Want to Save Youtube Shorts? It's Easier Than You Think

Do you need help saving YouTube Shorts? Stay tuned to check some quick methods to help you keep YouTube Shorts on your devices without much effort.

Want to Save Youtube Shorts? It's Easier Than You Think

People need more time to engage in long videos for entertainment. So instead, you can escape the work blues and spare some time from your busy schedule to cheer up by watching YouTube Shorts.

After the popularity and success of TikTok videos and Instagram reels, you cannot afford to miss the short video clips of YouTube, aka YouTube Shorts. Instead, content creators across the globe create a video clip of 60 seconds or less to entertain and provide you with valuable information on the go. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn't offer the provision of downloading these Shorts on your devices.

But this should not let you compromise on your entertainment. Rather you can rely on a sturdy and secured YouTube Shorts Downloader for Mac to enjoy your best-chosen content on your terms.

Let's explore the best options to download and save the YouTube Shorts to enjoy offline anytime and anywhere.

SYC PRO: Best YouTube Downloader for Mac

SYC PRO (or Softorino YouTube Converter PRO) can be your best-chosen solution that works pretty well as a YouTube Shorts Downloader for Mac. Using it, you can download, convert and transfer YouTube Shorts videos as MP4 files on your Mac and other devices smoothly. Instead, SYC PRO is the safest and fastest way to download and convert your best-treasured YouTube Shorts at a six times more rapid speed.

Noteworthy Highlights

  • Provides ease of use to beginners and experts
  • SYC PRO supports 4K UHD 60 FPS
  • Saves subtitles with the videos
  • Downloads multiple videos from various platforms like Vimeo, SoundCloud, DailyMotion, and of course, YouTube
  • Saves videos in MP3 and MP4 file formats
  • Features a blistering 6x faster speed to download, convert and transfer the videos
  • Downloads your videos entirely ad-free for delivering a smooth and seamless video-watching experience
  • Quickly share videos on iOS and Android devices
  • Supports iOS-friendly formats that guarantee the best quality output
  • It helps you edit metadata information before completing the download

Steps to Download YouTube Shorts

Downloading YouTube Shorts using SYC PRO takes little time. Simply follow the below-mentioned quick steps to get started with saving your best-cherished videos right away.

Step 1: Download and install SYC PRO on your Mac

Complete the installation of SYC PRO software and launch it. Provide your email address to get the trial key and begin your trial session for 24 hours.

Open YouTube web on your Mac and find your chosen YouTube Shorts video you wish to download. While the YouTube Shorts play, you must copy the video link by clicking on the share icon.

Step 3: Visit SYC PRO and customize the video output

Now open the SYC PRO app, and the copied video link will appear automatically on the app's interface. In addition, you must repeat the process to download multiple YouTube Shorts videos until all your chosen videos are queued.

Select the audio and video format to convert and transfer your YouTube Shorts to the required place. You can also select a video resolution of up to 2160p. Also, choose a destination folder like MacBook, iPhone, music library, Apple TV, etc., to save your Shorts videos.

Step 4: Save your YouTube Shorts videos

Finally, click the transfer button to save your YouTube Shorts as MP4 files on your device.

Other Ways/Online Tools to Download and Save YouTube Shorts

Multiple options come in handy to download and save your YouTube Shorts and other videos. Apart from the best YouTube Shorts Downloader for Mac, there are online tools like ShortsNoob and YouTube SaveTube that you can try to save your videos and Shorts on multiple platforms like tablets, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.


ShortsNoob is a fast and free online tool to save YouTube Shorts in high quality and original quality. You need not provide your login details to save videos to your mobile devices, PCs, or tablets. Moreover, you can download unlimited videos using the ShortsNoob online tool.

Step 1: Visit YouTube and find your YouTube Shorts video, click the share button and copy the link.

Step 2: Visit the ShortsNoob website and paste the copied video link in the input box on the homepage.

Step 3: Hit the Download button to process your video.

Step 4: Once the new screen opens up, click the three dots and tap Download again.

Step 5: Find the downloaded video in your gallery to watch and cherish it anytime.


ShortsNoob is a third-party website. So you cannot rely on its authenticity or security. Moreover, the downloading speed might not give you a binge-watch experience.

YouTube Shorts Save Tube

YouTube Shorts Save Tube is an online platform to help you download and save YouTube Shorts. It can download unlimited videos at an ultra-fast speed and is entirely secure, too. The user-friendly app is free to use and lets you select the video quality before downloading your file.

Step 1: Find and copy the link of your chosen YouTube Shorts by clicking on the Share icon.

Step 2: Visit the SaveTube page and paste the copied video link in the provided space.

Step 3: Click on Get Video.

Step 4: Select the quality of the video, like format and resolution.

Step 5: Click Download. The downloading will start automatically and will save in your downloads folder.


While online tools come in handy, there is always a risk of potential spyware and malware that can pose a threat to your security.

Why Can SYC PRO Be Your Best Bet?

The online tools provide reliable and handy support to download and save your treasured videos and YouTube Shorts. Also, they don't even occupy your precious storage space on your device. But they cannot be trusted in the long run due to security reasons.

Instead, choosing a powerful software like the SYC PRO should be your wise decision, as it:

  • Guarantees privacy and complete security
  • Creates download links that you can add to online tools
  • Offers blistering speed to download your desired videos
  • Quickly downloads, converts and transfers your videos without lags or freezes

So definitely, the SYC PRO app clearly stands to win the race of being the best YouTube Shorts Downloader for Mac.

Final Thoughts

While multiple options exist to save YouTube Shorts videos, SYC PRO can undoubtedly be your best bet. It provides complete security for your data and privacy. Could you ask for anything more than customizing your videos on your terms? SYC PRO takes care of your entertainment needs to offer you fun-filled enjoyment. Moreover, using SYC PRO, you can download multiple videos at a flash speed to enjoy anytime and anywhere.

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