Quixy- Platform For Business Process Management and Workflow Automation

Lakshya Singh Lakshya Singh
Jan 18, 2021 6 min read
Quixy- Platform For Business Process Management and Workflow Automation

Quixy is a cloud-based user-friendly business application platform that empowers business users with no coding skills to automate workflows & processes, and build enterprise-grade applications, using simple drag and drop design, ten times faster compared to the traditional approach.

Quixy provides dozens of pre-built solutions for a variety of use cases such as CRM, Project Management, HRMS, Travel and Expense Management, Service Request and Incident Management, and much more.

Within a year, since its inception, Quixy has been recognized as a Leader in No-Code Application Development based on the customer reviews on G2.

Quixy- Company Highlights

Startup Name Quixy
Headquarter Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
Sector SaaS
Founders Gautam Nimmagadda
Other Key People Vivek Goel, Vice President – Marketing & Evangelism And Raveesh Lingireddy, Vice President – Sales & Partnerships
Founded Oct 1, 2019
Website quixy.com

Quixy- About and How It Works

Quixy is a cloud-based user-friendly no-code application development platform that empowers business users with no coding skills to automate processes and workflows to build enterprise-grade applications, using simple drag and drop design, ten times faster compared to the traditional approach consequently enhancing efficiency, transparency, and productivity of business operations. The platform includes an integrated cloud database, a visual application builder, enterprise-grade security, regulatory compliance, and scalable global infrastructure.

Quixy is a completely visual, easy-to-use, a no-code platform that helps businesses automate processes across departments and build complex custom enterprise software faster, with higher quality and lower cost; all without writing a single line of code.

Quixy is agile and flexible, resulting in improved efficiency in all processes and openness at all levels. By offering valuable data in real-time, Quixy facilitates monitoring of all areas and provides scope for improvement on an on-going basis. And so far, Quixy is Bootstrapped Funded.

Disruption is here to stay. With Quixy.

Quixy- Founder

Quixy is founded by Gautam Nimmagadda

Quixy Founder - Gautam Nimmagadda
Quixy Founder - Gautam Nimmagadda

Technology enthusiast, Gautam is a motivated leader who is committed to delivering values to customers, partners, and associates alike. He has done his M.S. in Computer Science at the University of Iowa. He relishes working in challenging situations and loves solving complex problems.

Other Key People

Vivek Goel
Vivek Goel

Vivek Goel is the Vice President – Marketing & Evangelism. He has 19+ years of leadership experience in IT companies of all sizes ranging from start-ups to large organizations in India and the USA. Expertise in strategy and operations across functions including Marketing and Business Development, HR, Process and Quality, Project Management, and Product Development. Mr. Goel has done his B.Tech in Electronics and Communications from BIT, Ranchi. Vivek also has volunteer experience as a Program Director at Solving Minds since 2010.

Raveesh Lingireddy
Raveesh Lingireddy

Raveesh is Vice-President of Sales & Partnerships at Quixy. He has done his M.S. in Marketing with Specialism in Customer Management from the University of Strathclyde.

Quixy is powered by a diverse team of passionate and exceptional talent, go-getters, and dreamers who are here to challenge the status quo and disrupt how things are done today. Their approach gives individuals greater ownership of work and input into decisions and makes for a more efficient and happier workplace. Their current team size is 40.

How was Quixy Founded?

Quixy’s founding team comes from an IT services background. A big chunk of the experience involved developing custom enterprise applications for various industries. Currently, whenever any business requires digitization of their processes, the available options are either procurement of a COTS product or custom development done by an external or internal team of developers.

COTS products by default have limited customization options. Any additional customization is either not possible or attracts hefty customization cost and time.

Also, procuring different COTS products for each requirement creates software clutter where each software works in a silo without talking to each other.

Custom development, on the other hand, costs businesses time and money and is not always successful since business requirements are lost in translation as the business users are not involved throughout the development life cycle.

Effectively, both alternatives cost business time and money without ensuring success hindering business growth and competitive edge in the market. As a result, every IT team has a huge backlog of software needs from the business that they are unable to attend.

The team wanted to change that and found the answer in no-code application development.

Quixy- Name, Logo, and Tagline

Quixy stands For Quick and Easy!  Quixy is an ideal platform for application development that is based on business processes. The platform is Quick and Easy to learn, build, deploy, and use.

Quixy Logo
Quixy Logo

Quixy- Vision, and Mission

Quixy’s vision is to digitize every business in the world with the power of citizen developers. They want to achieve 1 million active users on the platform by Q4 2026.

Quixy- Products and Services

In the current no-code low-code space, on one end there are advanced low-code platforms that can only be used by certified developers to build applications. On the other end of the spectrum, they have basic no-code platforms that business users can use as an alternative to replace excel spreadsheets and improve team collaboration.

Quixy is positioned in between the spectrum as an advanced no-code platform that allows business users to use the advanced features of their platform to build relatively complex enterprise-grade applications without writing any code.

Quixy- Target Market Size

The no-code, low-code development platform market is projected to grow from USD 13.2 billion in 2020 to USD 45.5 billion by 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 28.1%.

Quixy- Business and Revenue Model

Quixy’s business model works on a paid SaaS Subscription model.

Quixy- Customers/ Clients

Quixy currently has customers in more than 10 countries in 5 continents across 10+ industry verticals.

Refer to Case Studies to learn how organizations are using Quixy to automate processes and build applications without writing any code.

Quixy approach to current Business Challenges

Current options for meeting software needs:

● Off-the-shelf solutions have customization challenges and create silos.

● Traditional development is time taking, expensive, and requirements are lost in translation or change by the time delivery is done.

Quixy provides the third alternative as an advanced no-code platform. The platform can be used to build applications and integrate them with other third-party applications without writing any code 10x faster thereby addressing the challenges associated with the traditional options.

Quixy- Opportunities

● As per a recent Gartner research, by 2024, low-code no-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity.

● A recent study by McKinsey, found organizations that empower citizen developers score 33% higher on measures of innovation than those who do not. 33%!

Quixy- Tools

Quixy uses these tools to run their startup:

● Quixy

● Microsoft Teams

● Zoom

● Hubspot

Quixy- Competitors

Quixy’s competitors are other B2B low-code and no-code companies offering enterprise application development platforms. Some of their top-competitors are Nintex, Quickbase, Betty Blocks, Appian, Outsystems, Mendix, Kintone, etc.

Quixy- Recognitions and Achievements

  • Rated Leader No-Code Application Development
  • High Performer in 4 other categories on G2

○ Business Process Management Software

○ Digital Process Automation (DPA) Software

○ Workplace Innovation Platforms

○ Workflow Management Software

  • Also, ISO 27001 and Soc 2 Type 2 certified.
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