Prabhkiran Singh: Director & Co-founder at Bewakoof

Prabhkiran Singh: Director & Co-founder at Bewakoof

Prabhkiran Singh is the Director and Co-founder at Bewakoof, one of India's largest casualwear and lifestyle brand. The company keeps a regular check on trendy fashion products and offers their customers an affordable price for the products. In the financial year 2019, the company received an operating revenue range of INR.100 Crores to 500 Crores. Its networth has increased by 7.39%. The estimated annual revenue of Bewakoof in 2020 was INR 200 Crores.  The net worth of Bewakoof is estimated INR 100 Crores.

Prabhkiran Singh- Biography

Name Prabhkiran Singh
Born 1990
Age 30 (2020)
Eductaion Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
Profession Entrepreneur
Position Director & Co-founder, Bewakoof

Prabhkiran Singh- Personal Life
Prabhkiran Singh- Education
Prabhkiran Singh- Professional Life
Prabhkiran Singh- Founder of Bewakoof
Prabhkiran Singh- Bewakoof Success story
Prabhkiran Singh- Idea behind the name Bewakoof
Prabhkiran Singh- Bewakoof movie merchandising
Prabhkiran Singh- Founder of Utter Bewakoof

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Prabhkiran Singh- Personal Life

Prabhkiran wanted to become a cricketer and play for India. He did not think he could do a 9-5 job which is why he started working or planning on his entreupreneul journey from his college days. Prabhkiran started his first business venture in his college days with a lassi cafe, known as khadke gLASSI, before co-founding in the year 2012. He currently reside in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Prabhkiran Singh- Education

The Prabhkiran Singh educational resumes shows that he studied Bachelors of Technology degree in Civil Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay from 2007-2011.

Prabhkiran Singh- Professional Life

Prabhkiran was an internship trainee for two months at Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. He kept a check on the maintenance and Quality Audits of newly built Metro Civil  Structures.

He founded "khadke gLASSI" that ran for eight months from February 2010 to September 2010. The company produced a chain of lassi outlets selling fresh and flavored lassi, via take-away joints, opened with the vision to tap the "latent" lassi market of India. The Times of India and the National News Channel News 24 featured the venture and appreciated the innovative business model.

At the age of 23, he founded his online fashion and lifestyle venture, Bewakoof in 2012. Under his supervision, Bewakoof has grown by leaps and bounds. He has been actively growing the business since its formation.

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Prabhkiran Singh- Founder of Bewakoof

Prabhkiran Singh is the Director and Co-founder at Bewakoof. He founded Bewakoof Brands Private Limited on April, 2012, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India with his friend and Co-founder, Siddharth Munot.  

The business model of Bewakoof is backed by strong innovation in Technology and Supply Chain with an aim to make fashion affordable and accessible to the youngsters of India. The site receives half-a-million visitors per month, mostly transmitted from their own social media channels.

Bewakoof is the biggest D2C online brand in India and the company aims to be the most loved and respected brand among youngsters. In the four days of Mind to Market in Printed Products, made Bewakoof the fastest supply chain in the segment. Now it literally sells 1 lakh products per month and ships to more than 19000 pin codes.

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Prabhkiran Singh- Bewakoof Success story

Prabhkiran has been working on it since his IIT Mumbai days and discussed the do's and don'ts with his hostel friends. He aimed to balance high quality products with the price of a product, to make it affordable for all. He strongly believed in team spirit and ethics and worked with his employees as brand partners.

Bewakoof is one of the fastest growing online-only fashion and lifestyle brands in India. It captivates with its casual, impactful and stylish approach. The brand is a symbol of quirky and cool fashion available to the customers at affordable prices which acquires a significant fondness among people and has a cool and funky approach across all social media platforms.

Bewakoof is specially made for youngsters and has a strong base of audiences across its social media platform. About ten Bollywood movies advertised and merchandised the e-commerce venture with over 3000+ style trends. It caters the younger audience mostly of the 15-35 age group and has a wide spread collection in men and women's category.

Bewakoof initially started with an investment of INR 30,000. The company started receiving seed funding after six months in operations. Prabhkiran also raised angel funding via Snapdeal founders, Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal, and Former IDFC Securities MD, Nikhil Vora.

Prabhkiran Singh- Idea behind the name Bewakoof

The name Bewakoof is a Hindi word which means one who does not understand anything. Prabhkiran revealed that Bewakoof is all about adding cheerfulness, making it less boring, more fun, less serious, less worrying and more hopeful. It signifies the light-heartedness to life, by enabling Self Expression via Products that make the shopping experience fun and affordable at the same time.

Thus we can say that a Bewakoof is someone who follows his heart. He does not act in accordance with societal constraints. The Indian young population is undoubtedly a cool generation that believes in following their hearts, thus Bewakoof eventually become a relatable brand.

Prabhkiran Singh- Bewakoof movie merchandising

Movie merchandising is an area of importance for the company. Prabhkiran Singh, Bewakoof owner, efficiently worked to merchandise partners for Bollywood movies like, 'Gunday', 'Bewakoofiyan', 'Gangs of Wasseypur', 'Boss' and 'Sholay'.

He asserted that Bewakoof is Bollywood's favorite brand and the first point of contact for merchandising all major production houses. It has already partnered with  Yash Raj Films (YRF), Red Chillies, Eros, T-Series, Viacom18, Excel Entertainment, Zee TV for their movies as their exclusive merchandising partners.

He further got the license of merchandising globally popular entities like Disney, Marvel, DC, Archie, Garfield, SpongeBob and more.

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Prabhkiran Singh- Founder of Utter Bewakoof

Prabhkiran Singh also founded a website, Utter Bewakoof where it displayed a stream of viral-worthy articles. The articles are based on providing funky, engaging youth-oriented contemporary content. The website has become a reading hub with the latest slice and spice of trending stories happening around the world.

Frequently asked Questions - FAQs

Who is the founder of Bewakoof com?

The 2 bewakoof founders are Prabhkiran Singh and  Siddharth Munot.

Is Bewakoof an Indian brand?

Yes. Bewakoof is headquartered at Mumbai, India.

What is Prabhkiran Singh net worth?

The net worth of Prabhkiran Singh is unknown but the Net Worth of Bewakoof is well beyong INR 100 Crores.

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