QUIKR Plays Cupid this Valentine's Day

QUIKR Plays Cupid this Valentine's Day

The most romantic day of the year is round the corner and everybody is rushing to buy the best gift for their loved ones. If you are looking for that unique gift, exploring pre-owned products are a good choice as they are budget-friendly and environment-friendly.

Quikr has analyzed what products Indian customers are falling in love with based on the search trends seen on Quikr Bazaar platform in January 2020. Check out the six most popular products that can make your V-day grand!

Most loved smartphone: iPhone

Everyone aspires to buy an iPhone but affordability is a question mark. The availability of these phones at an average price of 19K on platforms like Quikr can fulfil aspirations. By the way, 24% of India searched for pre-owned iPhones around this time. Every effort to reuse counts and we are in love with Delhities as they top Quikr’s pre-V-day search list with their interest in pre-owned iPhones, thus doing their bit towards the environment.

Most loved fitness equipment: Cycles

Want to look fit together but don’t know where to start? We say – Cycles, and that too at an average price of 6.7K! Nothing like enjoying the morning sun while riding together this Valentine’s Day!

According to Quikr data, about 21.1% of Indian consumers showed interest in cycles, out of which, Bangalore stands first for its interest. Although this could be the result of an endless traffic in the city, we believe Bangaloreans are already in love with the city’s cool weather, and cycles are just an excuse to enjoy it.

Most loved furniture: Sofa

Opting for a pre-owned sofa has more personality than you can imagine; whether it’s the story of how you got it or how you will be putting it to use. Doesn’t upgrading your living room with a pre-owned sofa for a movie night and some popcorn sound perfect? All this can happen at an average price of 13K! Quikr reveals that about 21.2% of people searched for the product with Bangalore being in the lead.

Most loved gadget: Laptop

First metros and now, non-metros. Refurbished laptops get a second chance at being loved as 15% of Indian consumers from cities across tiers have searched for it. This only means one thing – laptop love is spreading across India and that too at an average price of 22K and you don’t want to miss out on it!

Most loved accessory: Camera

Amongst the 13% of India that searched for cameras, surprisingly, Guwahati is in the lead. Their search for this product which is available at an average price of 19.9K is almost equivalent to that of a metro like Hyderabad. Given its scenic beauty and tourist attractions, a camera sure comes handy when one has to freeze this beautiful place through pictures. You can capture the soulful happiness of your loved ones too or gift it to them to capture yours.

Most loved home entertainment: Video Games

Many discounts and offers on gaming products contribute to its popularity in the country, especially in metros like Delhi and non-metros like Nagpur and Gondia in Maharashtra. Quikr says that 7% of India searched for video games that are available at an average price of 13K. Spread some love by gifting your gamer friend the best pre-owned video game in town!

Online platforms for such goods are becoming a treasure trove of personal gifts that gets appreciated in emotional value as well. By choosing the pre-owned route, you not only get a chance to reuse, but also, reduce the burden on your wallet.

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