15 Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas With Low Investment

15 Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas With Low Investment

The manufacturing business has been the choice of traditional businessmen for a long time. It is an appropriate business if you are interested in asset-based startup and don't understand the software-based companies. However people have already worked upon different manufacturing business ideas with low investment and are well placed in the market, so you prepare a smart marketing strategy that gives you more RoI and builds your brand in the market. There has been a constant thrust to develop the business but you need to have the right manufacturing business ideas for humble hustle.

India has 51 million small and medium businesses and they employ about 120 million people. (SMBs) account for 37 % of India's $2 trillion GDP. Although we have a large number of small businesses, 68 % of these small businesses don't have any web presence.

Here we are listing down top new manufacturing business ideas that are profitable,

Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas With Low Investment

Hair Oil Production

Hair oil production is one of the evergreen manufacturing business ideas with low investment as the hair is used by everyone. You can create a separate brand targeting only women. Most of the oils that we buy are full of chemicals and as people are more inclined towards herbal and ayurvedic, a good opportunity lies there. You can start it as small scale manufacturing and can expand it later.

small scale manufacturing business idea
Hair oil production

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Candle Manufacturing

The candle is one of the most important things use during Diwali celebrations. Besides Diwali, candles are also used in day to day and in rural areas where still we don't have electricity people use candles. The success of candle making business depends on the demand for candles, what type of candles, the costs for supplies and the potential sales. This is a small manufacturing business with low investment but has the potential to grow as a bigger business. You can start it as small scale manufacturing and can expand it later. The secret lies in two things:

  • Having a great and differentiated product
  • Marketing. If you can do it uniquely, you get the market!
small scale manufacturing business idea
candle manufacturing

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Clothing Business

Clothing business is always in demand. Setting up new fashion design and endorsement through celebrities can give you a significant kickstart for your clothing manufacturing business. This is because many people in India are using their traditional dress like saree and other clothes, so many manufacturers will produce the same clothes every year. Clothes are the needs of people all over the world and they will buy these clothes. Furthermore, these days Indian ethnic wear is more valued in the international market which helps you as a manufacturer to curate a huge sum of profit. This are pretty decent business ideas with low investment.

Blouse Hook Manufacturing

Most of the women in India wear a saree. This outfit consists of a top cloth and 9-yards of fabric that serves as a skirt. To that end, it will be very successful if you build a company for manufacturing blouse hooks because their use is widespread with all the blouses. Moreover, it is a great low investment manufacturing business idea that incurs high and substantial sales throughout the year.

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Cotton Buds Production

As one of the countries in southern Asia, India is one of the major countries producing cotton. This is very beneficial if you have cotton fields and you make firm cotton buds. So, you do not need to import cotton from neighboring countries to manufacture. On your land, you can obtain higher profits without any vulnerabilities.

Flour Production Business

In addition to cotton, India is also a producer of wheat and rice. Many agricultural products are produced from the land of India so you have a great opportunity to making business in the field of flour. You can produce flour that can be used by the people of India in their daily food needs. With the great demand of every individual to use flour in their daily meals, this would bring out a good profit for steady business.

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Bindi Making

India is deeply involved in culture and customs. Many people are still doing their traditions. In conducting the tradition, the people of India, especially women wear a lot of accessories like bindi, necklaces, bracelets and more. Looking at it, you can open a company for bindi making. It can open your chance to get the community market. There is a constant demand for Bindi which is widely used by all the women as their daily need of enhancing their look. This manufacturing business idea would be a win-win business model for you.

Milling Business

Not only the production of flour but milling business can also give you a great chance to achieve success. Given that a large number of agricultural products are obtained, you can open a company for milling. Milling business will be a success because there will be many people who seek it. Moreover, you can procure the milling equipment from online websites such as Alibaba Express, AliExpress, etc. at a comparatively low-cost rate than India.

Sugar Candy Manufacturing

small scale manufacturing business idea
Sugar candy manufacturing

Indian society consists of people who like the taste of sweet and spicy. For special occasions, they present a lot of sweet foods. Candy sugar companies will be the right business for a businessman. Because many Indian people love the sweet taste, not to mention children. Sweets made up of sugar have a very demanding ecstasy among the population. However, you can use a USP by not using sugar in it which will enact as a great benefit in consuming sweet based products. This manufacturing business idea is pretty simple and anyone can start making it and can easily make high profits. You can start it as small scale manufacturing and can expand it later.

The Making Of Chalk

The demand for chalk in schools, institutes and industries are numerous from consumers to producers. You can breakthrough this to open up a company for making chalk. Thus you will be able to acquire the market in the industry and schools which have a daily need of chalk in educating future generation. You can start it as small scale manufacturing and can expand it later.

Manufacturing, by far, is the most successful business strategy available in India, thus, entrepreneurs should make sure to use it to the utmost. With great machinery available through different international websites as well as the government now offers subsidized loans for manufacturing business ideas to boost entrepreneurs in India.

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