Retail Insights- Helping the Companies Achieve Operational Excellence Through Retail Optimization

With the technology advancing so fast, we have a ready-made and excellent solutions for all the contemporary business operations. To make the next generation retail digital and seamless to achieve the highest operational excellence, Vishnu Gullipalli launched Retail Insights in 2014.

Startup Name Retails Insights
Headquarter Bangalore, India
Sector Retail Technology
Founders Vishnu Gullipalli
Founded 2014
Parent Organization Retail Insights Consultancy Private Limited

About RetailsInsights and How it Works
Founders of RetailsInsights and team
How was RetailsInsights Started?
RetailsInsights - Name, Tagline, and Logo
RetailsInsights - Startup Launch
RetailsInsights - Startup Challenges
RetailsInsights - Funding and Investors
RetailsInsights - Awards
RetailsInsights - Business Model and Revenue Model
RetailsInsights - USP and Innovation
RetailsInsights - Growth
RetailsInsights - Competitors

About RetailsInsights and How it Works

Retail Insights works by enabling technologies through omnichannel integrations, platform modernization, APIs Builds, exclusive support services, and store digitalization. It also provides digital solutions viz. POS, commerce platforms, order orchestrations, returns management, drop-ship, last-mile deliveries, store automation, marketplace integrations, warehouse automation solutions, and interactive walls.

Retail Insights also provides the following retail solutions:

  • Specializes in white space/bespoke/custom applications across the Retail value chain using NextGen, AI, and other emerging technologies.
  • Solution accelerators Ecommerce, Supply Chain Visibility, Trade Promotion, Smarter Checkouts, POS Testing and In-store digital engagement - Video Walls, Order Management, Headless Commerce, Trade Promotion, Promotion and Price Optimization, Employee Engagement and Omni Fuse.
  • System integrators for a leading platform like Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Adobe, Magento, Diebold POS, Kantar Retail, GK Soft, and CRM Loyaltics.
  • Established a high-performing team of dynamic retail domain SMEs and Delivery team 100+ project implementation experience.

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RetailsInsights - USP and Innovation

Retail Insights is a one-stop solution for Retail combined with high-end technology. The major USP’s include-

  • Omni (All) Channel Commerce - This platform provides connected customer experience from different channels way uniquely than others.
  • Digital Consumer Experience - Proactive and reactive communication on the platform allows personalized, contextual customer engagement.
  • Order Management – Retail Insights tackles the problem of lack of visibility in inventory and orders coming from different channels.

Founders of RetailsInsights and team

Vishnu Gullipalli is Founder & CEO at Retails Insights. Vishnu has an MBA from Ohio University USA and has spent the last 15 plus years working with various retailers across the globe on Omni Channel and Digital Transformation Program likes of TESCO, IRI, Harman, Happiest Minds, Hyvee, and Clarks UK.

Faizal Insights

Faizal is the Delivery Head. Faizal also has an MBA from Ohio University USA and 15 plus years of experience in working with companies like Zensar, IBM, Oracle, Accenture as Retail Solution Architect. In the past, he has had hands-on experience in ERPs like Retek, JDA and Infor. He was also at the position of engagement manager for Landmark, Tj Maxx, Shoprite, Vodafone, Marks, and Spencer, etc.

How was RetailsInsights Started?

The Retail Insights team had observed that SME & Enterprises work with a lot of technology companies ranging from large, medium and small. And the common issue that each of this company faced was that “tech people don’t understand business”

Retail Insights solved this problem by bringing in the latest technology stack with a niche partner ecosystem along with flexible engagement models helping retail and brands “Buy Anywhere, Sell Anywhere and Return Anywhere along with operational excellence.” Retail Insights has worked with hundreds of retail and wholesale businesses to help them implement powerful technology stack to ace the O2O experiences to compete with the digital powerhouses.

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The tagline of Retail Insights is “Your Chief Omnichannel Officer” which came out of the vision that wanted to come across as retail is the company's passion.

RetailsInsights - Startup Launch

The Retail Insights team’s expertise in domain + technology has helped them to provide customers with the best solution, adding value and quality along the way. They have collaborated with partners who are helping and advising them to achieve their organizational goals and accelerate towards technologies and services in the retail sector by leveraging the industry-led strengths in omnichannel retailing and digitization. Also, Retail Insights is the go-to for Retail Digital Innovation dialogue with clients across the globe. Both Strategic leaders in Omnichannel and Digital Transformation programs capability to translate initiatives with short to long-term deliverables.

“Our D.A.R.E (Different, Anywhere, Relationship, Experience) solution framework has helped retailers and brands gain an edge over competitors.” Says Vishnu

RetailsInsights - Startup Challenges

Along with the plethora of challenges that a tech startup faces in the country, Retail Insights majorly faces Human Resources hurdles like employee retention and building a core team with the right set of talented employees.

RetailsInsights - Competitors

Large IT companies that are revolutionizing and moving towards retail digitization are the main competitors of Retail Insights. “We have a powerful tech stack of tailored retail solutions where we not only provide insights to our customers but also to help them understand their business challenges and ground reality which allows us to stay ahead of the competition.” Says Vishnu.

Retail Insight’s expertise lies is a domain, technology, and accelerators that the team has built over the years, where the customers are able to see the tangible solution before it even freezes the solution scope which is far better than long SDLC process where the competition usually takes a longer route.

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RetailsInsights - Funding and Investors

Retail Insights is completely bootstrapped and has been positive in terms of business numbers since the first day of inception.

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RetailsInsights - Growth

The Retail Insights team has grown enormously year over year and in 2019, the team has grown to a strength where they significantly contributed to increasing the consumer base.

Retail Insights team

Retail Insights also entered new markets entered like Dubai, UK, and the USA

RetailsInsights - Awards

•Well recognized as the Chief OmniChannel Officer for Retailers and Brands. “10 Best Retail Solution Company in APAC”.

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