enabled company and some of its products are Security Brain, Lighting Brain, Entertainment Brain, Climate Brain, and Appliance Brain.


Oakter Homepage
Oakter Homepage

Founded by three IITians, Varun Gupta, Nithin David, and Shishir Gupta in 2014. Oakter is a smart home startup based out of Noida that aims to resolve the technical issues faced by Indian homes. The company manufactures products that make the existing home appliances like AC, water-pump, geyser, door-lock, lamp, room heaters, etc smarter. One can also control the home appliances through the Oakter mobile app and schedule it as per their needs.


PicoStone Homepage
PicoStone Homepage

PicoStone, a Β Mumbai-based smart home automation startup that was founded by Virang Jhaveri, Niket Sarvaiya, and Nilesh Jain with a mission to automate every home in India. PicoStone gives its users complete control of their electrical devices at their fingertips and also helps in saving electricity and their product named Butler controls the smart home devices.

Fox Domotics

Fox Domotics Homepage
Fox Domotics Homepage

Founded in the year 2012, Fox Domotics is a Mumbai-based home automation manufacturing startup widely known in the market for manufacturing Wifi Light Switches, Touch Switches, and Hotel Room Automation Switches. Mohammed Sikander Manihar is the brains behind converting Fox Domotics from just an idea on a paper to one of the successful home automation companies in India.


SharpNode Homepage
SharpNode Homepage

Founded in the year 2014 by Mohit Agnihotri, SharpNode is again a Mumbai-based home automation startup. It has a product that monitors homes and provides control and security over electric appliances through smartphones or laptops installed SharpNode application. It helps one to guard their prominent home without putting the security guards on the house as it has motion sensors.


Inoho is a Bangalore-based startup and was founded in January 2014 by IIT Guwahati graduates-Deep Singh and Deepankar Garg. It provides a home automation system containing a switchboard control module, central hub, and a smartphone application. One can control all such switches using their smartphone app even when they're not at home.

Metagan Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Founded in 2015 by Ganesh Prasad Kumble, Metagan Technologies Pvt Ltd. is aimed at providing simple, secure & standard automation solutions to the world. Based out of Bangalore, it manufactures products across various domains including Security & Home Automation, Industrial Automation, Smart City Automation, Healthcare Automation, Agriculture Automation, and Vehicle Automation, etc.


eDomotics Homepage
eDomotics Homepage

Based out of Bangalore, eDomotics was founded by Ganesh Vudutha and Keshava Varma in 2012. The company aims at providing comfort, convenience, security & safety to its customers. With just a click of a button, customers can control lighting, appliances, entertainment systems, air-conditioning, curtains, sprinklers, or surveillance cameras of their homes.


Pert Homepage
Pert Homepage

Based in Bangalore, Pert is a Home Automation solution provider that was founded by Arun Cheela in 2014. It allows its customer to control their 8 switches with just 1 Pert device. It also helps with features like time-scheduled events to carry out routine tasks which otherwise would be time-consuming.


IFIHomes Homepage
IFIHomes Homepage

Based out of Bangalore, IFIHomes was founded in the year 2013 by Rohit Khosla. It is one of the leading smart home startups in India that manufactures products in various domains including home automation, secure vision, smart light, as well as solar products. Some popular applications in home automation include universal remotes, smart switches, IP Camera security systems, blinds, lighting, and video door phones, security alarms.

Silvan Innovation Labs

Silvan Innovation Labs Homepage
Silvan Innovation Labs Homepage

Founded by Avinash Gautam in the year 2008, Silvan Innovation Labs is based out of Bangalore and develops video surveillance, analytics, and home automation solutions products. Its wide range of products includes CBell, a WiFi video doorbell, which calls the owner’s phone when the doorbell is pressed, and Secure, an app-enabled security system, which secures the home against safety hazards such as gas leakages and fires.

Thasmai Automation

Thasmai Automation Homepage
Thasmai Automation Homepage

Founded in the year 2010 by Karigirish Murthy, Thasmai Automation is based out of Bangalore and offers home automation and home theatre solutions for its customers by making the products and systems that are already used in everyday work together. They also provide home security solutions including CCTV Systems, Anti-Burglary Systems, Video Door Phones, and Biometric Locks.

Build Track

Build Track Homepage
Build Track Homepage

Based out of Mumbai, Build Track is one of the top home automation companies in India that provides user-friendly solutions that are cost and energy-efficient. All the products are manufactured in-house, and are tested before being delivered and are specially designed to suit Indian conditions. They even won the CII National Award for the Most Innovative Energy Saving Product.


KlickH is a home automation startup that focuses on home security and automation products for India and is based out of Hyderabad that was founded by Madhu Reddy Salla in the year 2008. It manufactures various products and aims at providing safety, convenience, comfort, etc.


With so many companies in the market offering home automation products and services, it has become very easy to make your home smarter. This was our list of Home Automation startups in India. If you are not among them, then connect with us at to get featured in the list.


Who is the leader in home automation?

HomeSeer is one of the leading home automation companies in India.

Which company is best for home automation?

Schneider Electronics, Philips, TIS Control, and Legrand is some of the best home automation companies in India.

Is Home Automation worth it in India?

Due to the high cost of home automation, it is considered a luxury in India.

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