Paytm Coming Up With A New Idea To Have Contactless In-Store Ordering For Restaurants

Paytm Coming Up With A New Idea To Have Contactless In-Store Ordering For Restaurants

Indian e-commerce giant Paytm has come up with this new idea of having a 'contactless in-store ordering'. They said that the idea of Paytm contactless ordering will help in promoting the process of minimum physical contact.

Paytm in a statement said that they have developed an online menu system where a QR code will be given to the restaurants and the users can scan the QR code which will help them getting the menu on their mobile phones and can place the order without having a contact.

Paytm will include contactless ordering

This process of contactless ordering and dining will help to avoid the unnecessary need of touching of the menu that could possibly be unsanitised and there will also be a certain distance maintained between the customers and the waiters.  

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Paytm has already introduced the process of contactless payment or billings few years ago. Making a greater hold in the market soon after the demonetization phase.

As the lockdown has been lifted , Paytm is mainly aiming for the top 30 cities to start with with over one lakh restaurants which will work this way. This concept can be a great success as it is helping the restaurants to restore their business which had been closed for a while.

This concept of contactless ordering and dining has been brought to stop the spread of coronavirus infection after the reopening of the country. Restaurants have also been told to properly sanitize and create a particular distance between the customers and the owners.

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Zomato Also Coming Up With A New Idea

Zomato which is an online delivery platform has also said in a statement that they are working towards adding some new features on their app in which it will allow the diners who are having food in restaurants and placing order can have an online menu which will promote contactless delivery option.

Statement By Paytm On Contactless Ordering

Paytm has said that its solution will support all of their payment methods which includes Paytm wallet,  Paytm UPI, net-banking and cards and the orders will be updated time to time as the restaurant changes them.

"In the first phase, the company is in the process of onboarding over a lakh restaurant which will help them to ensure social distancing amidst covid-19 fears. This, in turn, will also enhance the restaurant's efficiency and trust for the customers to recover their business while reducing cost overheads," Paytm spokesperson said in a statement.

contactless ordering by Paytm

Paytm also added that it will extend this unique solution to many big franchisees and  dine-in restaurants so that it could reach out to maximum people.

Paytm Vice-President Nikhil Saigal in a statement said, "We understand that after the lockdown, our country will require a safe dining and food ordering experience. Therefore, we have built this technology to help restaurants and their customers to follow social-distancing norms. With our 'contactless in-store ordering', they will avoid touching menu cards and cash for a safer experience".

Paytm has been an revolutionary industry for the Indian market. When they brought in the method of online payment services it created a great impact in the market for a while now. When they brought in the concept of online payment it was not a big hit but the promotion of this concept at the right time which was just after demonetization helped them to have a good hold in the Indian market.

By bringing in this new concept of contactless in-store ordering this can help them creating a good impact in the market once again. At this time of crisis people are looking at the ways which can help promoting the concept of social distancing with no human contact as it has become a necessity now. By launching of this concept it can become a major hit among the people and will also help in promoting this concept.

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