Rajan Anandan: Former VP at Google and Angel Investor

Rajan Anandan: Former VP at Google and Angel Investor

Rajan Anandan is an Indian businessman, who served as the Vice President of Google India. His took up the role of Managing Director of Google across India and South East Asia in August, 2011. He co-founded the first seed fund of Sri Lanka. Currently, he serves as the Managing Director of Sequoia Capital India. Prior to all these, he also held leadership roles with the well known firms Microsoft and Dell. Rajan was also a partner with McKinsey & Co. He is also an Angel Investor in early stage startups.

Rajan Anandan- Personal Life
Rajan Anandan- Education
Rajan Anandan- Professional Life
Rajan Anandan- Google
Rajan Anandan- Angel Investor
Rajan Anandan- Sequoia Capital
Rajan Anandan- Recent Facts

Rajan Anandan- Biography

Name Rajan Anandan
Born 1966
Birthplace New Delhi, India
Age 54 (2020)
Nationality Indian
Education Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Stanford University
Profession Businessman, Investor, Executive
Position Managing Director at Sequoia Capital
Net worth INR. 70 Crores (2020)
Parents V.S Kumar Anandan
Marital Status Married
Children 2

Rajan Anandan- Personal Life

Rajan Anandan was born in 1966 in New Delhi, India. He lived in India for a short while and moved to the USA for higher studies. He was a bright student and displayed an interest in the technology development field. He is married and has two children. He loves to read books and play Golf.

Rajan Anandan

Rajan Anandan- Education

The Rajan Anandan education resume is filled with very prestigious colleges abroad. He completed his primary education from a private school in New Delhi, India. He then moved to USA and pursued a BSc. in Mechanical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He further studied Msc. in Manufacturing and System Engineering from Stanford University.

Rajan Anandan- Professional Life

Rajan Anandan is a businessman, Angel Investor and Executive from New Delhi. He provided support to varied startups as an Angel Investor. He partnered with McKinsey firm from 1992-2003. He eventually gained a good knowledge and experience of the corporate world.

He served as the General Manager and Vice President at Silicon Valley based, Dell Inc. Country during 2001-2008. Post 2008, he worked for two years as the Managing Director at Microsoft India.

He then worked for Google India and looked after the Google operations across South Asian Businesses from 2011-2019. He gave up his job at Google India and joined venture capital organisation, the Silicon Valley-based, Sequoia Capital in 2019.

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Rajan Anandan- Google

Google Logo

Rajan Anadan started his job at Google in 2011. He managed to build an internet ecosystem for Google. His leadership and entrepreneurial zeal helped him to raise overall internet ecosystem in India. He drove more growth to Google India and revamped the internet ecosystem for the organisation. After contributing for eight years, he ended his position of President at Google Asia Pacific in April, 2019 and Vikas Agnihotri replaced him on the intern role as the Managing Director.

Rajan Anandan- Angel Investor

Rajan Anandan has invested on various startups such as, Bangalore-based online lingerie venture Buttercups, Pregbuddy, Druva, Capillary Technologies, Unacademy, TravelKhana, EasyGov., Instamojo, WebEngage, BOV Capital and more. He has invested and gave support to around 80 start-ups until now. He is planning to invest $1.5 million in startups of South Asian countries.

| Companies invested by Rajan |
| Rapido |
| Pregbuddy |
| Druva |
| InnovAccer |
| Little Black Book Delhi (LBB) |
| Unacademy |
| Dunzo |
| Zenatix |
| WebEngage |
| Instamojo |
| CroFarm |
| LetsVenture |
| Indifi Technologies |
| POPxo |
| Mypoolin |
| Mapmygenome |
| Leflair |
| MyUpchar |
| SocialCops |
| ButterCups |
| Inclove |
| TravelKhana.Com |
| Appknox |
| Lucideus |
| InstaLively |
| Dataweave |
| Wishberry |
| AppViralty Inc Explara |
| Frrole |
| Avaz |
| Omnify Inc |
| Karza Technologies |
| STREAM.com |
| Smytten |
| HashLearn |
| Plackal-Maya |
| Threadsol Pvt. Lmd. Software |
| IOK Labs Inc. |
| Social Blood |
| Inc. Aurality |
| Ciafo |
| Innov8 Coworking |
| Dazo |
| Freshtohome |
| Fulfil.IO Inc. |
| Chaska |
| Monsoon CreditTech |
| EasyGov |
| MyShaadi.in |
| Smartcooky. |
| Capillary Technologies |
| WebEngage |
| BOV Capital |

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Rajan Anandan- Sequoia Capital

Sequoia Logo

Rajan Anandan joined the funding task through Sequoia Capital India, which is a non-profit organisation. He is the Managing Director at Sequoia Capital. He basically acts as an investment advisor and mentor to the world's top scale-up program 'Surge' for startups. Surge is a program for a rapid early progress for startups by providing access to capital, talent, network and company building knowledge. Rajan's deep understanding of technology and experience in expanding the internet ecosystem will eventually raise the amount of acceptance among customers and businesses. This will advance innovation while building a multi-billion dollar business that continues to grow very fast.

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Rajan Anandan- Recent Facts

  • Rajan came into the limelight in the year 2019, when he resigned his designation from Google India.
  • He is gradually building his profile as an Angel Investor.
  • Most recently, there was an investment of INR 100 Crore to BOV Capital by Rajan.
  • Rajan provided his major investments in TravelKhana, EasyGov, Instamojo, and WebEngage.
  • Moreover, Rajan mostly focuses on tech startups.
  • He usually posts various startup articles across various social media platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

What is Rajan Anandan net worth?

The net worth of Rajan Anandan is estimated to be around INR 70 Crore.

What is Rajan Anandan age?

Rajan Anandan's age is 54 years as of 2020.

Is Rajan Anandan an angel investor in India?

Currently, to help mentor new startups, Rajan Anandan is an angel investor in India.

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