Powerland - An Indian Startup Making One of the Fastest Electric ATVs in the World

Powerland - An Indian Startup Making One of the Fastest Electric ATVs in the World

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The increment in pollution due to the use of vehicles is increasing concerns. To overcome this, India is looking forward to introducing electric vehicles safely on the road. With the same concern, the introduction of electric ATVs is positively revolutionizing the sustainable mobility industry worldwide.

A young entrepreneur from Goa, Tej Naik has successfully introduced electric ATVs not only in India but worldwide through the startup named Powerland. However, the first product of Powerland was not an electric ATV but a diesel-powered Agro Tractor Vehicle.

Continue ahead to know more about Powerland details including its business model, revenue model, startup story, logo and tagline, and other similar details.

Powerland - Company Highlights

Company Name Powerland Agro Tractor Vehicles
Headquarters Goa, India
Industry Automotive Industry
Founders Tej Naik and Narayan Naik
Founded On 15th January 2014
Website www.powerlandatv.com

Powerland - About
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Powerland - About

Powerland is an Indian-grown ATV-producing firm made with the goal of providing sustainable mobility for farmers and sports lovers. The firm was started in 2014 by Tej Naik, a Cardiff university passed out.

Powerland is a made-in-India product focusing on In-wheel-technology. The firm started out with limited capital and was the reason for the innovative mind of its founder Tej Naik. The firm Powerland stands out from other ATV-producing units due to its focus on electric ATVs whereas other firms have their focus shifted to fueled ATVs.

The firm has 90% of its market distributed to the world in major countries like the USA, Europe, and South America. To have a better understanding of the firm Powerland, let us start with its industry details.

Powerland - Industry

The all-terrain vehicle market is currently $4.3 billion as of 2022, growing at 2.7% with 70% of revenues coming from the US market with ATVs primarily used in agriculture for dual benefits of trucks and tractors. Having a width of 1.2 meters helps in maneuverability and off-roading abilities.

The global all terrain vehicle business is presently dominated by companies such as POLARIS Industries, HONDA, CAN-AM, CFMOTO, KAWASAKI, and YAMAHA. In India, only Polaris Industries is currently a dominant player. However, all the major players are currently focusing on petrol ATVs and UTVs.

The electric ATV market is USD 707 million growing at a much faster pace of CAGR 20.7%  with a projected reach of USD 3.8 billion by 2030. Powerland has the advantage of being the early mover in the electric ATV space in India and the world market to target the niche segment.

The use of ATVs is gaining popularity and investors are looking towards the ATV industry due to multiple reasons. One of the biggest concerns with the fueled ATVs was the new emission guidelines and regulations being implemented by multiple countries. This lead to the focus on the electric vehicle industry and gave it much surge.

Powerland - Founders and Team

Mr. Tej Naik with Mr. Narayan Naik - The Founders of Powerland
Mr. Tej Naik with Mr. Narayan Naik - The Founders of Powerland

The company was co-founded by a son and Father named Mr. Tej Naik and Mr. Narayan Naik. The company is also supported by a dynamic team of 25 young brains.

Mr. Tej Naik (Managing Director)

Born and raised in a business family in Goa, Mr. Tej Naik has always been an innovator with a curiosity to create new products. Being a post-graduate with an MBA degree from Cardiff University, UK, Tej interned with AMEC Group in China before starting Powerland in India in the year 2014.

With over 10 years of experience in operations and management with a specialization in lean operations, for over 8 years, the young entrepreneur has enabled Powerland’s three-fold growth in global markets.

His goal is to make India- the largest exporter of Electric ATVs and make Goa the manufacturing hub for electric ATV Tractors also known as electric quad bikes in Europe. As a passionate car enthusiast, Tej has won several awards for his passion for cars and has also won National Amaron Karting Championship in 2007. He currently serves as a managing director of Powerland ATV.

