Rusmin Lawin: A Visionary Leader in Real Estate

Rusmin Lawin: A Visionary Leader in Real Estate
Rusmin Lawin, Global Ambassador of Real Estate Indonesia

Rusmin Lawin, Global Ambassador of Real Estate in Indonesia, stands out as a popular figure in the property market of Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.

With his leadership and innovative initiatives, he has significantly impacted regional development in the real estate environment. He has set benchmarks and his actions and success inspire future leaders.

Diverse Leadership Roles

Rusmin has an extensive portfolio including several prestigious positions. He is the Global Ambassador, as well as Vice President of the Real Estate Indonesia Developers Association where he plays a crucial role in foreign affairs. Also, he serves as a Board Member of the Indonesia Hong Kong Business Association.

He is the Chairman of the Regional Developments Committee at the Indonesia Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In FIABCI, Rusmin holds influential positions, including President of FIABCI Asia Pacific, and in 2021 -2022 appointed as FIABCI Representative to the United Nations in Vienna and Geneva. His work has been recognized globally, thus, in 2022, he was awarded the Asia Pacific Real Estate Leader at the Burj CEO Awards in Dubai.

Rusmin Lawin Awarded Asia Pacific Real Estate Leader at the Burj CEO Awards, Dubai
Rusmin Lawin Awarded Asia Pacific Real Estate Leader at the Burj CEO Awards, Dubai

Initiatives and Achievements

Rusmin Lawin’s leadership in FIABCI covers a diverse region of 18 countries. He is considered a champion of innovation and research, focusing on the rapid development of real estate in Asia.

One of his most notable projects is the promotion of Nusantara New Capital City, a $33 billion initiative. This project aims to create a new economic hub in the ASEAN region, contributing significantly to the economic integration and growth of the area under the BIMP EAGA program.

Rusmin’s efforts have also led to the liberalization of foreign investment in Indonesia’s property market. By allowing foreign investors to purchase property using their passports, he has made significant strides in positioning Indonesia as a global property hub.

On July 13, 2023, Bambang Susantono, head of the Nusantara Authority, and Rusmin Lawin, FIABCI Asia Pacific Region president, were honored for their efforts in developing Nusantara.

“The IKN program must continue as it is excellent for the equitable development of our nation's future,” Rusmin said.

He emphasized the need for balanced economic development, noting that Java and Sumatra account for 80% of economic activity, while the eastern parts, including Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Papua, contribute only 20%.

Rusmin envisions creating an international-level regional economic center involving neighbors such as Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei, and the Philippines, leading to a new phase of economic growth.

Leadership Philosophy

Rusmin’s leadership is driven by the belief that property ownership is a key driver of economic success.

He emphasizes the importance of real estate as an asset for those seeking to improve their socioeconomic status. His goal is to send a clear message, particularly to developing nations, about the economic power of property ownership.

The housing backlog in Indonesia currently stands at 11.6 million units. Rusmin aims to reduce these housing challenges.

He advocates for the development of affordable, quality housing, especially for workers. His strategy includes leveraging Indonesia’s vast market, natural resources, and infrastructure to attract both domestic and international investments.

Inspiration to Future Leaders

With his years of experience, Rusmin advises young professionals to remain focused and determined.

He highlights the importance of finding a niche and gaining domain expertise through continuous learning and development.

In a world where frequent job changes are common, Rusmin’s guidance emphasizes long-term commitment and deep knowledge acquisition.

Personal Interests

Outside his professional life, Rusmin enjoys traveling and exploring different cultures. He is particularly fond of Asian cuisine, with Rendang curry being his favorite dish.

His reading interests include books on geopolitics and philosophy. Among his favorite travel destinations are various European and East-Asian countries.

Global Industry Influence

Rusmin Lawin (second from right) with Other Global Leaders
Rusmin Lawin (second from right) with Other Global Leaders

Rusmin’s influence extends beyond Indonesia. He is a co-chair of the Business & Industry Committee and a Global Advisor of the Fundacion Metropoli in Spain and the Middle East Cities Center in Dubai.

His advisory role to the Chairman/Minister of Nusantara National Capital City Authority underscores his strategic involvement in significant national projects.

In his role as a Special Advisor, Rusmin contributes to the development of Regional Economic Zones and Partnership Regions, initiatives that align with President Joko Widodo’s administration’s vision for Indonesia’s future.

He has traveled to 34 countries promoting Nusantara during the pandemic in 2021 and 2022, earning recognition and winning the Indonesia Museum Record.


Rusmin Lawin’s leadership in the real estate sector is marked by innovation, strategic thinking, and a deep commitment to sustainable growth. 

His efforts have substantially transformed Indonesia’s property market and positioned the country as a key player on the global stage. Through his various roles and initiatives, Rusmin continues to inspire and mentor the next generation of leaders, stepping up a vision of economic success and sustainable development in real estate.

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