Startups Funded by Ranveer Allahabadia aka Beer Biceps

Startups Funded by Ranveer Allahabadia aka Beer Biceps
Ranveer Allahabadia Funded Startup

The new startup ideas are booming these days. Their early age makes for a great opportunity for investments.

This funding helps the startup to grow and the investors get to enjoy the profits. This is a high-risk market. But if it goes well, it is bound to lead towards high rewards as well.

Nowadays, many young social media entrepreneurs have started investing in startups. One such example is Ranveer Allahabadia.

The young YouTuber, motivational speaker, and, podcaster has contributed to the funding of many startups. For example- Ready Set Jet, Qoohoo, Sahicoin, HYPD, etc.

Who is Ranveer Allahabadia?
Startups Funded by Ranveer Allahabadia

  1. Sahicoin
  2. Ready Set Jet
  3. Qoohoo
  4. Stage
  5. HYPD

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Ranveer Allahabadia

Who is Ranveer Allahabadia?

Ranveer, popularly known as BeerBiceps is a 29-year-old social media entrepreneur, hailing from Mumbai. He is also a YouTuber, motivational speaker, and popular podcaster. He is soon to be an author as well.

Ranveer belongs to a family of doctors. He, himself has done Engineering in electrical and telecommunications. His journey in the digital space began in 2014 when he started a YouTube channel. There, he shared his own journey of weight loss and fitness.

Along with fitness, he also made videos related to men’s fashion and lifestyle. With time and continuous efforts, his channel gained popularity and subscribers started to pour in. A channel that started as his personal journey is now one of India’s most popular fitness YouTube channels.

After that, he started his podcast in the year 2019. The podcast is named ‘TheRanveerShow’. This is one of the most famous podcasts in India. Here, he invites guests and discusses their success and failure stories throughout their lives.

He has had conversations with many popular celebrities on his podcast. These include Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ayushmann Khurrana, Dwayne Bravo, and many more.

Ranveer Allahabadia is a proud founder of his company BeerBiceps Pvt. Ltd. Also, a co-founder of Level, BigBrainco., and Monk Entertainment. Overall, these years, Ranveer has made a great place for himself in the digital space.

Startups Funded by Ranveer Allahabadia

Ranveer is a young popular entrepreneur in the digital space. He is a growth seeker who likes to explore new things. As an entrepreneur, he believes in certain ideas that the new-age startups come up with.

Here are the startups funded by him:


Sahicoin - Ranveer Allahabadia Funded Startup
Sahicoin - Ranveer Allahabadia Funded Startup

It is a crypto native social networking startup about crypto, founded in the year 2021. It has a network of experts and enthusiasts of crypto. It offers the latest crypto news and also gives recommendations for investments.

The idea of crypto is gaining great popularity in the market. But many people find it hard to understand. So, this startup provides simple and understandable information from the experts. This helps people to learn, understand, and make better investing decisions.

Ranveer is one of the investors in this startup. He shares the space with many other popular names. For example - Suresh Raina, Kunal Shah, Naveen Kukreja, etc.

Ready Set Jet

Ready Set Jet - Ranveer Allahabadia Funded Startup

It is a beauty startup, founded in the year 2019. The brand aims to empower women with easy-to-use beauty products and education. It was born in Los Angeles and has offices in India as well.

The products of this startup are vegan and cruelty-free. All their products, including makeup, have skincare built in them. They have products that allow you to enjoy the benefits of 2-4 different products in one. Their natural and easy-to-use products are perfect for modern women.

Ranveer Allahabadia is an investor in the brand. Along with the investment, he is also helping them with their expansion in India.

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Qoohoo - Ranveer Allahabadia Funded Startup

It is a social platform startup, founded in the year 2020. It empowers the creators to create engaging content and experience for their followers. The app allows the creators to launch their private community with a focus on monetization.

It is a one-stop solution for the creators. It helps them manage, organize and monetize their community. The app aims to make engagement more comprehensive and scalable.

Being a social media influencer and an entrepreneur, Ranveer has funded this startup. He shares the space with Kunal Shah, Rohit Bansal, Tanmay Bhat, and more.


Stage OTT - Ranveer Allahabadia Funded Startup
Stage OTT - Ranveer Allahabadia Funded Startup

It is a regional OTT platform, launched in the year 2020. The platform offers content in Haryanvi and Rajasthani languages. It aims to increase the content from other regional languages as well.

The main target for this platform is to reach a massive audience who prefer content in their regional languages. One can watch standup comedy shows, poetry shows, entertaining shows, etc. here.

Ranveer is one of the investors in this regional OTT platform of India.


HYPD - Ranveer Allahabadia Funded Startup
HYPD - Ranveer Allahabadia Funded Startup

It is a platform for creators launched in the year 2020. This platform allows creators to launch their multi-brand stores in merely thirty seconds.

It is like a marketplace owned by digital creators. The main aim of this startup is to help the creators become creator-preneurs. In this way, they will be able to create a sustainable source of income for themselves.

Ranveer Allahabadia is one of the popular entrepreneurs who has invested in this startup. Many other influencers and digital creators have invested in it. For example- Tanmay Bhat, Dhvani Bhanushali, etc.

The creator’s industry is not getting more and more interested in startup investing. Being young achievers, they are able to understand the value of new innovative ideas. They have gained great experiences in their fields at a young age. So, investing in startups proves to be a great opportunity for profits as well as learning.


Ranveer Allahabadia was just an ordinary Engineering student. Now, however, he has become a name known to all in India. It is his consistency, dedication, and zeal to learn new things that have made him what he is today.

There is no area in the digital space that he has not touched. Sharing his personal journey made him a popular YouTuber. After that, there was no stopping. He became a motivational speaker and gave leadership lessons. This made him a great source of encouragement for the youngsters.

Soon, after gaining so many roles in this pocket, he turned into an entrepreneur. He is now an investor for many startups (as mentioned above). He is like a role model for many youngsters. After all, there is no role that this young engineer turned into an investor has not played well.


Who is Ranveer Allahabadia?

Ranveer Allahabadia is popular as BeerBiceps. He is a YouTuber, motivational speaker, and popular podcaster.

What is Ranveer Allahabadia's age?

Ranveer Allahabadia is 29 years old. He was born on 2 June 1993.

What are the startups funded by Ranveer Allahabadia?

Startups funded by Ranveer Allahabadia are:

  • Sahicoin
  • Ready Set Jet
  • Qoohoo
  • Stage
  • HYPD

What is the net worth of Ranveer Allahabadia?

Ranveer Allahabadia has a net worth of $6 Million.

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