Presentation Templates Marketplace SketchBubble Reaches 2 Million Downloads

Presentation Templates Marketplace SketchBubble Reaches 2 Million Downloads

SketchBubble, a leading provider of pre-designed presentation templates, is proud to announce that it has reached the milestone of 2 million downloads of its high-quality and professionally designed templates. With templates for all domains and occasions, SketchBubble has become the go-to platform for global professionals to create stunning presentations effortlessly. Their commitment to providing high-quality decks at cost-effective prices has earned them the trust  of users worldwide.

Since its inception in 2014, SketchBubble has been dedicated to providing well-researched content in its slides, making it the sought-after platform for users who are short on time. SketchBubble's slides are designed to save the presenters valuable time and effort in research, allowing them to concentrate on delivering their message effectively.

The company began with just 50 PowerPoint templates, but it has since grown to have a massive collection of over 20,000 presentation templates with more than 200,000 slides. The templates are available for Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides. The company seeks to simplify complex design tasks, offering the most economical, pragmatic, and highly effective solutions to professionals from different industry verticals.

Ashish Arora, Rohit Khariwal, and Pankaj Narang founded SketchBubble with the mission of providing top-quality layouts and visuals that require no prior design experience to customize. The trio realized that there was limited availability of professional decks when they set out to create a pitch deck for their own company. They spent $500 to hire a professional designer to achieve the desired results, which convinced them to start SketchBubble.

SketchBubble's presentation decks are already being downloaded and loved by customers from more than 50 countries. The company is set to expand into a massive marketplace with high-resolution templates for people from all walks of life with various needs and purposes.

Congratulating the team on achieving this remarkable milestone and thanking the customers for putting their trust in SketchBubble, Ashish said, “We aim to combine creativity, knowledge, and technology to bring significant impact in the presentation world and help professionals save valuable time, effort, resources, and money. We have several innovative ideas in mind to be a one-stop solution for all your business document needs - be it presentations, excel sheets, or word templates. We have faith in our abilities, and I believe we will realize all these ideas soon.”

SketchBubble's success journey continues as they look forward to rolling out Microsoft Word (along with Google Doc) and Excel (along with Google Sheets) templates. As SketchBubble is endeavoring to innovate and add animated templates to its ever-growing library, professionals can expect to see more features, designs, and solutions from this company.

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