Narayan Naik (Co-founder)

Mr. Narayan Naik has experience of 30+ years of in setting up and running manufacturing businesses. During the Portuguese era in Goa, Mr. Narayan Naik’s family was in the business of import of Peugeot cars – something that developed his interest in cars from his childhood.

After obtaining a graduate degree, he took his passion to a professional level by getting into a business of restoration and sales of imported vehicles. After this, he decided to explore business prospects in other industries such as fishing nets and ropes.

In 2019, he ventured again into fishnet manufacturing by starting Granfisher Nets Pvt. Ltd., employing over 100 people. But his love for automobiles and dream of entering the automotive space was revived by his son by founding Powerland, where Mr. Narayan is now a co-founder and a guiding light.

Amit Santra (Technical Director)

Amit Santra - Technical Director of Powerland
Amit Santra - Technical Director of Powerland

With a strong desire to contribute to the future of transportation, Mr. Amit Santra has always believed in progress through passion. Receiving Mr. Narayan Naik as a mentor illuminated a whole new perspective on Automobile Industry for him.

Holding a Master’s Degree in Automotive Technology he played an important role in the commencement of the electric ATV project of Powerland. He is a technology expert who puts ideas into action and also plays a pivotal role in new business development and talent building.

Sri Surya (Production head)

Sri Surya - Production Head of Powerland
Mr. Surya Bhramaji - Production Head of Powerland

A rock-solid personality who always stays calm and solves critical problems in the most chaotic situations. Having a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, Mr. Surya Bhramaji plays an important role as an integration engineer In the production of vehicles. His end-to-end understanding of the product and ability to improvise the system makes him unstoppable at Powerland.

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Powerland - Startup Story

Powerland is an ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) tractor manufacturing unit based in Goa that can be used for agriculture, defense, adventure sports, etc. It was originally founded by Mr. Tej Naik who got support from his father Mr. Narayan Naik.

Basically, he was a passionate fan of automobiles with a dream of entering the automotive space in 2000. However, he was unable to accomplish the dream due to cost issues.

He originally wanted to import high-quality ATVs from other nations to India in order to help Indian farmers. The whole process of importing and making it available to Indian farmers was quite costly which applied the break to Mr. Narayan Naik's dream.

The young founder of Powerland returned to India in 2014 after completing his bachelor's degree from Cardiff University, Wales. He had an innovative mind from the start and was true to his passion for automobiles just like his father. With his experience and passion, he decided to pursue his father's dream into a reality.

In order to make the process practical with less costly, he decided to manufacture the products locally. The brand was incorporated in 2014 and entered the market in 2017 with its first road-legal diesel tractor.

And within three years of incorporation, it was able to sell 150 units successfully. The brand also has a pre-order of 300 units for its model "Tachyon", which is going to be released in 2023.

By starting Powerland, he has not only completed his father's dream but has also stayed true to the vision of Made in India by Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi.

Powerland - Mission and Vision

Revolutionizing mobility to live and love life to the fullest!

Powerland is on a constant mission to offer products and services that help you live and love your life the best way you can.

Their team focuses highly on revolutionizing technology to create products that would help you bring inner joy and explore nature, have fun beyond imagination, and add convenience to your daily life - All without harming the environment.

Powerland - Logo and Tagline

Powerland - Logo
Powerland - Logo

Powerland’s bull represents a symbol of strength and a strong work ethic. It is an animal that has come to the aid of farmers and humans mankind for hundreds of years in agriculture. The leaves signify wheat in the form of a wraith to honor the bull.

The tagline of Powerland is “We start where the road ends”.

Apart from its literal meaning which focuses on the off-roading aspect, this tagline has a figurative meaning which speaks of how they always find opportunities in challenges and dead ends.

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Powerland - Business Model

Powerland Website
Powerland Website

The ATV segment is a niche segment, something that not everyone in India is aware of. However, internationally, it's more than a 4-billion-dollar market. Innovating and going against the tide is the only way to stand out from competitors and stay ahead in the game.

The ATV industry leaders are currently focused on selling gasoline ATVs. That’s one of the reasons Powerland was successful in introducing an electric ATV tractor, a strategy that turned out to work wonders for them. The strategy did not just help them compete better but was also good for mother earth and was preferred by the customers.

The problems faced by the fuel ATV industry are converted into Powerland’s strength areas.

Powerland works on multiple business models such as Direct to consumers(D2C), business-to-government (B2G), and business-to-business (B2B). The prime Target Group followed by the Powerland business model consists of two different markets, the domestic market, and the International market.

Domestic markets mainly consist of D2C and B2G. In India company directly sells to the customers and the government. For international markets, other than D2C we also sell to distributors and dealers (B2B) who then sell to their end consumers.


D2C targets mostly High net-worth individuals, large farm owners, foresters, etc. It also includes companies that need ATVs for their factories, property management eg.

Mahindra Teqo for solar farms, Reliance Industries, TNG group for oil exploration. Also, it includes sectors like Hotels & resorts, such as ITC resorts, Holiday In resorts, ATV trail rentals, Powersports/ Adventure sports/ Sports enthusiasts, and Eco-tourism.


Defense and other government departments such as lifeguards, military, law enforcement, public works, parks management, and fire & rescue. Supplied to DRDO, Andaman military base camp, and Anti-terrorist squad Uttar Pradesh are included in this category.

B2B - Dealers/Distributors

Currently, Powerland has already appointed distributors in Europe, the UK, North America, Norway, Brazil, And other South American countries. The company has already exported to over 12 countries. The company plans to have a distributor in major countries and have both online & offline presence in all countries.

Powerland - Products and Services

Powerland's Product
Powerland's Product

The Powerland 900d Diesel ATV tractor came with a 20 hp 4x4 power terrain and was targeted at farmers. Soon Powerland ATVs became a choice of many, not just in the farming sector but also in the forests and adventure sports space.

The company managed to sell 150 units in the 1st 3 yrs. But the team felt they needed to develop a product not just for India but for the world market with better refinement and performance.

Also, on a personal front, the team was comprised of environmentally conscious members who knew the importance of switching to an environmentally friendly product.


In 2019 the team took a decision towards a long-term vision of a sustainable future and decided to develop a product that not only catered to India but the world market.  And, that’s how Powerland’s Xplore, an Electric ATV which is one of the fastest in terms of performance in the world was born.

Powerland is launching its new model “TACHYON” in early 2023.  This electric ATV is designed considering the customer preferences of being silent, lower maintenance costs, and better performance. TACHYON is currently being certified for European markets.

The team at Powerland is trying to make a small contribution to the environment, by introducing electric ATV tractors for utility and pleasure that could be majorly used in farms and be charged on solar helping in bringing down the overall emission rate.

Product Technology Specification

1. Power

Their electric ATV is equipped with their own patented in-wheel motor technology, that is, each of its wheels has direct-drive hub motors, one on each wheel. This helps the vehicle achieve up to 50 hp peak power, double that of all the competitors which use the traditional architecture of a single electric motor and gearbox.

2. Minimum Noise, Maximum Efficiency

The direct drive motors, unlike the motors with gearboxes, eliminate transmission humming noise, making Powerland electric ATV the quietest. This lets users enjoy stealth trips in the wild without affecting the wildlife or having undisturbed conversations with their fellow riders. Not just that, the direct-drive motors also eliminate transmission power losses making the vehicle 90% efficient.

3. Reduced Emissions

Off-road fuel vehicles, due to their performance requirement, can emit up to 50 CO(g/kwh) which can be extremely harmful to the operator of the machine and people around it.

Being electric gives Powerland ATV the option of being charged with renewable energy, completely eliminating fossil fuel use. Their vehicles, therefore, eliminate the risk of health issues and increase the safety and productivity of the operators.

4. Price & Package

Powerland offers the best performance at an economical price. Their vehicles are competitively priced at 20-30% lower than other electric competitors while offering higher battery capacity and giving longer range.

5. Save Costs

The in-wheel motor technology eliminates the need for numerous mechanical components, thus, helping buyers save on maintenance costs. The running cost is 1/5th of a gasoline ATV.

6. Best Control

The hub motors with their regenerative braking technology, not just help the owner extend its battery range but also act as a hill descent control, providing better control while riding.

7. Speed

Powerland’s ATV is one of the fastest electric ATV tractors in the world with an acceleration of 0-60 kmph in less than 4 seconds.

8. Attachments

Powerland offers utility attachments for farms and industrial applications making it a one-stop solution for all. The vehicles and their attachments which are fully electric, completely eliminate the use of fossil fuel.

Powerland - Growth

Powerland has actually spent less than 1% of its revenue on marketing. The 1st 100 vehicles were purely sold through word of mouth and the internet. Our 1st order of 5 vehicles was sold to SAE Baja who installed confidence in us.

Today some of our prominent customers include the Russian-based TNG group for oil exploration, Anti-terrorist Squad (U.P), the Defence research development organization (DRDO), Reliance Industries, ITC HOTELS, and Mahindra TeQ.

In 2019-2020 Powerland decided to Innovate by going electric and going against the tide, this helped it in standing out from its competitors. Being the 1st mowers helped us in gathering a lot of interest globally.  

Today the company has managed to export to over 12 countries and is building a distribution network in Europe, the USA, South America, and the UK.  All of this was achieved purely with the help of the internet and social media platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook

Powerland - Fundings

Powerland has managed to raise a pre-series A round of funding of USD 1.2 million in equity and debt from its German partner, ILAFA Vertriebs GmbH, for 18% equity to scale up its production and maintain its world-class quality standards.

ILAFA comes from the Mecca of Automobiles and is located in southern Germany. It has been operating for over 60 years in the agricultural, gardening, and forestry sector with its presence in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland with over 100 dealership networks & service providers.

Powerland - Competitors

The only competitor presently in the electric ATV space globally is Polaris Ranger Electric UTV, Eco Chargers Quads from the UK, DRR, and Daymak from North America.

Powerland - Future Plans

Powerland is a company manufacturing all-terrain electric vehicles. Currently, it is manufacturing one of the fastest electric ATV tractors in the world. The current manufacturing facility is at Goa’s Verna Industrial Estate.

Initially, the company imported 75% of its components, currently, Powerland has already indigenized 60% of its electric ATVs with an aim of 80% localization in the next 2 years.

Powerland currently is on target for 4x growth this year. Powerland already has bagged 300 units of advance orders. Powerland is in talks with defense for using their electric ATVs in areas with difficult terrains for logistics and patrolling.

The government of Goa signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Powerland for setting up a factory to manufacture 10000 units per annum and employ over 500 people in the state. Powerland will be raising Series-A funding in 2023- 2024 to further build a world-class factory and scale up its production.

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Powerland is an ATV manufacturing firm focusing on providing environment-friendly ATVs to the world. The firm was incorporated in 2014 and entered the market in 2017 first. From there the road to revolutionizing the automotive industry begin. The above article covers the complete information about Powerland from its startup story to its future plans.


How much does an ATV cost in India?

The starting price for an ATV in India is around 90,000 rupees. Prices can move up to lakhs and more depending upon the model and brand of an ATV.

What is the best brand of electric ATV?

Some of the best brands of ATVs are Polaris, Powerland, Eco-charger, DRR, etc.

What is the full form of ATV?

The full form of ATV is All Terrain Vehicle. It is also referred to as a Light Utility Vehicle (LUV).

Not all ATVs are are approved for road in India. Powerland was the 1st company to launch diesel ATVs as tractors in India and make them road legal in 2017. The current ATV brands include Powerland and Polaris which have registered their ATVs as  agricultural tractor vehicles making it legal for Indian roads.

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